Saturday, September 08, 2007

Leaders Without Testicles

On a day in which the world has come to learn that one of the greatest tenors of all time, Luciano Pavarotti, died, a man who encapsulated much that is great about the West, we are reminded of much that is great about our civilization, and, if we sit back and think about things, we should be reminded, too, that this great civilization is threatened both from without and from within: By Islam. Islam is gaining in strength even here in Europe, and there, across the Pond, in America. Yet nobody has the balls to deal with the problem. The problem is akin to a snowball rolling down a mountainside: It keeps growing in size even as it rolls!

Throughout its history, Islam has always, but always, won the day, and subsumed each and every culture* it has ever entered and into which it has been allowed enter and put down its roots. I assure you here and now, Europe will be no exception. The writing is already on the wall. Our future, if we do nothing about this development, is plain for all to see. It will be Islamic, and it will be neither free nor democratic.

Alas, we have no leaders with testicles, no leaders with balls, no leaders with spunk! Bush has proved himself to be a pussy – ineffectual in the extreme. As indeed was Blair. He was all hot air; all form and no substance. This current incumbent of Number 10, Gordon Brown, refuses to acknowledge still less deal with the problems we face with Islam in our midst. In fact, it was reported only recently that a Muslim group is the largest source of funding outside of the unions here in Great Britain. Ladies and gentlemen: It is high time we took stock!

Islam, if it is allowed to keep establishing itself here in the West, will destroy, nay annihilate, all that we have to come to hold dear. Make no bones about it, Islam is out to destroy all that is great about Western culture: great wines, great music, great literature, great art, and of course our great Judeo-Christian tradition. There will be no more Pavarottis, no more great music, no more great wines, no more great literature, no more great anything. The only thing that will be great is Allah, Allahu akbar! All will be destroyed if Islam is allowed to gain the upper hand. Islam is ruthless. It allows no-one and nothing to block its path to power.

Western politicians are ignorant of the force and power that is Islam. They are also weak, craven, and ineffectual. They faff around dealing with inconsequential matters when, in fact, they should be dealing with the one and only thing that matters today: The growth of Islam here in the West.

If they want to live under the yoke of Islam, then they are welcome to do so. But please move to the Islamic world to do so! I do not wish to live under Islam’s iron grip; and when I say this I believe I speak for many, nay for the majority.

These spineless leaders of ours want all the power, all the glory, and all the accoutrements of power; but one thing they do not want: They do not want to have to take the tough decisions which actually come with high office.

This, of course, is totally and utterly unacceptable. If they want the money, the big houses, the chauffer-driven cars, etc, then they should accept their responsibilities with equanimity. They need to tell Muslims that if they want to stay here in the West, then they have to start integrating and live like the rest of us. They have to stop thinking that they are superior, for superior they certainly are not. If anything, quite the reverse is true! What, I ask you, is superior about a 'culture' which condones public beheadings, the stonings to death of women, the cutting off of hands and feet for theft, and the suppression of women, homosexuals, and others who do not conform to their narrow ideals?

I think I speak for many, many people when I say that I am tired, sick to death, of politicians taking all the perks of high office, yet being totally unwilling to deal with the main danger that faces the people of the West today, totally unwilling to protect the people from darkness, protect the very people they are supposed to represent.

Many people, of course, are ignorant of the dangers that lie ahead of them; they are too busy earning a living to care. But they have a rude awakening awaiting them. This is 1938 all over again! In 1938, in their heart of hearts, people knew that Hitler would become a huge problem, but they refused to admit that such would be so. So it is in 2007! People, in their heart of hearts, know that Islam is a huge problem. But so many are afraid to admit it. I invite you to do so now. Go on! Be truthful with yourself! Admit to yourself what you already actually know!

Personally, I find it incredibly disconcerting that Islam has been allowed to grow here in the West, grow to the point that it is going to be extremely difficult to solve the problem. It is hard to believe that Western politicians are so ineffectual, so weak, so stupid, so without courage, so without testicles. But this is actually so.

But fight back we must if we are to rescue the West from the New Dark Age! Ask yourself one simple question: If the shoe were on the other foot, would they allow you, an infidel, the same freedoms to establish your religion (and political system) in their countries?

*It took centuries and much bloodshed to reverse Islam's influence on Spain.

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Anonymous said...

Whining about the problem is as good as your noballs leaders' impotent leadership. You cant pretend they dont exist nor can you ship them out of the country. The key solution is education. The Islamists must not be allowed to establish religious schools and all residents have to go thru govt controlled or western institutions.

Mark said...

Who is whining?

But many could be shipped out, since they are in the country illegally!

When I worked in other countries, I always had to have a work permit. When that work permit expired, my right to stay in the country expired with it. What makes these people so different, so privileged?

Yes, education has its part to play. But I fear that education alone is not enough. I agree with you that a good start would be to close down all the Islamic schools - the madrassahs.

We are sending out the wrong message. We are simply not tough enough with them. As a result, they are taking us for the wimps we truly are.

One thing is certain, Arabs and Muslims do not respect weakness. I learnt that very early on in my career in the Arab world. Remaining firm always gets you further with Muslims.

Anonymous said...


KG said...

We know what the problem is Mark, and some of the solutions are obvious.
But most people are zonked-out in front of their television sets, too apathetic and too ignorant to recognise the danger and thus unlikely to insist that politicians formulate a coherent resistance before they'll vote for them.
So politicians continue to bribe the fools with more welfare as the tide rolls in.
Frankly, I think islam is unstoppable, barring a miracle. That miracle may just be a nuclear or chemical attack on a huge scale which will finally wake people up.

Anonymous said...

The US(especially)problem is from the idiotarian Left:

Why the Left Must Deny 9/11


Mark said...


I think that the left has a lot to answer for. But I don't for one minute believe that all the blame can be placed on those people's shoulders. In fact, I believe that right-wingers must shoulder quite a lot of the blame, too. Why? Because business interests and corporate concerns are driving politics today. Hence, we have so many immigrants - both legal and illegal - to serve the interests of business and corporations. Swarms of immigrants keep wages down, and because birthrates in the West are so low, these self-same immigrants supply industry (what's left of it) with the (cheap) labour it requires. Politicians are afraid to go against corporate heads. They are also afraid of going against the tide of political correctness, the cancer which is affecting us all.

Anonymous said...

"to serve the interests of business and corporations."
True, it's greed that's involve.

"What makes these people so different, so privileged?"

Yep. It becomes taken for granted. Not even fair to other immigrants from elsewhere.