Tuesday, October 16, 2007

CALIFORNIA: Panel Discussion - Is Islam Compatible With Democracy?

ISLAM & DEMOCRACY Are they compatible?

The United American Committee has funded two speakers to take on the notorious Muslim Public Affairs Council at an upcoming College Republican sponsored panel discussion on the subject of whether or not Islamic doctrine is compatible with democracy. Nonie Darwish and Hasan Mahmud, along with former Republican Party state chairman Shawn Steel will be countering pro-Sharia (Islamic law) arguments from the Islamist MPAC and will bring to light the facts which show how Sharia is everything counter to what democracy stands for.

WHERE: Cal State Fullerton
800 N. State College Blvd.
Fullerton, CA
Titan Student Union Pavillion C

WHEN: Friday, October 26th
3:00 PM

Map and more information at http://www.unitedamericancommittee.org/islam_democracy.htm

Please alert anyone you know in Southern California and urge them to attend this important event on Friday October 26th, 2007.

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Fearless Mind said...

I always find it strange that whenever people talk about democracy and Islam, no one asks whether there is any democracy in Islam's heaven. A clear study of the Koran indicates - not at all.

Instead, you have a tyrant Allah who permanently exiles the only dissident (Iblis) and then demands that man submit himself to the divine will or else face eternal torment.

Forget about democracy. There's no freedom in Islam to begin with.

Why can't my fellow inflidels see this? Why are so many unwilling to state that Islam is SPIRITUAL SLAVERY - the worst form, because while you can hold a human slaveowner accountable - how can you hold Allah accountable?

Anyway, keep up the good work. We need more blogs like yours - so that the rest of the world doesn't suffer the fate of West Asia - which went from being a centre of civilization to a intellectual and cultural wasteland thanks to the cult of Allah.