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About that EU Treaty...err, Constitution

ALmost all the EU countries are going to have their parliament approve the new 'treaty' that replaced the failed constitution. I did look over the EU constitution, 500 pages of madness. Now the EU 'treaty' that fixed it is over 3000 pages! So how do you compare the two? Fortunately, Jens Peter Bonde, a Dutchman, has done that. How many Europeans have read the 3000 page treaty? Better yet, how many politicians? Sounds familiar? As you may recall, when Reid, Kennedy, Graham and Kyl tried to push through the amnesty bill this past May, the bill wasn't available to ANYONE other than the 'amnesty gang'until 24 hours BEFORE they wanted a vote!

The EU Reform Treaty: a badly written version of the EU constitution
26.09.2007 - 17:43 CET | By Jens Peter Bonde

Let us look at them, one by one:

Reform treaty above Dutch constitution
The original constitution plainly stated that EU-rules have primacy over national law. This article has not been deleted. It has been moved to a footnote and made more difficult to find and read.

But if there is a conflict between Dutch law - or the Dutch constitution - and EU law then the law from the EU will prevail.

Legally binding EU rights charter
The Charter of Fundamental Rights has been removed from the Reform Treaty itself. But it is clearly stated that it will be legally binding. It will be signed by the presidents of the three main EU institutions and printed in the Official Journal in the same way as the Reform Treaty. Therefore, the presentation has changed and nothing else! And it will bind all Dutch authorities when they are implementing EU rules in exactly the same way as the original constitution. The Charter is an invitation to the European court to further develop European citizenship and fundamental rights - and duties.

EU symbols
The article about containing mention of state-like symbols such as the common anthem, national day, motto, flag and currency has been deleted. But the European Parliament has countered this by deciding to increase the use of symbols. So instead of having less EU nationalism, there will be more.

Foreign minister
The title of EU foreign minister has been changed to High Representative for Common Foreign and Security Policy. It has been worded so long to allow newspapers to write the short version: foreign minister.

Javier Solana, the current EU High Representative will be in charge of an extended common foreign office with a bigger diplomatic service and a joint defence policy. He will represent the Union together with the new common President and prime minister (Commission president).

Legal personality
The EU has been given a "legal personality" meaning that the Union will negotiate and deal with other states in all matters dealt with in the EU.

The Netherlands and other member states will mostly disappear as states dealing with other states. The other states will not negotiate with the Dutch but with the representatives of the Union.

No welfare and no democracy in the EU
Seen from outside, the EU will be a state like all other states. Seen from the citizens' point of view, it will be different because the EU is still missing a joint welfare policy and there is still no joint democracy.

The EU still has a limited budget of around 1 percent of GNP whereas the US spends 20 percent of GNP. But the revised constitution allows for a much bigger budget with unanimity among governments and again without asking the people.

Joint EU taxes can also be established. The revised constitution in itself can be amended through simplified procedures without consulting any voters. We will now have a self amending constitution.

The advisory European Parliament
The core of a democracy is the possibility to have elections, gain a new majority and then have new laws. This core is missing both in the original constitution and in the Reform Treaty.

The European Commission will still have a monopoly to propose new laws and there is no longer a guarantee for a Dutch commissioner.

Most laws are prepared in the 3000 secret working groups in the Commission and decided in the 300 other secret working groups in the Council. Elected members of parliament can only propose amendments to the non-elected civil servants and ministers who decide the vast majority of laws on their own.

Subsidiarity check more difficult
Subsidiarity has always been a Dutch demand and there was a great victory a year ago when Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso started to send proposals for new laws for a subsidiarity and proportionality check in all national parliaments.

Mr Barroso even promised that he would follow the advice of the national parliaments (if 1/3 of them reacted).

The Reform Treaty does not change this but inserts a new threshold for blocking. We will now need 55 % of the parliaments to react before the Commission withdraws or amends its proposal. This is a joke because all laws need the support of 55 % of the member states to be adopted anyway. How can any Dutch person see this as progress?

Identical legal obligations
I have compared the rejected EU constitution and the new Reform Treaty very carefully and I have not found one important difference in legal obligations. The differences are just in the presentation.
The EU gains 105 new competencies in both versions. In the rejected constitution there were 61 areas of majority voting. Now there are 62. The old constitution had 560 pages. Then the French president Nicolas Sarkozy asked French voters – who also rejected the constitution in 2005 - to support a new, small and practical "mini-treaty".

This new "mini-treaty" now contains more than 3000 pages! Instead of simplifying they have spread the 560 pages as amendments in 17 treaties with 2800 pages.

The main difference is that the new version is very difficult to read. It is time to start afresh and let the result be put to a referendum in all member states.

Europe Suicide Watch: EU should accept wrongly-imprisoned Guantanamo detainees, MEPs say

What is it about the EU politicians that leads them to murder their host Europe?

Death by a thousand cuts is of course the most painful method.

EU should accept wrongly-imprisoned Guantanamo detainees, MEPs say
26.09.2007 - 17:49 CET | By Renata Goldirova
EUOBSERVER / BRUSSELS – A group of European lawmakers has thrown its support behind a campaign calling on EU capitals to grant asylum to 45 men wrongly-imprisoned in the US military base in Guantanamo, Cuba.

"Innocent civilians continue to languish in Guantanamo despite being cleared for release...EU governments should step in and offer this group of persecuted individuals some hope", Dutch green MEP Kathalijne Buitenweg told EUobserver on Wednesday (26 September).

"By not acting the European Union will become responsible for their misery", Ms Buitenweg added.

The campaign, suggesting the relocation of Guantanamo prisoners from right-abusing regimes such as Algeria or Sudan to the EU territory, has been launched by the International Federation for Human Rights along with the Centre for Constitutional Rights. [Oh yes, these groups promote universal rights, i.e., everyone has the same rights wherever they land, whatever they do, sorta 'universal citizenship with a long, long list of rights normally reserved for citizens of a sovereign state.]

"The need for countries to intervene to provide protection for Guantanamo's refugees is critical", the report says and continues to underline that "the possibility these men will be sent by the US government to their home countries despite their legitimate fear of persecution or torture is not an abstract concern".

"We are calling on EU governments to agree to allowing them to be resettled in EU member states", Ms Buitenweg said, adding that the Union should assess each case individually to decide which country a Guantanamo detainee should be sent to.


Detainees who fear return to their home country include those from Algeria, China, Egypt, Ethiopia, Iraq, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Lebanon, Libya, Palestine, Russia, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Tajikistan, Tunisia and Uzbekistan.

Until now, Albania has been the only country in the world willing to accept a handful of detainees. In 2006, the country accepted eight men – five Chinese Uighurs, one Uzbek, one Algerian and an Egyptian.

Close Guantanamo
With Wednesday's initiative, MEPs have also sent an indirect message to the US, saying Guantanamo prison should be closed immediately.

"It is the black-hole of democracy, the end of rule of law", Mr Catania told EUobserver. [No, Mr Catania and your elite comrades are the black hole, and the end of Europe is your goal.]

Ms Buitenweg, for her part, described Guantanamo as "a dark chapter in the history of international human rights abuses and EU governments have rightly criticised it in the past".

However, she added that the campaign for the resettlement of wrongly-imprisoned Guantanamo detainees is "a cry for help for individuals" rather than "a political sign" to Washington.

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Malaysia's Official Modus Operandi-- Corruption and Murder

Next year, Malaysia will host a spectacular murder trial. The spectacle is all but ignored by the international media, and is covered only with great reluctance by Malaysia's officially-backed media. The elements of this case comes straight from the plot of a Hollywood thriller-- greed, blackmail, a official cover-up, savage violence, and intractable corruption at the highest levels of the Malaysian government.

The following article from Strategy Page discusses well the details and ramifications of this tragic and unsavory incident:

The (upcoming) murder trial in Malaysia of the well-connected political analyst Abdul Razak Baginda has inadvertently revealed the extent of corruption in the purchase of weapons for the Malaysian military. The murder victim, a Mongolian woman named Altantuya Shaaribuu working as a translator for the Malaysian government, became the lover of a close friend of Malaysia's corrupt Defense Minister (who is also Malaysia's deputy Prime Minister and the equivalent of America's vice president).

The Mongolian lady got greedy, and tried to blackmail her boyfriend for half a million dollars. If Baginda didn't pay, she would go public with details of $300 million in payoffs by Russian, French and Malaysian arms suppliers. The blackmail attempt backfired, and the Mongolian woman was shot dead, and her body blown to bits with explosives in October 2006. The use of explosives only the military had access to (C4 explosives) led to an investigation which led to this trial.

What's not surprising is that there is corruption in the procurement of military equipment. This is a tradition that goes back thousands of years (and that's just the written record). But in many parts of the world, like Southeast Asia, it amounts to 10-20 percent of the cost of the weapons, equipment or supplies. This is particularly the case if the weapons are brought from abroad. If there are competing suppliers, everyone knows that, whoever offers the highest bribe, gets the sale.

The governments involved (especially Malaysia's) do not like this sort of thing to be made public. For then they have to at least go through the motions of eliminating the corrupt practices. All this means is that some bribes may be lost (not paid) or delayed. But it's annoying if your accustomed to plundering in peace.

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The faces of murdered Israeli children

Murdered by the jihadists of 'Palestine'.

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Apologies for the lack of posts

I'm currently on vacation. I promise to catch you up on the Global Jihad after I get back to work next week.


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September 20, 2007 -- Here's one for the ages:
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the bloody handed Iranian provocateur and abettor of terror in Iraq and elsewhere in the Middle East, sought permission to visit Ground Zero to "pay his respects" when he speaks at the United Nations next week. [Editor's note: The Iranian malignant dwarf's objective was undoubtedly to place the wreath in order to 'pay his respects' to the 9/11 hijackers.]

Permission was denied, on the grounds that Ground Zero is under construction - the same reason Mayor Bloomberg gave in seeking to bar 9/11 families from the site during anniversary ceremonies last week.

Why Bloomberg felt obliged to couch the refusal in limp diplomatic terms is a mystery - unless that actually was the reason. (Anyone wondering how his predecessor would have handled the request need only recall the night in 1995 when Rudy Giuliani had Yasser Arafat tossed on his keister out of Lincoln Center.)

But let's be clear on one point: If Ahmadinejad or any of his gussied-up goons from the Iranian U.N. mission make one move toward Ground Zero next week, Bloomberg needs to see to it that not a penny of city resources - or the efforts of a single police officer - are expended to help them get there.

And if the feds think he needs security for such a trip, let them send a squad of paratroopers - at federal expense.

But why the request in the first place?

Did Ahmadinejad want to pay "respects" to the 3,000 innocent victims of his fellow murderers?
Or to the skyjacking murderers themselves?

Certainly not the former.

Clearly, his request was meant to make a mockery of America's continuing 9/11 agony.

It's bad enough that the United Nations is here in New York in the first place. Once upon a time, it may have had some value - but that was before it was hijacked by the boodlers, bandits and bums that run it today.

But it's even worse that Ahmadinejad and his ilk get to visit every fall.

If there were any justice at all, he'd be arrested and flung behind bars the minute he steps foot on U.S. soil.

The grounds? How 'bout:

* Sending agents and weapons to kill Americans in Iraq - a policy that continues to this day.
* Fomenting full-scale war in Lebanon between Hezbollah and Israel last year.
* Flouting international rules and pursuing nuclear weapons - so as to ensure regional dominance and, if necessary, blow Iran's enemies to smithereens.
* Threatening to wipe a peace-seeking democracy, Israel, off the face of the earth - and denying the Holocaust.

Not to mention presiding over a country that for nearly three full decades has sponsored terrorism - from the 444-day kidnapping of Americans at the U.S. embassy in Tehran to Iranian-linked attacks against Westerners in Argentina, Saudi Arabia and throughout the world.
Ahmadinejad's U.N. speech last year was a provocative rant, blaming the United States for all the world's ills and claiming Israel should not exist (while his soul brother, Venezuelan strongman Hugo Chavez, called President Bush the "devil").

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad shouldn't be received with respect anywhere in New York City. The notion of him standing at Ground Zero simply is repulsive.

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Norway - A Success Story in Cultural Genocide

So how do you go about destroying your civilization? Well, Norway has been a pioneer at cultural suicide. It is hard for me to believe that the natives have not risen up to fight these anarchists and 'diversity fanatics', but like lambs to slaughter, they seem not to make a peep.

From Fjordman at The Brussels Journal -

Norway: The Country of Peace Meets the Religion of Peace

From the desk of Fjordman on Tue, 2007-09-18 11:55
Norwegian police have discovered that a large number of Pakistani taxi drivers, many of whom have already been charged with tax evasion in one of the worst cases of welfare fraud in the nation's history, have close contact with Pakistani gangs and operate as couriers of arms and drugs. In the city of Oslo it is documented that criminal Pakistani gangs also have close ties to Jihadist groups at home and abroad. This despite the fact that Norway, a nation of peace and home to the Nobel Peace Prize, should presumably get along just fine with Islam, which is, as we all know, a religion of peace.

Minister Bjarne Håkon Hanssen from the Labour Party has called for increased immigration from Pakistan because this would be good for the economy. The majority of Muslims voted for the Labour Party in the 2005 elections, which the left-wing coalition won by a very slim margin. Eighty-three percent of Muslims voted for Leftist parties, just as all over Western Europe. Kristin Halvorsen, the leader of the Socialist Left Party, began her election campaign in 2005 in the Pakistani countryside, praising all the "blood, sweat and tears Pakistanis in Norway have spent on building the country." She is now Norway's Minister of Finance.

In 2007, Minister of Justice Knut Storberget said that the Norwegian Constitution Day, May 17th, is for "everybody," and that it's appropriate to demonstrate this by displaying a multitude of flags and cultures. It is now permitted to celebrate it by waving the flag of the United Nations. The editor of a Multicultural newspaper has suggested that the Norwegian national anthem should be translated to Urdu because this would be good for integration. Norwegians are supposed to celebrate their independence by singing their national anthem in Urdu, by wearing the national costume of Ghana and by waving the flag of the UN, an organization that is actively trying to curtail their freedoms and subvert their independence. This would be the equivalent of Americans celebrating the Fourth of July by waving the UN flag and by singing the Star-Spangled Banner in Arabic.

Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Støre from the Labour Party participated in a conference with participants from dozens of countries and media outlets on how to "report diversity" in a non-offensive manner, with Arab News from Saudi Arabia as a moderator. The Cartoon Jihad the year before had prompted Indonesia and Norway to join forces and promote a Global Inter-Media Dialogue. In June 2007 this was held in Oslo.

The UN Special Envoy for monitoring of racism and xenophobia, Doudou Diène (pronounced DOO DOO DIE-IN), started the conference by asking the press to actively help to create a Multicultural society. He expressed concern that democratic processes can lead to immigration-limiting political parties coming to power. He claimed that it marked a dangerous trend that still more intellectuals and academicians in the western world thinks that some cultures or religions are better than others, and stated that "The media must transform diversity, which is a fact of life, into pluralism, which is a set of values." Getting diversity accepted is the role of the education system, and acceptance is the role of the law, (whether the natives like it or not!) Doudou Diène said. "Promoting and defending diversity is the task of the media." Societies must recognize, accept and then defend and promote diversity, which always seems to mean sharia. Mr. Diène represents Senegal, a predominantly Muslim country which is a member of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC), the largest voting bloc at the United Nations.

According to journalist Ole Jørgen Anfindsen, this conference is yet another sign that Europe is moving in the direction of totalitarianism. Anfindsen thinks "there are already clear signs that large portions of mainstream media in Norway have been working according to UN instructions" long before his conference. In Britain, leading figures of the BBC have proudly announced that they actively promote Multiculturalism. They don't even need the UN to tell them that. Bruce Bawer, author of the book While Europe Slept, devotes much space to the bias of European media, and justifiably so. Norwegian PM from the Labor Party Jens Stoltenberg has stated that journalistic diversity is too important to be left up to the marketplace.

One Muslim in Norway stated that: "I worked in a Pakistani shop, but all of the work there is 'unofficial.' Neither the boss nor I pay taxes to Norwegian authorities. In addition to this, I receive 100% disability benefits and welfare. I have to be cunning to make as much money as possible, since this is my only objective with being in Norway." Undoubtedly, many Muslims view welfare money from the infidels as Jizya, the poll-tax non-Muslims according to the Koran are supposed to pay to Muslims as tribute and a sign of their inferior status and submission to Islamic rule. According to Statistics Norway, immigrants generally have a three times higher unemployment rate than native Norwegians. It should be noted that non-Muslim Asians are much more successful, which means that the unemployment rate among Muslims is even higher than 300 % that of the natives. The number of Muslims in Norway has quadrupled over the past 15 years. The number of immigrants in Oslo increased by 40 percent in just five years, from 2002 to 2007. With current trends remaining unchanged, native Norwegians will be a minority in their own country within a few decades.

The number of rapes in the Norwegian capital is six times as high per capita as in New York City, and it is well documented that certain immigrant groups are grossly overrepresented on the statistics. Two out of three charged with rape in Norway's capital are immigrants with a non-western background according to a police study. Unni Wikan, a professor of social anthropology at the University of Oslo, has said that "Norwegian women must take their share of responsibility for these rapes" because Muslim men found their manner of dress provocative. The professor's conclusion was not that Muslim men living in the West needed to adjust to Western norms, but the exact opposite: "Norwegian women must realize that we live in a Multicultural society and adapt themselves to it." The number of rapes has continued to rise year by year, as it has in neighboring Sweden, but according to Trond Giske, Minister of Culture and Church Affairs from the Labour Party, 2008 will be an official Diversity Year (which it also will be throughout the EU), dedicated to celebrating Multiculturalism and "cultural diversity" in all sectors of society, so hopefully this will change.

Thomas Hylland Eriksen, professor of social anthropology at the University of Oslo, heads a multi-million project sponsored by the Norwegian state trying to envision how the new Multicultural society will work. He lives, according to himself, in a boring, monocultural part of the city, insulated from the effects of cultural diversity. Zorica Mitic, a Serbian doctor from the former Yugoslavia where a Multicultural society recently collapsed in a horrific civil war, warned against the effects of unchecked mass immigration. Mr. Eriksen, a career Multiculturalist and intellectual celebrity in his country, responded by chastising her for her "lack of visions."

A shoot-out between two Pakistani gangs one crowded Sunday evening at Oslo's popular waterfront complex Aker Brygge left two men wounded. Newspaper VG reported that a policeman had to run for his life from an angry crowd of Pakistanis. The plainclothes policeman was hit in the face and told to leave the Furuset shopping center. He was told that it was none of his business being in this area, and that a gang of young men had basically defined Furuset as their turf and didn't accept "intruders." Norwegian authorities have thus already lost control over significant chunks of their own capital city. Peaceful rallies denouncing Islamic terrorism or supporting Israel have repeatedly been physically attacked by groups of Muslim immigrants. Bruce Bawer, author of the book While Europe Slept: How Radical Islam is Destroying the West from Within, describes how there are now more direct flights from Norway to Pakistan than from Norway to the USA.

Thorbjørn Jagland is a former Prime Minister of Norway from the Labour Party, currently President of the Storting, the Norwegian Parliament. In April 2006, Jagland wrote an essay warning against the dangers of Islamophobia. According to him, paraphrasing the Communist Manifesto, a specter is haunting Europe – the spectre of Islamophobia. He fears that this could give rise to a new form of Fascism. Curiously, at almost the same time as Mr. Jagland warned against rising "Islamophobia," an article in Aftenposten newspaper warned that "youths" are in the process of destroying Norway's capital city, Oslo. Young girls are raped, schoolchildren are threatened with death, robbed and assaulted. The police warned against "an alarming rise in street violence" in urban areas across the country.

The response of the authorities has been to increase crackdowns on "racism" by the natives. In 2005 the Norwegian parliament – with the support of 85% of MPs – passed a new Discrimination Act, prepared by then Minister of Integration from the Conservative Party, Erna Solberg, who had earlier called for the establishment of a sharia council in Norway. A spokesman for the right-wing Progress Party, Per Sandberg, feared that the law would jeopardize the rights of law-abiding citizens. Reverse burden of proof is combined with liability to pay compensation, which means that innocent persons risk having to pay huge sums for things they didn't do. If a Muslim immigrant claims that a native has somehow discriminated against him or made a discriminatory remark, the native non-Muslim has to mount proof of his own innocence. I have later discovered that similar laws have been passed across much of Western Europe, encouraged by the EU.

There was absolutely no public debate about this law, which was passed in relative silence before the national elections that year. I was the first one to criticize it at my blog. The only journalist to criticize it was an American ex-pat, Bruce Bawer, and Hans Rustad at, the country's largest independent weblog. Not a single Norwegian journalist criticized the proposed law, and most barely mentioned it at all before it was passed.

The Equality and Anti-discrimination Ombud Beate Gangås, a white, lesbian feminist, before the municipal elections in 2007 warned all political parties against making "discriminatory" remarks about immigration policies, but also called for actively reducing the number of white, heterosexual men in politics. There was little real debate about immigration in the heavily left-leaning media that year, but an all the more passionate with hunt looking for racists, and by that I mean whites only. The left-wing coalition government, after a meeting with immigrant organizations, announced that racists, apparently meaning white natives only, should be "smoked out" of all public sector jobs.

Following the release of a UN population report which indicated a global population increase of several billion people over the coming decades, Marie Simonsen, the political editor of Norwegian left-wing newspaper Dagbladet, wrote that it should be considered a universal human right for people everywhere to migrate wherever they want to. This would mean virtually certain annihilation for a tiny, wealthy and naive Scandinavian nation. Ms. Simonsen thus endorsed the gradual enslavement and eventual eradication of her own people, no doubt congratulating herself for her own tolerance. Not a single word of protest was voiced by any other journalist to this statement. Human rights was a concept originally intended to ensure liberty. Now it's used to eradicate an entire people, or a large number of peoples across Europe, in the name of tolerance and diversity, and the natives are specifically banned from protesting against this.

A Random Thought

Either we live by accident and die by accident, or we live by plan and die by plan. Some say that we shall never know and that to the gods we are like the flies that the boys kill on a summer day, and some say, on the contrary, that the very sparrows do not lose a feather that has not been brushed away by the finger of God ...

But soon we shall die ... and we ourselves shall be loved for a while and forgotten. But the love will have been enough; all those impulses of love return to the love that made them. Even memory is not necessary for love. There is a land of the living and a land of the dead and the bridge is love, the only survival, the only meaning.

Thornton Wilder

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Never underestimate the destructive power of stupid people

I'm happy to report that we at Pedestrian Infidel are continuing to get under the skins and piss off Muslims. The honor is ours!

Here's the latest diatribe directed at the PI team from one follower of Lucifer Mohammed, which reads as follows:

This article is directed at the over-zealous bigots at Pedestrian Infidel, Avenging Apostate, Islamic Evil and all those anti-Islam crusaders whose minds are clouded, misinformed and filled with hatred, and to 'Malaysia Today' for giving regular space and time to Pedestrian Infidel's anti-Islamic writers, in the names of Anti-Jihadists, John Sobieski, European Kafir and Mark. This is not apropos of anti-Christian or anti-Jewish agenda. I have many Christian friends who are very nice people and who do not share the same skewed and unfair views of Islam. This is just to set the record straight with the true infidels.
Head over there to read more nonsense, if you dare.

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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Another UN "Rights Declaration" Tearing at the Fabric of the West

The enemy UN has been busy passing another declaration that overrules the laws of the nation states. Well, at least those who don't consider the UN a joke. Now the UN says that all the member states must give all these separate rights for indigenous people in those nations.

"Therefore, existing and future laws, policies and programs of indigenous peoples will have to be redesigned and shaped to be consistent with this standard" said Victoria Tauli-Corpuz, chairman of the U.N. Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues, said the declaration "sets the minimum international standards for the protection and promotion of the rights of indigenous peoples."

And what would those 'standards' be?...their right to maintain their own institutions, cultures and spiritual traditions. It also establishes standards to combat discrimination and marginalization and eliminate human rights violations against them. So, separate institutions, like Sharia? like polygamy? Who is indigenous anyway? I'm sure that Egypt will give the Copts all those rights, they were in Egypt long before the Muslims? This is all part of the 'plan.' The UN is a sewer filled with parasites and cancers. Attacking Western civilization, passing 'international declarations' that the democratic countries, in their stupidity, actually try to conform to while the Muslims and the dictators get a pass.

Fortunately it doesn't have the force of law. But it's that tearing, that constant wearing down of the Western sovereignty that is part of the plan.

The US must get out of the UN.

UN adopts declaration on rights for indigenous peoples worldwide
The Associated PressPublished: September 13, 2007

UNITED NATIONS: The U.N. General Assembly adopted a declaration Thursday that provides for rights of native peoples worldwide despite objections from the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, who argued that it was incompatible with existing laws.

The declaration affirms the equality of the more than 370 million indigenous peoples and their right to maintain their own institutions, cultures and spiritual traditions. It also establishes standards to combat discrimination and marginalization and eliminate human rights violations against them.

The U.N. Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples was approved by the Human Rights Council in Geneva in June 2006 and sent to the 192-member General Assembly for adoption. The assembly put off final approval in December but pledged to vote before the end of its current session next week.

The declaration, which is not legally binding, was approved by a vote of 143-4, with 11 abstentions.

"This marks a historic moment when U.N. member states and indigenous peoples have reconciled with their painful histories and are resolved to move forward together on the path of human rights, justice and development for all," Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon's spokeswoman, Michele Montas, said.

The declaration, which was approved after more than 20 years of deliberation, calls on states to prevent or redress the forced migration of indigenous peoples, the seizure of their land or their forced integration into other cultures. It also grants indigenous groups control over their religious and cultural sites and the right to manage their own education systems, including teaching in their own languages.

The opponents and many of the countries that abstained said they wanted to work toward a solution, but they took exception to several key parts of the declaration, which they said would give indigenous peoples too many rights and clash with existing national laws.

Several detractors also warned that the declaration set a poor precedent, calling the text confusing and unclear.

"We're not standing against the issue," said Benjamin Chang, a spokesman for the U.S. Mission to the U.N. "We want one that is universal in its scope and can be implemented. What was done today is not clear. The way it stands now is subject to multiple interpretations and doesn't establish a clear universal principal."

Australia's U.N. Ambassador Robert Hill said the declaration failed to meet standards "that would be universally accepted, observed and upheld." He said "Australia continues to have many concerns with the text."

The U.S. and Australia said sponsors excluded them from negotiations where agreement was reached on the amended text.

Victoria Tauli-Corpuz, chairman of the U.N. Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues, said the declaration "sets the minimum international standards for the protection and promotion of the rights of indigenous peoples."

"Therefore, existing and future laws, policies and programs of indigenous peoples will have to be redesigned and shaped to be consistent with this standard," she said.

Tauli-Corpuz said the declaration was "a major victory" for the United Nations in establishing international human rights standards, but she said the real test will be whether countries implement it.

In 1982, the Working Group on Indigenous Peoples was formed, and three years later they started work on a declaration that was not completed until 1993. The Commission on Human Rights then set up its own working group and has been reviewing the agreement annually since. Would that be the one headed by Cuba and Syria and Iran and other Muslim jihadist nations.......?

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A library book on bomb-making, sir? You'll find it under Religion

By Richard Littlejohn

The Daily Mail (UK)

Borrowed any good books from your local public library lately?

I'm told Women Who Deserve To Go To Hell is proving especially popular in Tower Hamlets.

It may not have been shortlisted for the Whitbread Prize, but it apparently flies off the shelves in East London.

The crazy guys at Hibt ut-Tahrir are behind Funds In The Khilafah State, which contains a handy guide for Muslims on shedding the blood and seizing the property of apostates.

That, too, has found its way into the public libraries of Tower Hamlets, where you can also lay your hands on books by Abdullah al-Faisal and Abu Hamza, aka Captain Hook.

Both men have been convicted of terrorism offences and are currently behind bars.

Al-Faisal specialises in preaching death to Jews, Hindus and all Westerners and encourages young Muslim boys to learn how to make bombs, fire guns, fly airplanes and use missiles to murder "unbelievers".

In his seminal Natural Instincts, he writes: "The kafirs (unbelievers) are the henchmen of the Shaitaan (the devil). The only language these kafirs respect is jihad (holy war)."

Captain Hook, an Al Qaeda recruiting sergeant, is doing a seven stretch in Belmarsh after being found guilty of 11 counts of incitement to murder and racial hatred.

Hitherto, his literary achievements have gone largely unheralded, unless you include a number of pamphlets he has published for the benefit of wannabe suicide bombers.

Not everyone's choice of bedtime reading, granted. But Tower Hamlets library committee deemed both authors worthy of sufficient merit to be put on public display.

Call me old-fashioned, but not so long ago the only mention of Captain Hook you'd find in the library was in a dog-eared copy of Peter Pan, in the children's section.

I'd love to have been in the meeting at which the librarians decided to stock these books.

"Right, we've got to get that new Ian McEwan and the Sebastian Faulks. Oh, and the Monica Ali, she's very popular with our borrowers in the Brick Lane branch. The Guardian gave her four stars on Saturday.

"How about Captain Hook? No, not the JM Barrie version, that mullah from Finsbury Park. What's it called? The Martyrs' Guide To Throat-Slitting, I think it is. It was Pick of The Week in the Independent on Sunday.

"We had a couple of young chaps in yesterday asking for it. You know, those quiet lads with the beards and the rucksacks who spent all afternoon online, downloading bomb-making instructions. I remember because the copier packed up and they said they'd be back today."

It's not just Tower Hamlets, either. A new report from the think tank the Centre For Social Cohesion claims that some libraries are becoming "saturated with extreme Islamist books".

Many councils, including Birmingham, Leicester, Ealing and Blackburn, are happy to spend taxpayers' money on this seditious poison.

The report says: "Many of these books glorify acts of terrorism, incite violence against anyone who rejects jihadist ideologues and endorse violence and discrimination against women."

I wonder what the committed feminists on these councils' equality committees make of Women Who Deserve To Go To Hell.

Other titles include 40 books by Hassan Banna, of the violent Muslim Brotherhood, and Sayyid Qutb, who is said to have been a major influence on Osama Bin Laden.

Steve Rigby, of Blackburn Council, said: "Librarians do not act as censors where titles are freely available."

Would the same attitude apply to a book which, for instance, called for holy war against Muslims, or described members of any other ethnic or religious minority as "filthy kafirs" who should be killed?

The ubiquitous Mr Bean lookalike Inayat Bunglawala, of the Muslim Council, now back in favour with ministers after a brief spat, said it was right that public money should be spent on these books.

"These are authors who are widely read in the Muslim world and it is not surprising that they are stocked in areas where there happens to be the highest concentration of Muslims.

"It does not necessarily mean you agree with them. It is part of a free society."

Pity that tolerance doesn't extend to Salman Rushdie's Satanic Verses, or Danish cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed.

Remember those "Free Speech: Go To Hell" posters waved by Muslim beheading enthusiasts on the streets of London?

At a time when the Government is supposed to be "reaching out" to young Muslims to prevent them becoming radicalised, local councils are spending taxpayers' money putting into public libraries books by convicted terrorists which advocate death, destruction and holy war and preach violence against women and "kafirs".

If you're late bringing them back, do they chop your hands off?

It's not just Women Who Deserve To Go To Hell. We are all going to hell in a handcart.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A round-up of 9-11 links

Another anniversary of Islam's heinous attack on America is upon us.

A suggestion for all Americans today:

On Tuesday, September 11th, 2007, an American flag should be displayed outside every home, apartment, office, and store in the United States.

Every individual should make it their duty to display an American flag on this anniversary of our country's worst tragedy. We do this in honor of those who lost their lives on 9/11, their families, friends and loved ones who continue to endure the pain, and those who today are fighting at home and abroad to preserve our cherished freedoms.

In the days, weeks and months following 9/11, our country was bathed in American flags as citizens mourned the incredible losses and stood shoulder-to-shoulder against terrorism. Sadly, those flags have all but disappeared. Our patriotism pulled us through some tough times and it shouldn't take another attack to galvanize us in solidarity. Our American flag is the fabric of our country and together we can prevail over terrorism of all kinds.

Action Plan: So, here's what we need you to do...

(1) Forward this email to everyone you know. Take a moment to think back to how you felt on 9/11 and let those sentiments guide you.

(2) Fly an American flag of any size on 9/11. Honestly, Americans should fly the flag year-round, but if you don't, then at least make ita priority on this day.

God Bless You and God Bless America

Go here to read about the leftist view of 9-11.

The leader of the "magnificent 19", still at large and still (regrettably) consuming oxygen, has marked the 6th anniversary with another video.

Does a People Make a Language, or Does a Language Make a People?

Many years ago, when I was learning German, one thing struck me more than anything else about the language I was then trying to learn. It was this: How precise one has to be when speaking the language. In German, you can’t get away with saying ‘who’ when you mean ‘whom’. It just won’t do. They mean two different things, and you’ve got to get your head around the difference.

Similarly, there are so many words for ‘the’ in German. It can be ‘der’, ‘die’, or ‘das’. It all depends on the gender of the noun. But to complicate matters still further, what is a ‘der’ in one case (nominative masculine singular) can turn into a ‘den’ in another (accusative masculine singular), a ‘dem’ in another case (dative masculine singular) and a ‘des’ in yet another case (genitive masculine singular), and so on. I’ll spare you the grief of the plural forms!

Then you have a similar problem when it comes to ‘a’ in German. That, too, depends on the case in point. It can at various times be ‘ein’, ‘einer’, ‘einen’, ‘einem’, ‘eines’, and so on. Add to all this the fact that adjectives have to be declined, and the fact that there are three genders: masculine, feminine, and neuter. Believe me, it can be mind-boggling to the uninitiated.

But then, if you are like I am, you eventually get your ‘Eureka moment’, and from that moment on, it all becomes very clear, crystal clear in fact, and from that moment on too, it all starts to make perfect sense.

Where is this all leading, you may be asking yourself? Well, to cut the whole thing short, it leads to the following. The Germans are a pretty clever people. Hardly anyone can touch them when it comes to engineering. Who can manufacture a fine car like the Germans? Think of the elegance of a Mercedes or a Porsche. And then add to that elegance the downright precision of the car's construction, to say nothing of the performance of its engine. Such beautiful cars embody perfection and precision.

I therefore have to ask myself why the Germans are such fine engineers. One cannot help but think that there’s a link there between the precision of the language and the precision of the engineering.

English is not anywhere near as precise as German. It doesn’t really matter too much if you use ‘who’ when you should be using ‘whom’. Indeed, many an English-speaker goes through life without ever learning the difference! But he still gets by. And as for cases, I don’t think that the average English-speaker would recognise a case if one smacked him in the teeth!

But then, who in the English-speaking world can manufacture a sports car like the Germans? Who could make a car like the Mercedes Roadster, or a Porsche Boxster? Could it be that a people who have to be so precise when speaking are more likely to become precision engineers? In short, does precision in language lead to precision in engineering? And do those precision engineers become so because their language is so precise; or is the reverse true? In other words, do precise people develop a precise way of speaking, or does a precise way of speaking make a precise people?

It’s a very interesting question, and it is a question I have long pondered. The question, of course, is an easy one to pose; it is rather more difficult to answer that self-same question, however.

Which leads me to Arabic…

Now one thing has to be said. Arabic is a fine and elegant language. Calligraphically, it is art indeed. In fact, so beautiful is it when written that the Arabs have used calligraphy as art all over the centuries, especially since Muhammad, the prophet of most Arabs, forbade the depiction of the human form. So, instead of the statue of David (Michelangelo), you get the profession of faith, al-shahada (pronounced ash-shahada), ashadw an la illah ila allah, wa ashadw an Muhammadan rasul ullah (only demonstrating!), written, of course, in beautiful Arabic calligraphy. A Westerner prefers and appreciates the statue of David; an Arab, of course, the profession of faith.

So there is no doubt about the fact that Arabic can be a very elegant language, especially in its written form. Indeed, it can be as elegant as some Arabs can be in their snow-white dishdashas, or thobes. But although Arabic has influenced many other languages, especially due to the Arabs’ conquests in pursuit of their expansion of Islam, or Dar ul Islam. For example, there are said to be an estimated four thousand Arabic loanwords in Spanish alone; and Arabic has lent many words to other languages, too, since Arabic was a ”major vehicle of culture” in the Middle Ages.

One feature of Arabic, however, is very fascinating to me: It is written backwards.

Now this brings me right back to where I started. The Germans are precision engineers, maybe as a result of having such precision in the German language. Arabic is the language of a people whose one main characteristic is looking backwards. Indeed, it is the aim of Muslims to take us all back to a bygone age – back 1400 years to the time of their prophet.

So my next question is this: Can a people whose language is written backwards move forwards? That means to say: Is it necessary for a people to write facing the future to be progressive, or can a people be progressive in spite of the fact that their language is written in the direction of the past? Moreover, have the Arabs made the language, or has the language made the Arabs?

©Mark Alexander

All Rights Reserved

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Leaders Without Testicles

On a day in which the world has come to learn that one of the greatest tenors of all time, Luciano Pavarotti, died, a man who encapsulated much that is great about the West, we are reminded of much that is great about our civilization, and, if we sit back and think about things, we should be reminded, too, that this great civilization is threatened both from without and from within: By Islam. Islam is gaining in strength even here in Europe, and there, across the Pond, in America. Yet nobody has the balls to deal with the problem. The problem is akin to a snowball rolling down a mountainside: It keeps growing in size even as it rolls!

Throughout its history, Islam has always, but always, won the day, and subsumed each and every culture* it has ever entered and into which it has been allowed enter and put down its roots. I assure you here and now, Europe will be no exception. The writing is already on the wall. Our future, if we do nothing about this development, is plain for all to see. It will be Islamic, and it will be neither free nor democratic.

Alas, we have no leaders with testicles, no leaders with balls, no leaders with spunk! Bush has proved himself to be a pussy – ineffectual in the extreme. As indeed was Blair. He was all hot air; all form and no substance. This current incumbent of Number 10, Gordon Brown, refuses to acknowledge still less deal with the problems we face with Islam in our midst. In fact, it was reported only recently that a Muslim group is the largest source of funding outside of the unions here in Great Britain. Ladies and gentlemen: It is high time we took stock!

Islam, if it is allowed to keep establishing itself here in the West, will destroy, nay annihilate, all that we have to come to hold dear. Make no bones about it, Islam is out to destroy all that is great about Western culture: great wines, great music, great literature, great art, and of course our great Judeo-Christian tradition. There will be no more Pavarottis, no more great music, no more great wines, no more great literature, no more great anything. The only thing that will be great is Allah, Allahu akbar! All will be destroyed if Islam is allowed to gain the upper hand. Islam is ruthless. It allows no-one and nothing to block its path to power.

Western politicians are ignorant of the force and power that is Islam. They are also weak, craven, and ineffectual. They faff around dealing with inconsequential matters when, in fact, they should be dealing with the one and only thing that matters today: The growth of Islam here in the West.

If they want to live under the yoke of Islam, then they are welcome to do so. But please move to the Islamic world to do so! I do not wish to live under Islam’s iron grip; and when I say this I believe I speak for many, nay for the majority.

These spineless leaders of ours want all the power, all the glory, and all the accoutrements of power; but one thing they do not want: They do not want to have to take the tough decisions which actually come with high office.

This, of course, is totally and utterly unacceptable. If they want the money, the big houses, the chauffer-driven cars, etc, then they should accept their responsibilities with equanimity. They need to tell Muslims that if they want to stay here in the West, then they have to start integrating and live like the rest of us. They have to stop thinking that they are superior, for superior they certainly are not. If anything, quite the reverse is true! What, I ask you, is superior about a 'culture' which condones public beheadings, the stonings to death of women, the cutting off of hands and feet for theft, and the suppression of women, homosexuals, and others who do not conform to their narrow ideals?

I think I speak for many, many people when I say that I am tired, sick to death, of politicians taking all the perks of high office, yet being totally unwilling to deal with the main danger that faces the people of the West today, totally unwilling to protect the people from darkness, protect the very people they are supposed to represent.

Many people, of course, are ignorant of the dangers that lie ahead of them; they are too busy earning a living to care. But they have a rude awakening awaiting them. This is 1938 all over again! In 1938, in their heart of hearts, people knew that Hitler would become a huge problem, but they refused to admit that such would be so. So it is in 2007! People, in their heart of hearts, know that Islam is a huge problem. But so many are afraid to admit it. I invite you to do so now. Go on! Be truthful with yourself! Admit to yourself what you already actually know!

Personally, I find it incredibly disconcerting that Islam has been allowed to grow here in the West, grow to the point that it is going to be extremely difficult to solve the problem. It is hard to believe that Western politicians are so ineffectual, so weak, so stupid, so without courage, so without testicles. But this is actually so.

But fight back we must if we are to rescue the West from the New Dark Age! Ask yourself one simple question: If the shoe were on the other foot, would they allow you, an infidel, the same freedoms to establish your religion (and political system) in their countries?

*It took centuries and much bloodshed to reverse Islam's influence on Spain.

©Mark Alexander

All Rights Reserved

Cartoon Rage-- The Sequel

By the Anti Jihadist

Remember the Cartoons of Rage from 2005 and early last year?

Well, the cartoon jihad is back with a vengeance. This time, it’s a Swedish artist who has dared to ‘insult’ the prophet of Islam.

Now, Muslim ‘diplomats’ are leaping into the fray. Swedes, pay the jizya or face the consequences!

Ambassadors from Muslim countries have indicated that they intend to present the Swedish prime minister with a list of demands when they meet for talks on Friday [yesterday].

Let's see what the lovely thugs want.

"Muslims need legal protection against the desecration of the [alleged] Prophet Muhammad, maybe something similar to the protection enjoyed by Jews and homosexuals."

Which Jewish and gay prophets can't the Westerners make fun of?

"In the long term the school curriculum has to convince pupils that if they want to express their opinion they should do so in such a way that it doesn't cause offence or hurt. This should also be part of journalism training," said Sotouhi.

You are free to say anything you long as it doesn't hurt the tender feelings of Muslims. Sorry, free speech doesn't work that way. I know it's a tough concept to grasp considering that it's non-existent in the Islamic world.

"Everybody will compare his wisdom with the situation in Denmark, whose prime minister treated the problem with a sort of arrogance, or at least delayed taking action to prevent the problem from escalating," he said.

Oh, I'm sorry. I thought that enraged Muslims all over the world had gone on a rampage and killed over a hundred people. How exactly are the cartoonists or Western politicians responsible for that mayhem?

Is there bloody anything that Muslims are responsible for?

Robert Spencer (whose books are banned in Malaysia) says it like it is:

And that's what this latest episode of Cartoon Rage, as well as the original Cartoon Rage incidents, were all about: forcing dhimmi Europeans to place Islam beyond questioning or criticism -- while the jihad continues apace.


Friday, September 07, 2007

The British ‘Taleban’ Who Control Almost Half of Britain’s Mosques

It’s high time for our leaders to act decisively to deal with this growing cancer in our once peaceful society. Time is running out. There is certainly no time for dilly-dorking around. These people don’t like the nest we have so kindly offered them, so the only sensible answer is to kick the bastards out! Remember this: Islam has never been, and never will be, a ‘religion of love or peace’! Islam distorts the mind! – ©Mark

TIMESONLINE: Almost half of Britain’s mosques are under the control of a hardline Islamic sect whose leading preacher loathes Western values and has called on Muslims to “shed blood” for Allah, an investigation by The Times has found.

Riyadh ul Haq, who supports armed jihad and preaches contempt for Jews, Christians and Hindus, is in line to become the spiritual leader of the Deobandi sect in Britain. The ultra-conservative movement, which gave birth to the Taleban in Afghanistan, now runs more than 600 of Britain’s 1,350 mosques, according to a police report seen by The Times.

The Times investigation casts serious doubts on government statements that foreign preachers are to blame for spreading the creed of radical Islam in Britain’s mosques and its policy of enouraging the recruitment of more “home-grown” preachers.

Mr ul Haq, 36, was educated and trained at an Islamic seminary in Britain and is part of a new generation of British imams who share a similar radical agenda. He heaps scorn on any Muslims who say they are “proud to be British” and argues that friendship with a Jew or a Christian makes “a mockery of Allah’s religion”. Hardline take-over of British mosques (more)

Mark Alexander

The Plague in Britain's Mosques

You would think you cannot be stunned anymore by the foolishness of Europe, and especially Britain. The Muslims and their appeasement obsessed dhimmis in government have destroyed Britain. Denial leads to death. No more political correctness. Islam is poison to infidels. It is the Third Reich in the twenty first century. America must stop electing these appeasers and fools and vote in those who understand the threat Islam is to the West.

I'm surprised the Times had the nerve to print it.

September 7, 2007

Hardline takeover of British mosques - Times Online

Andrew Norfolk
Almost half of Britain’s mosques are under the control of a hardline Islamic sect whose leading preacher loathes Western values and has called on Muslims to “shed blood” for Allah, an investigation by The Times has found.

Riyadh ul Haq, who supports armed jihad and preaches contempt for Jews, Christians and Hindus, is in line to become the spiritual leader of the Deobandi sect in Britain. The ultra-conservative movement, which gave birth to the Taleban in Afghanistan, now runs more than 600 of Britain’s 1,350 mosques, according to a police report seen by The Times.

The Times investigation casts serious doubts on government statements that foreign preachers are to blame for spreading the creed of radical Islam in Britain’s mosques and its policy of enouraging the recruitment of more “home-grown” preachers.

Mr ul Haq, 36, was educated and trained at an Islamic seminary in Britain and is part of a new generation of British imams who share a similar radical agenda. He heaps scorn on any Muslims who say they are “proud to be British” and argues that friendship with a Jew or a Christian makes “a mockery of Allah’s religion”.

Speech: Infinite Justice
Riyadh ul Haq sermon on 'Jewish Fundamentalism' in full
Speech: The Globalised Suffering of the Muslims
Speech: On Our Responsibilities as Muslims
Speech: Imitating the Disbelievers
Related Links
Homegrown cleric who loathes the British
Movement fostered by fear of ‘imperial’ rule
Riyadh ul Haq sermon on 'Jewish Fundamentalism' in full

Seventeen of Britain’s 26 Islamic seminaries are run by Deobandis and they produce 80 per cent of home-trained Muslim clerics. Many had their studies funded by local education authority grants. The sect, which has significant representation on the Muslim Council of Britain, is at its strongest in the towns and cities of the Midlands and northern England.

Figures supplied to The Times by the Lancashire Council of Mosques reveal that 59 of the 75 mosques in five towns – Blackburn, Bolton, Preston, Oldham and Burnley – are Deobandi-run.

It is not suggested that all British Muslims who worship at Deobandi mosques subscribe to the isolationist message preached by Mr ul Haq, and he himself suggests Muslims should only “shed blood” overseas.

But while some Deobandi preachers have a more cohesive approach to interfaith relations, Islamic theologians say that such bridge-building efforts do not represent mainstream Deobandi thinking in Britain.

The Times has gained access to numerous talks and sermons delivered in recent years by Mr ul Haq and other graduates of Britain’s most influential Deobandi seminary near Bury, Greater Manchester.

Intended for a Muslim-only audience, they reveal a deep-rooted hatred of Western society, admiration for the Taleban and a passionate zeal for martyrdom “in the way of Allah”.

The seminary outlaws art, television, music and chess, demands “entire concealment” for women and views football as “a cancer that has infected our youth”.

Mahmood Chandia, a Bury graduate who is now a university lecturer, claims in one sermon that music is a way in which Jews spread “the Satanic web” to corrupt young Muslims.

“Nearly every university in England has a department which is called the music department, and in others, where the Satanic influence is more, they call it the Royal College of Music,” he says.

Another former Bury student, Bradford-based Sheikh Ahmed Ali, hails the 9/11 attacks on America because they acted as a wake-up call to young Muslims. This, he says, taught them that they will “never be accepted” in Britain and has led them to “return to Islam: sisters are wearing hijab . . . the lion is waking up”.

Mr ul Haq, the most high-profile of the new generation of Deobandis, runs an Islamic academy in Leicester and is the former imam at the Birmingham Central Mosque. Revered by many young Muslims, he draws on his extensive knowledge of the Koran and the life and sayings of the prophet Muhammed to justify his hostility to the kuffar, or non-Muslims.

One sermon warns believers to protect their faith by distancing themselves from the “evil influence” of their non-Muslim British neighbours.

“We are in a very dangerous position here. We live amongst the kuffar, we work with them, we associate with them, we mix with them and we begin to pick up their habits.”

In another talk, delivered a few weeks before 9/11, he praises Muslims who have gained martyrdom in battle and laments that today “no one dare utter the J word”. “The J word has become taboo . .. The J word is jihad in the way of Allah.”

The Times has made repeated attempts to get Mr ul Haq to comment on the content of his sermons. However, he declined to respond.

A commentator on religious radicalism in Pakistan, where Deobandis wield significant political influence, told The Times that “blind ignorance” on the part of the Government in Britain had allowed the Deobandis to become the dominant voice of Islam in Britain’s mosques.

Khaled Ahmed said: “The UK has been ruined by the puritanism of the Deobandis. You’ve allowed the takeover of the mosques. You can’t run multiculturalism like that, because that’s a way of destroying yourself. In Britain, the Deobandi message has become even more extreme than it is in Pakistan. It’s mind-boggling.”

In some mosques the sect has wrested control from followers of the more moderate majority, the Barelwi movement.

A spokesman for the Department for Communities said: “We have a detailed strategy to ensure imams properly represent and connect with mainstream moderate opinion and promote shared values like tolerance and respect for the rule of law. We have never said the challenge from extremism is simply restricted to those coming from overseas.”

Shana Tova

The Jewish New Year "Rosh Hashanah" will begin next week with the sunset of September 12, and will end two evenings later, at the nightfall of September 14.

For the new Hebrew year 5768, we at Pedestrian Infidel would like to wish all our friends and supporters the traditional Jewish Blessing: "L'shanah tovah tikatevu v'taihatemu", which means, "May you be inscribed and sealed for a good year."

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

From a jihadist to a human--continued

For any readers from Malaysia Today or elsewhere who have been reading Joshua "a.k.a. Avenging Apostate's" testimony (originally written and posted at Pedestrian Infidel in 2006), please go here.

For anyone who wants to read "From a Jihadist to a Human" again in its entirety, this powerful testimony can always be found here or in our sidebar-- under the section "enlightening articles on the cult of Islam".

Thanks to everyone for stopping by and for your interest in our humble little site.

Monday, September 03, 2007

From a jihadist to a human--part two

By Joshua (a former Muslim)

Click here to read part one as posted at Malaysia Today.

The same religious education begun in Saudi Arabia continued in Pakistan – the same training, with Friday prayers, but another thing was added – the Ramadan, a one month period of daytime fasting that is required for all Moslems. Now I was old enough to stay hungry the whole day and eat like crazy in the evening. I was only 10 years old – usually Ramadan process for a Moslem starts at age 12, but my parents judged me ready a full two years early. I wasn't told why people stayed hungry all day at the time, but when I turned 12 my parents sat me down and explained the 'value' of Ramadan. They said that it trains Moslems to be more patient and it is a good deed which helps a Moslem get to paradise. Of course, hearing this made me happy – because I had this urge in me to be a perfect Moslem. I took every word about Ramadan my parents told me to heart.

I was a believer and of course one who walks blindly in his faith – wasn't my fault – I was trained to be so. No questions could be asked that I or others felt were in any way offensive to or doubtful of Islam. I couldn't ask if what was written in the Koran was right or wrong – I had no right to ask and in the same way I couldn't ask why a young kid had to stay hungry the whole day if he didn't want to. Maybe I didn't want to either because I had never done so before and neither my parents had trained me so; my teachers being all Moslems were no different either. I had no freedom at all and no say in the matter – not just me but all Moslems. I knew I had to do it because Allah had ordered it.

After this time, all my excuses of being young were ignored. I was a 'man' now – one who could get married and have children (Islam thinks a 10-12 year old boy is a man and an 8-10 year old girl is a woman). But thank God my parents were smart enough to not get me a girl at that time (I am still unmarried and very happy with that status). Although I was taught to say 'Bismallah-ar-rahman-ar-raheem' (it means 'in the name of Allah, most gracious, most merciful) before everything that I started since I was 4 years old but now I was told to say it out loud too so that other people could hear it and be impressed of the beauty of Islam. I didn't know the phrase's meaning at the time but I said it happily. Before every meal – whenever my siblings didn't appear to be repeating the phrase – I said it out loud, 'Bismallah…' was my cry and everyone after me repeated it. Each time I did it, I got a pat on my back from my parents for being a 'true Moslem'. I was being a pious 'man' by considering myself a real slave to Allah. If I wanted to be a true Moslem – I had to think of myself as a slave of Allah and whatever he said – I had to bow my head and follow it. I wasn't sad at doing all this – I was happy.

My upbringing in a very devout Moslem family trained me so well, that when I was some 13 years old, I came to my father and said, 'Dad, one day I want to fight for Palestinians against the Israelis and kill all the Jews.' My father smiled and said, 'Great son, those Jews should all be killed – I will not object if you chose the path of Jihad because it is the best thing to do.' After some days, in our neighborhood, a young man, some 23 years old, had died in Kashmir, he was there to fight the Indians. They called it Jihad (they still do) and when he died they titled him a 'martyr'. I went to the house of that person with my father and his parents were celebrating. They were distributing sweets and saying, 'our son is in paradise!' My dad and I congratulated the parents of that young man too. The scene was like someone was getting married there. I came back – and this day I was more willing to go to Israel to fight (we didn't call it Israel; we called it 'occupied Palestine').

Everyday, I would dream of killing some Jews and going to paradise. It was not about the virgins at the time, I must admit, I learned about the virgin stuff later. Rather, it was all about being close to Mohammed, who is praised more in Islam than Allah.

Now all I had to do was wait till I was 15 because, for some reason, the Jihadi groups in Pakistan that sent jihadi recruits to Palestine and Kashmir didn't take kids younger than 15. Even my mother didn't object to me going to Palestine, even though she loved me (and still does) a lot. I was certain I would go there eventually. I knew I would kill someone and then get killed, I wanted to get killed, I wanted to follow Mohammed in everything he taught and did. One of the prayers Mohammed is said to have taught is, 'Allah, give me the status of a martyr' and a martyr was a one who fought other people for Allah's sake and died.

Days passed by and during this time my father went to Dubai to establish his business there. I discussed almost everything with my dad and now he was gone. I was left alone and it made me very sad. But I tried to handle it as best I could.

Click here to read the next installment

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Dhimmicrat Chairman Dean Urges Calilphate Takeover of America at Muslim Convention

Well, that's one way to interpret 'achieve your goals.'

Dean tells Muslims: Run for political office
Chicago Sun Times ^ 09/02/07 Susan Hogan

Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean told American Muslims gathered in Rosemont to think beyond voter registration drives.

"You need to run for political office," Dean said Saturday. "The only way you can achieve your goals is to stand up and say who you are and be proud of it."

Those in the packed house rose to their feet and applauded.

Dean was one of several prominent Democrats on Saturday to address the nation's largest gathering of American Muslims. Republicans declined invitations, organizers said.

The annual Labor Day weekend gathering of the Islamic Society of North America is expected to draw up to 40,000 Muslims before it ends Monday.

It's a family event full of spiritual and educational seminars. Saturday, many Muslims found inspiration from politicians.

"Be heard. Don't be silent. Tell it like it is," said Rep. Keith Ellison, the first Muslim elected to Congress.

"If you don't tell your story, someone else will. And you may be the villain in their story," the Minnesota Democrat said.

Ellison, too, received a standing ovation.

While Muslims are changing America's religious landscape, they're being encouraged to find their political voice, too.

"There are people who want to see Muslims not only at the table but on the ticket," said Malik Mujahid, president of the Council of Islamic Organizations of Greater Chicago, which sponsored the "Take Back America Rally" involving Dean.

Nabeel Razzaki, a financial analyst from Portland, said many American Muslims became fearful of political participation after 9/11.

"I've thought about it for a long time, but I was scared," Razzaki said after hearing Dean. "Now, I feel inspired to run for a local office."

Muslims here say they share a common faith, but their religious and political views are hardly monolithic. Some want to concentrate only on local politics. By building slowly at the grass-roots level, the day will come when Muslims can influence the bigger races, they say.

But Omer Abid of west suburban Lyons said now, more than ever, Muslims need a voice in national politics.

"We can't sit back. We must speak up," Abid said. "The current president led America to war in Iraq, which was a huge disaster for the world. We can't stay silent."

Fall-Out Over the Depiction of Prophet Muhammad as a Dog

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad with a dog’s body
THE LOCAL: Leading figures in Sweden's media industry have backed newspaper Nerikes Allehanda, which has been criticised by Iran for publishing a cartoon depicting the Prophet Muhammad as a dog. The paper itself has meanwhile defended its decision to publish.

PeO Wärring, deputy chairman of the Swedish Newspaper Publishers' Association (TU), said that regardless of what people thought of the cartoons it was important that they could be published and debated.

"The strength of freedom of expression lies in the fact that it tolerates - and protects - not only comfortable, harmless and uncontroversial opinions, but also those that are tasteless, controversial, upsetting and offensive," he said in a statement.

The cartoon in question, by Swedish artist Lars Vilks, depicted Muhammad's head on the body of a dog. Vilks had found it hard to find a gallery willing to display his work, and Nerikes Allehanda published the cartoon alongside an editorial on freedom of expression.

A Swedish diplomat was summoned to the Iranian Foreign Ministry on Monday to receive a protest from the Iranian government about the cartoon. Paper defends Muhammad dog cartoon (more)

Mark Alexander

The Truth

Today I would like to share something, that some of you, maybe even most, might know already but it can`t hurt to be reminded from time to time.

It is where my own thinking comes from. It is why I have always been standing up against Islam and it also partly explains my adoration for Israel and the People of Israel.

I have been interested in Israel, in the story of Am Israel and also Judaism ever since my childhood.

The above link (click on the title of this post) only proves me right; this is why I would like to share it with you.

In a week from today I will finally get to visit Israel for the first time....

Shalom to all