Friday, August 31, 2007

Malaya turns 50 years old, even AP notices problems

Today is widely hailed as Malaysia's 50th birthday (a.k.a 'Merdeka'). It's not. Malaysia as a political entity is 44 years old--it was created as a union of Malaya, Sabah, Sarawak, and Singapore in 1963 (when the country changed its name from Malaya to Malaysia). Fortunately for Singapore, they got kicked out of the federation by Malaysia's ruling party UMNO ("U Must Not Oppose") in 1965, but Malaysia didn't revert to its original name.

So, today actually marks Malaya's 50th anniversary as an independent state. UMNO has spared no expense in bringing out the pageantry and pomp-- Nork style 'mass games', military parades, and self-congratulatory propaganda filling up the Malaysian airwaves and newsprint.

Of course, scratch the surface, and one will find that not all is well in this supposed "Moderate" Islamic paradise. Even the dhimmified shills at the Associated Press are picking up on it:

Malaysia marked 50 years of independence Friday with dances and parades in a colorful show of ethnic unity that belied worsening race relations and growing fears about eroding minority rights. [Editor: well founded fears, I'd say]


"The struggle is for all Malaysians. We must ensure that no region or community is left behind. We will hold true to the concept of justice and fairness for all citizens," [Malaysian Prime Minister] Abdullah said. [Editor: HA!]

But racial equality remains a distant dream, say many observers, citing an affirmative-action program for the majority Malays and the pervasive influence of Islam in what founding fathers envisaged as a secular nation.

Funny how Islam always seems to be 'pervasive', doesn't it? The only good kind of Islam, it bears repeating, is when there's less of it.

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Anonymous said...

"Fortunately for Singapore, they got kicked out...."

That's pretty unusual. I can't think of any other examples of a country voluntarily doing this, except after lots of blood has been shed. Most countries want to add territory.

It's really too bad that Malaysia can't be as sensible now as they were back then.