Friday, August 17, 2007

Malaysia's Insurgents in Waiting--The 'Khilafah’ Movement

By the Anti Jihadist

As a (now former) writer at Malaysia Today (M-T), I have been accused in no uncertain terms of committing sedition with my articles and ideas. I make no apologies for my positions that call for reform—even radical reforms—to save the country. Yet, nowhere in my work have I taken the position of advocating the downfall of Malaysia as an independent state.

So, it stands to reason, were any group to emerge that called for the destruction of Malaysia as sovereign nation, that such a group would be inherently (and unmistakably) seditious, and would therefore be prosecuted by the Malaysian authorities to the fullest extent of the law. Certainly, the current ‘authorities’ have not been shy in rattling the sword of the Sedition Act against our own RPK (M-T's editor) , whom is the most loyal citizen of the state that I know.

Yet, there is a group of Malaysians, active at this very moment, which seeks nothing less than the end of Malaysia as a self-governing country. They are a large and growing movement inside of Malaysia’s borders, operating overtly and their aims open to all. And yet, the thugs, petty fascists, and bumbling bureaucrats of UMNO, ever vigilant to protect only their own selfishly-defined turf or interests, have done nothing.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the Khilafah (Caliphate) Movement, a.k.a. Hizbut Tahrir (HT), a fundamentalist group actively scheming to overthrow Malaysia’s government and wipe out its Federal Constitution and civil laws. These Khilafah conspirators hide in plain sight as they peddle their poison. They grow ever more antagonistic, aggressive, and audacious as the authorities supposedly entrusted to protecting the state grow ever more craven, corrupt, and cowardly.

‘Khilafah’ is a movement that is hardly lacking in ambition. They seek nothing less than a supersized Islamic state (a.k.a. the Caliphate), an empire that unites all Muslim countries under one clerical government (read dictatorship) first regionally, then globally, under the totalitarian aegis of Sharia law. Never mind the fact that the last “Islamic Empire” existed a thousand years ago or more, and flew apart as quickly as it was cobbled together. But reality has never stood in the way of the visions of the wild-eyed.

This past weekend, on 12 August 2007 in Shah Alam, was the latest demonstration of Hizbut Tahrir’s growing Malaysian might. Their activities surely grow in size and sophistication with each passing month, no doubt emboldened by the total lack of any challenge to their treasonous activities by the guardians of the state. Apparently, Pak Lah (the Malaysian Prime Minister) is too busy sleeping!

This movement is not happening in isolation, nor is it confined only to Malaysia. The 12 August event in Selangor was timed to occur in conjunction with Khilafah rallies in Jakarta, ‘Palestine’, the UK, and elsewhere. This contagion is worldwide. I have not yet been able to establish a reliable number of attendees in the occasion at Shah Alam, but reliable press reports place the number present at the Khilafah rally in Jakarta this past weekend at 90,000 strong, enough to fill an entire football stadium—in other words, not an amount to be cavalierly ignored.

For the moment, these plotters claim that they seek their goals via ‘non violent’ means. But does this make their stated objectives any less abhorrent or seditious? And does anyone doubt for a moment that these self-proclaimed revolutionaries would ‘reconsider’ their heretofore ‘non-violent’ tactics if they were to perceive this to be to their advantage?

HT does have a proven track record of spawning a number of violent Islamist organisations that do advocate violence. One such HT spin-off group is called 'al-Muhajiroun' and was founded by the former HT head in the UK, the infamous and vile “Islamic scholar” Omar Bakri. This group is notorious for, among other things, having published a poster which praised the 9/11 terrorists as the “magnificent 19.”

A group of Malaysians plotting sedition against their own state is bad enough. But if they are aided and abetted by foreign persons unknown, which I strongly suspect they are, then this goes beyond sedition. This is foreign-sponsored subversion, and a dangerous threat that we underestimate at our own peril.

Hat tip to longtime M-T commenter Farouk for his input and assistance for this article.


omarqmohan said...

i say the ban RPK put on ya .... but then again ... liked ya write up so i followed thru ....


Anonymous said...

Yes, this is the actual threat for Malaysia. Hope something is done before it is too late.

Admiral Tojo

Anonymous said...

Not surprising that the Malaysian Islam politicians will follow the road of their fellow brethren around the world whether they are the Al Qaeda, the Taliban, the Abu Sayap and whatever they are called by. It is the power, the might, the strength, the salvation ( in Islam ) and the success seen in the other Islamic countries which make our own Malaysian Muslims want to follow. We are seeing a lot of the signs. Loud prayers from the mosques in the early mornings, Islamic prayers said publicly before any function, Melayu code of dress, compulsory public show of Islam and if nobody stop these Muslims, it is just a matter of a few years when we will be asked to follow suit. Somebody has to make sense in Malaysia. Some good Muslims have to know that Malaysia is for all. It is sad knowing that Malaysia is slowing bending towards Islamic extremism. May the true God help us all.

FFT said...

That sucks that he banned you...but most Malays cannot handle the truth; and he is presently trying to expand MT to a wider audience. Sucks....more need to know of this threat.

The rise of HT in Malaysia specifically will be a most crucial factor contributing towards regional instability....more so than HT Indonesia.

Given the present trajectory, I give Malaysia about 10 years before it descends into a focal point of full blown conflagration sparked by the Islamic menace.

Does anybody wonder why all the cabinet ministers and elite maintain homes abroad? (and ain't just the PM and his family). They know what's coming.

Anonymous said...

This is pretty explosive stuff. I would like you to do an update on the post in order to tighten your argument. The evidence you presented in the form of a propaganda poster is insufficient.

If you can read Malay, Here's the web site of Hizb ut-Tahrir's Malaysian branch:

Note the same poster on the right sidebar under the section Seminar.

This is the crucial evidence that the event did happen: Under the section Multimedia, click the top entry "Muktamar Khilafah Bersama Hizbut Tahrir" and you'll get to photos and a report of the event. Notice the packed crowd. Be sure to save the relevant HTML pages or do a screen capture, lest they get taken down.

Anonymous said...

Also take a look at their poll:

To the question of "Adakah anda yakin bahawa Daulah Khilafah akan tertegak semula?" (Are you confident that the Khilafah will rise again?), almost all (~95%) of the 485 respondents said yes.

Anonymous said...

I have not yet been able to establish a reliable number of attendees in the occasion at Shah Alam,

There were about 500 attendees, according to their own report of the event (the tone of the report is highly inflamatory).

You realize of course that this development will lead to conflicts amongst the Malays, with royalists (defending the Sultans) opposing bat-shit crazy fundamentalist Muslims.

jules said...

write on, my Good Man.

felt sorry that the MT put a ban on your writings, but i think RPK has a bigger agenda as well....i.e. bringing in all those Melayu Kampong.
i bet my last ringgit that RPK didn't want you to scare them away...jus yet.

hang tough there, my friend....

our day in the sun is within us if all those Kampong folks could see what we are seeing.

sabar-lah sikit....cheers.

Renganathan said...

Oh my God what is becoming of this world. Can't we accept the fact that what is more important is humanity for all.
This is ridiculous and to know that such an event was held in Malaysia gives me the creeps.
Thanks for highlighting this.

Don'tPlayGod said...

Quite surprised to learn that you have been banned by M-T. I was banned too, but for a few hours and found I could still post after that. Guess, I'll have to be careful with what I post on M-T.

I have always maintained that Malaysia, in 20 - 30 years, will be a full-fledged Islamic state a la Saudi Arabia, Iran, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. Maybe now, with your article, it will be much sooner.

I won't have much to worry about as I will leave the moment that happens. My children are well prepared to leave, too, after having obtained foreign degrees from prestigious universities.

Good luck to you!

Anonymous said...

Take a look at this YouTube video made by Hizbut Tahrir Malaysia, starting at 12 seconds:
See whose face that is? It is plain from looking at all the videos in that series that Hizbut Tahrir Malaysia is inciting Muslims in Malaysia to topple the present political system and make Malaysia into an outpost of the Khilafah. There will be no more Agong, Sultans, UMNO, MCA, MIC, etc. The replacement will be this:

Anonymous said...

Another YouTube video of interest. It shows a group from Hizbut Tahrir Malaysia openly preaching their seditious poison at the National Mosque:

kingkong said...

Yes, that is realistically a fear. When a government is rotten to the core by corruption, and the people are forced to the extreme, the change of regime would happen.

It is naïve to think that the change could happen through democracy by votes. This won’t happen because the government has the control of the election machinery.

The only way to overthrow a corrupted government in which the key members are only interested in ripping off the coffer of the country is through a revolution by force. History already told us that. Nazis,Taliban, Communism took over countries and owned the people in that manner. Why? Their past governments were rotten to the core!

People & government, please wake up before it is too late. You do not want these extremists to come and own you!

Anonymous said...

This Islamic religion thrives on the ignorance of the masses, reaching to people with the message of hate against especially the Christians and the Jews, at the same time shamelessly claiming to be the 'superset' of Judaism and the Christian beliefs. The main target groups for 'easy conversion' are the poor and the uneducated which explains why places like Indonesia have so many of these dumb followers. Organising a group 90,000 is no big deal in Jakarta - just need to pay these poor wretched souls a few thousand rupiahs, give them so food and some cigarettes. I know, for I lived there for a couple of years.

The grand ambition of a world wide 'caliphate' is to them necessary to ensure the destruction of Israel which they believe will start the end times. This whole religion is so twisted that it boggles my mind how it can actually continue to exist. My own believe is that the devil himself is keeping it alive through the lies - satan is the father of lies according the to Bible. So, Islam is a religion conceived by the devil himself - full of lies and deceit. All these events I believe are actually the signs of the eventual end of the world.

llanfair said...

I am somewhat baffled that your articles are banned from M-T. It is supposed to be a platform for freedom of speech which we are all campaigning for. I would personally like to see Freedom of speech, freedom of thought manifested into words, democratic freedom and justice for all.

Then again, I suppose RPK has his reasons which I hope he explains to us all.

I always enjoyed reading articles from you and of course from my dear friend Farouk.

Heck, I may be next on the ban list for hitting out at some incompetent, inefficient and corrupt officials. But isn't that what YTM Raja Nazrin said? That Malaysia has no place for officials like that?

Most are in a state of denial but I don't think M-T is included in that category. If my comments are deleted or if I get yet another advice from RPK, then M-T has lost its locus as a platform for a forum and a discussion.

Perhaps next time I shall talk about the weather.

Again I say, after just about believing in RPK, I still believe that he must have some valid reason. I shall give him the benefit of the doubt.

As I said in M-T .... We are in Dire Straits and Sultans of Swing are in action now.

But I would still like to know why he banned you from posting your articles. He should explain to his loyal readers and bloggers who support him, me being one. I am sure you are one too.



jinggi said...

The Embrace of the Devil....

Anonymous said...

As a Malay Muslim, I see HT is similar to PAS but on wider worldwide scale. I do not see how HT (like PAS) could control Malaysia let alone the entire world.

They do not have "new solution" to offer that could attract non-Muslims, see -

Having worldwide branches does not means it will be successful, especially in multi racial Malaysia. Past success could not be transalated will be successful in current situation.

Just my thoughts.

Shani - Cheras

Anonymous said...

Looks like the fearless Khilafah warriors of Hizbut Tahrir Malaysia are spooked by the comments here, as the YouTube video mentioned earlier

is now hidden behind a login page. Afraid of the Sedition Act, are we? Let me describe the incriminating scene: it shows a still image of Prime Minister Badawi with a voice-over that basically calls him a stooge of America, the great evil empire. Is UMNO going to kick up a big fuss over this insult to the (head of the) government and call for the citizenship of the video's creator to be stripped?

Hantu Laut said...

I hope what you wrote is not true.If it is than Abdullah Badawi is grossly irresponsible and doing great injustice to all Malaysians.Not taking action because they are Malays and Muslims is perilous to this multi-racial nation.

It is also sickening that the government is more concerned in taking action against a young man trying to show his harmless talent in music rather than at the bigger danger of Islamic extremism.

Just go and watch the speeches of Dr Badarul Amin of PKR on YouTube declaring a jihad against the government and threatening to cut off the head of the Mufti of Perlis.His rabble rousing has reached a dangerous level, yet, the government would rather arrest the young man in Taiwan than this bigoted Malay.I am shock!

shameonyou4 said...

Anti-Jihadist and FFT, I - ShameOnYou4 was also banned from RPK's site!!!

I had put in strong harsh words against the NEP, ISLAM and Corruption in Msia.

I hope this site will start to grow and attract many who have lost a legitimate voice in Malaysia Today forum !!!

As far as I know, I am not done critcising many abuse, hypocrisy and corruption still openly practised in Msia by Muslims against the Kafirs...

Dr. Wafa Sultan said the truth regarding Islam and can be search for in YouTube... I hope many will listen to what this former Muslim has to say regarding Islam.

Good luck to all. Cheers...

Anonymous said...

Khilafah will come back anywhere..
Allahu akbar!!

muhammadghazi said...

Re-establishing Caliphate is our obigation, and our struggle is not aimed to undermine the non-Muslims. In fact, they will have equal rights as compared to their Muslim compatriots in the Caliphate. There will be no second-class citizens. No more discriminative policy on racial basis.

Non-Muslims are also free to practice their religious beliefs. They will also have representatives that can voice out any problems and issue concerning the ahlu zimmi (non-Muslim in caliphate). In fact every citizens (Muslims and non-Muslims alike) can directly account the caliph himself if he happened to do misdeed and also being unfair. Try do this in the current system, and you might end up in Kamunting or being held under Seditious Act.

All we want is to establish Islam in our life, which includes the governing of a country.

Please, do not judge Islam by looking at the current situation of Muslims. Study from its creed. I am willing to offer all the help possible. Do contact me if any of you interested in doing so.

Some of the caliphs in the past might have deviate from the true Islamic law. God-willing, this will never happen in the future. Because the future caliphate have its own mechanism to ensure that even the Caliph himself is not above the law. There will be Court of Injustice, that can held the caliph and also the governors accountable for their wrongdoings.

This is 180 degree opposite from the current system that some of you held dearly.

This is only small part of the Islamic system. Other system (Legislation, Education, Social, Economic, and also Foreign Policy) are also part of Islamic law.

Islam is not only religion. It is an ideology that have divine origin. Unlike other ideologies that come from human minds (which prone to make mistakes), Islam offers peace and blessings not only to the Muslims, but to the whole mankind...

muhammadghazi said...

i'm sorry i forgot to mention just now. For any queries or comments, feel free to email me at

The Anti-Jihadist said...

Mr. Mohd Ghazi...I pass. Shove your poison up your own a**e.