Sunday, August 26, 2007

When Muslims bite the hand that feeds them

By The Anti Jihadist

Mass demonstrations earlier this month in theoretically “moderate” Indonesia in support of a Global Islamic Empire (with the usual rabid anti-Americanism in attendance) reminded me of other recent events there.

In November 2006, US President Bush visited Indonesia, a land where seething idiocy is always boiling just under the surface. Awaiting the US President for his visit to the Indonesian-Islamic insane asylum was the usual and predictable cauldron of anti-American sentiment:

Hundreds of Indonesian Muslims demonstrated Saturday against an upcoming visit by U.S. President George W. Bush, accusing him of terrorism and war crimes.

“His visit will bring no benefit to our country because his policies always hurt Muslims,” said protester Fatih Karim. “We ought to refuse him entry.”

Here’s something those livid Caliphate-loving Indonesians should try to keep in mind when they go stark raving mad (yet again) with their hatred for America--free medical care given to the masses of the poor in their country, courtesy of the evil imperialist US military, to the tune of over US$17 million in 2006 alone:

Earlier (in 2006), the (US Navy Hospital ship) Mercy spent six months in Indonesia, treating 61,000 patients. Most of the Indonesians received some medicine, or some dental work. But about two percent involved some surgery. As a result of the Mercy's visit, favorable attitudes towards the U.S. by Indonesians doubled (to 30 percent, so more work is needed.) The Indonesians were getting American quality medicine, which explains the average cost for treating each patient; $280.

61,000 Indonesians times $280 equals US$17,080,000 (~RM59 million). And this is on top of the hundreds of millions of dollars already spent by the US on tsunami relief for that very same country in 2004 and 2005. Much of this aid was delivered directly to tsunami-devastated areas in Sumatra by (you guessed it) the same US military that provided all that free medical care.

That’s right. America, the country and its leader, so despised by Hizbut Tahrir and other Muslim groups, is actually underwriting free medical care for poor Muslims in Indonesia. Never mind that, as these spiteful people still end up hating their benefactor by a large majority—they’re now ‘only’ 70% anti-American according to the aforementioned figures. But if the US Government can’t scrape up enough resources to keep sending back the medics or other ‘humanitarian aid’, the American ‘disapproval rating’ is sure to creep up again.

American charity towards Muslims is not limited to just Indonesia. In recent years, America (its government, armed forces, NGOs, or all of the above) has saved millions of Muslims from various calamities--suffering Bangladeshis from a catastrophic cyclone in 1991, Somalians from a raging famine in 1992-3, and Pakistanis from a devastating earthquake in 2005. And let us not forget the massive US military efforts to deliver assistance to Indonesia in the wake of the destructive earthquake and tsunami there. Direct American military intervention has also saved Muslims in Kosovo, Bosnia, and Kurdistan from murderous pogroms and ethnic cleansing at the hands of dictators and/or their infidel neighbours. American taxpayers have also funded hundreds of millions in aid for Darfur (US$1 billion since 2003) and the Palestinian ‘Authority’ ($225 million or more since 2003).

No matter how generous America is towards the Islamic world, it all goes unrecognised, or is pointedly ignored, by Muslims. Considering the entrenched Muslim attitudes of disdain and revulsion towards the United States (as recently displayed by many Indonesians), I don’t see any reason why these generous infidels should lift a finger or spend another American dollar to help Muslims again when the next disaster strikes.

But they will. The Americans, God bless them, will continue their unparalleled generosity anyway, even towards Muslims who (secretly or openly) pine for America’s destruction.


Anonymous said...

Maybe the Americans should take some advise on how to brush up their public relation acts. the indonesians dont want medicine. They want korans, veils and mosques.

Emerson Twain said...

Perhaps a few doctors deported from the UK and and USA would suffice instead of cash and on-site aid.

Anonymous said...

Can a person be a Christian and a Muslim at the same time?

This Priest says YES


Anonymous said...

Found this article translated from a Dutch blogger. Really good!

Anonymous said...

The US wants to absolve their crimes by doing charity work.

The US budgets 80 billion for war that murdered 100,000 Iraqis and another 80 billion for the prolonged occupation of Iraq (that makes 160 billion altogether for the murder of more than 100,000 Iraqis civilians), while it gives only few 366 millions for 100,000 tsunami victims. Perhaps the US thinks that a little aid was necessary to improved their negative image in the muslim world, but they can't. What is the 366 million aid for the tsunami victims compared to more than 160,000 million for the destruction of Iraqi civilian lives under the US occupation?

If the US think this way, then Saddam Baathis should have been the US best friends, since US had the Baathis to wage 8 year war against America 's arch enemy, Iran , in the 1980s. But the US repays their old puppet with a military destruction which results in thousands of Iraqi civilian lives.

If America think that it can wash its hands from all the wrongdoings in the Middle East (murdering 100,000 Iraqis, stealing the oil, arming Israelis with WMD against poor Palestinans, vetoing UN resolutions against Israel's war crimes against the oppressed Palestinans) just by doing charity work few thousands miles away from the Middle east, then it appears to muslims that the US are more evil than we think.

If the US has the right to punish other people (Saddam) for war crimes, but the US themselves can absolve their crimes against the Iraqis by just doing charity work for the tsunami victims, then it appears to muslims that the US is more evil than we think.

If the US has the right to punish other people's (Saddam) crime against humanity, and the US can exonerate their own crimes against humanity by doing charity work for the tsunami victims, this just reveals the extent of US "justice"-full of bigotry, disparity and racism.

Other people (Saddam) must pay for their crimes with death and destruction, but the US can do charity work for the tsunami victims for an excuse for their own crimes, then this reveals the extent of US "justice"-full of bigotry, disparity and racism.

The US should be thankful to the Afghan mujahideen of destroying America 's arch enemy, the Soviet Union which soon crumbled after the Afghan invasion ended, but the US bombed Afghanistan in 2001.

The US should have thanked the Arab Gulf states of selling oil to them, without oil from the Persian gulf , American industries will collapse, millions of Americans will freeze in the winter as electricity is more expensive. America will cease to become a superpower, cease to have its planes, aircraft carriers, bombers and tanks all in running condition without oil from the Gulf Arab states. But instead of thanking the Gulf Arab states, the US betrays the Gulf Arab states by providing billions of military aid to Israel and further consolidate the occupation of Israel on Arab soil.

But the Indonesia government tells that less than 10% of the promised aid were received so far. (See news from Then the US really gave 36.6 million for the tsunami victims instead of 366 million, what is this amount compared to the 160,000 million US war budget for the murder of 100,000 Iraqis civilians lives and the theft of the Iraqi oil wealth? What is the 36.6 million once in a life time donation of the US to the tsunami victims, compared to the billions of military aid for the Israel military goliath in the Middle East for the occupation of Arab soil by Israel ? If the US wants to better its image among the muslim world, perhaps it can withdraw all its forces from Iraq and Afghanistan , close all its military bases in the Middle East, and stop protecting Israel , that is the best that the US can do.

Just recently the US pledged a total military aid of USD 30 billion to Israel to further consolidate their occupation of muslim lands.

US war on Islam

1). 2 November, 2001 - Statement by US General Wesley Clark, that the US war against terrorism "was a war over Islam" that would define Islam "as either a peaceful or militant" force in society. General Wesley K. Clark was previously NATO's Supreme Allied Commander Europe. - The statement was aired on BBC World's Hardtalk programme on 29/10/2001.

2). The former secretary general of NATO Willie Claes stated; "The Alliance has placed Islam as a target for its hostility in place of the Soviet Union ." [Hizbut Tahrir Leaflet from Kuwait ].

3). Eugene Rostow, who from 1966-1969 was undersecretary of state for political affairs in President Johnson's administration, stated; "America must stand in the ranks that are hostile to Islam and on the side of the Western world and Israel, because if she acts contrary to that then she has disowned her language, culture and institutions. The objective of the Western world in the Middle East is the destruction of the Islamic civilization. The establishment of Israel is a part of that plan. This is nothing but a continuation of the crusades." [Hizbut Tahrir Leaflet from Kuwait ].

4). What in your opinion are the principal threats of the age? - He answered - "First, is what we call terrorism in the United States, but which is really the uprising of radical Islam against the secular world, and against the democratic world, on behalf of re-establishing a sort of Caliphate. That is directed as much against moderate Islam, than it is against non-Islamic societies." - Hindustan Times Interview with Henry Kissinger, Nov 2004

5). "It's really difficult to exactly delineate who our enemies are, but they number in millions. They're Arab and Muslim . . . Our enemy is the majority of the people who live in what we think of as the large Arab nations, plus certain other groups. Our enemy is concentrated in Egypt , Libya , Jordan , Iraq , Saudi Arabia and Syria , plus the Palestinians are part of it." - Ralph Peters, CIA deputy chief of staff for intelligence.