Saturday, October 06, 2007

Karen Armstrong: Bitter Nun Praised In Guardian

Karen Armstrong has had so many failures in her life, wandering here and there seeking the answer. Convent dropout, failed academic, unappealling to men, but she kept slugging it out and found that vein of gold, Islam, or should I say defender of Islam.

Of course, she is feted by most Muslims after all she is for Islam and is helping Islam to subjugate the West. Now that she has guided the West about Islam, she is going to do the same for the Bible. Praise Jesus!

Read it if you can stand it. Armstrong is so full of it. She is the equivalent of Tariq Ramadan as the dhimmi infidel scholar, smooth talking and a pox on the west.

A question of faith

A life in writing Former nun Karen Armstrong has dedicated her life to the study of humanity's search for God. Having explained Islam to the West, she now returns to the Bible

Madeleine Bunting
Saturday October 6, 2007
The Guardian

At 17, Karen Armstrong believed she had a vocation. Dedicating her life to the search for God, she entered a strict Catholic convent. This was in the pre-Vatican Council days of silent prayer, wimples and long habits. How that vocation fell apart became the subject of the book that first brought Armstrong fame. Through the Narrow Gate is full of rage against the Catholic church, but wind the story on more than 40 years and, as Armstrong herself admits, much of the force of that teenage vocation is still with her

....Armstrong's culinary repertoire doesn't extend much beyond sandwiches.

Without the distractions of husband or children it makes her, she says, "an urban hermit". It is also at the heart of why, although she no longer calls herself a Christian, she describes herself as a "person of faith" who has found in her work a vocation and also a liberation from anger and a way to practise compassion: "My study is my religious discipline. There are little moments of transcendence, of awe, ...

..She left the convent at 24, angry and disillusioned, to do a degree at Oxford. Several failed careers followed - academic, teaching, television - as well as persistent ill-health and chronic shyness....

One thing she doesn't regret is never marrying or having children. "I was never appealing to men," she announces, adding that "I'm not sure men much like intellectual women and certainly men of my generation wouldn't want me dashing around."...

...I have nothing maternal in me, and men want to be mothered a lot of the time. I wouldn't want a large, 70-year-old baby wandering about. It's not always easy and sometimes it's lonely and desolate, but now I cling to my solitude...

..."I'm invited by governments, and Muslims in these countries thank me for speaking to westerners in a way they can understand about Islam. When I was in Lahore recently, it was very touching; my books are very popular in Pakistan. Chambermaids and porters in the hotel were rushing up to me saying, 'Thank you, thank you, you're helping us.'"

...A righteous contempt of Islam was entwined with our anti-semitism. Ever since, our rhetoric about Muslims reflects a blind anxiety about our own behaviour - anxieties about our own capacity for violence are projected onto Muslims, similarly our attitudes towards women."

...the history of religious fundamentalism over the past century shows, time and again, that when under attack such movements become more extreme. It was true of Christian fundamentalism in the 20th century as it withdrew from the mainstream into a hostile right-wing movement; it was true of the Muslim Brotherhood under persecution in Egypt in the 1960s. [That entire statement is ridiculous. Just how many Christians, evangelical no less, are going around blowing themselves up to take some infidels with them? And that evil hostile right wing movement? Oh the humanity. And then she implies that the Muslim Brotherhood was forced into violence because they were ...oppressed!]

..She worries that Islam is in danger of giving up its "unique genius", which is its pluralism; the "Qur'an is quite clear that all prophets are equally valid, and God tells Muhammad that 'we [God] have created diversity, not one ummah [community of Muslims]'". [Ah yes, Karen, the pluralistic, tolerant ummah. By the way, 'God' goes on to tell Mo that all those 'infidel ummahs' are theirs to conquer by the sword if they don't submit.]

Like I Said, if you can stomach it, go and read it.


Anonymous said...

I saw this fool interviewed on CNN, I wanted to puke.
Why does the media suck up to these prattling nobodies?
It must be because they make all the right noises required by the hacks, just to back up their spineless liberal views.
Go back and put your habit on, do us a favour and get back to talking to God.

Tom Heneghan said...

If you’re interested in Karen Armstrong, you might want to look at her latest interview on Pakistan, Islam and secularism in the Reuters religion blog FaithWorld --

Anonymous said...

respect to her