Sunday, August 12, 2007

Long Live the Caliphate! Oh, and Death to the Dhimmis!

Caliphate supporters are just breaking out all over. 20,000 attend a caliphate pep rally in London, 80,000 attend a caliphate pep rally in Indonesia. But are the dhimmis listening? Are our leaders? Maybe we do deserve to be enslaved or murdered if we are going to be so stupid and remain in denial. It is time to stop all Muslim immigration to the West. Let them have their caliphate in their hellholes. That way we have a defined enemy and can put them out of their misery. After all, for a Muslim, living under the infidels, those pretentious infidels who think they are just as good as the Muslims is truly hell on Earth.


Anonymous said...

There's another one in Ramallah:

Anonymous said...

Looks like there are Khilafah rallies all happening at once all over the place:
(7th Century Generation - that website name says it all)

Britain, Holland, Malaysia, Indonesia, Ramallah, and Gaza.

Mark said...

The world is on the brink of DARKNESS! Khilafah? Imagine the darkness that that would bring!

Is there any hope for mankind when people call for such a benighted political system?

shameonyou4 said...

If people truly know and understand Islam deeply, they will realise that it contradicts being submission and moderation on the contrary it supports and encourage violence against women and non-muslims and regard all Jews as pigs.

Dr. Wafa Sultan, a former Muslim lady spoke the truth regarding the true face of Islam - it is nothing more than Satanic Versus inspired by Satan disguised as Angel Gabriel to encourage Mohammed in some dark cave to commit sexual intercorse with a 9 year old child and to request his adopted son to divorce his wife so that he could have her for himself after seeing how beautiful she was when she was not fully clothed. What a pervert and a pediofile this so called Prophet Mohammed was and still is!

shameonyou4 said...

A bunch of monkeys lacking their own intellect being led like sheep to baa baa like idiots !!!

Real STUPID display !!!