Sunday, September 02, 2007

Fall-Out Over the Depiction of Prophet Muhammad as a Dog

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Cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad with a dog’s body
THE LOCAL: Leading figures in Sweden's media industry have backed newspaper Nerikes Allehanda, which has been criticised by Iran for publishing a cartoon depicting the Prophet Muhammad as a dog. The paper itself has meanwhile defended its decision to publish.

PeO Wärring, deputy chairman of the Swedish Newspaper Publishers' Association (TU), said that regardless of what people thought of the cartoons it was important that they could be published and debated.

"The strength of freedom of expression lies in the fact that it tolerates - and protects - not only comfortable, harmless and uncontroversial opinions, but also those that are tasteless, controversial, upsetting and offensive," he said in a statement.

The cartoon in question, by Swedish artist Lars Vilks, depicted Muhammad's head on the body of a dog. Vilks had found it hard to find a gallery willing to display his work, and Nerikes Allehanda published the cartoon alongside an editorial on freedom of expression.

A Swedish diplomat was summoned to the Iranian Foreign Ministry on Monday to receive a protest from the Iranian government about the cartoon. Paper defends Muhammad dog cartoon (more)

Mark Alexander


FFT said...

Ah yes, let the seething outrage begin over yet another cartoon.

I look forward to tons of laughs at the antics of inbred, bearded, goat-shagging, Neanderthal worshipers of a pedophile prophet.

This time though, any attacks upon non-Muslim individuals and property should be reciprocated with swift and brutal retribution.

Hantu Laut said...


You, Lar Vilks and the rest of your Muslim haters, do you think you are any better than the madman who strapped bomb on his body.

Education is just not about knowing how to read and write, it also about self-respect and respect for others.Is your brain so freaked out that you can't think straight anymore.

By the language you use do you think you are more civilised than those you condemned?

I wonder which barn you were born in, boy!