Monday, October 22, 2007

Beautiful Muslim Immigrants Enriching Our Lives

Thanks Government for inviting these guys to England and the West... to do the hard work of bombing the infidels simply won't do.

BBC - Suspect 'dubbed himself Osama bin London'


Fidothedog said...

A fine collection of inbred specimens to be sure.

Definitely a case of what happens when gene pools are allowed to stagnate.

I must thank Blair & co for allowing so many of these peaceful representatives of the religion of peace into the UK

Anonymous said...

Go to any remote part of the nons' world and do a survey with these type of mugshots and ask the populace whether they think these look like good guys.

The human instinct and perception are not to be underestimated. It's highly unlikely that the vast majority of the populace would think these dudes are above board.
Only modern leftist multiculturalist Eurabians would imagine so.


Anonymous said...

There you have your Usual Suspects but I would say they are mighty fine specimens of upright individuals, if you would ask me.