Sunday, October 07, 2007

Kick the Muslim Clowns Out of Medical School!

This latest story about the obstreperousness of trainee Muslim medical students should alarm us all. It is a harbinger of the nightmare that awaits us all in the West as a result of allowing far, far too many Muslims into the Judeo-Christian West, against the wishes of the majority of electors, just to satisfy the needs of commerce for labour, often and usually cheap labour.

It should be obvious to a blind man that this group of people will not fit in with our ways. They expect us to fit in with theirs instead.

It is to be hoped that the medical profession will not give in to these students’ unreasonable demands. These students are clearly not fit for purpose.

The answer to this problem is simple: Anyone refusing to go through proper and complete medical training should be kicked out of the courses, and failed. Period! Patients cannot be expected to have to be treated by half-trained, half-baked doctors, for a half-trained doctor, in reality, is actually no doctor at all!

Our problems with Muslims and Islam are increasing by the day, and it seems that nobody has the courage to deal with those problems head-on. Our problems are not going to go away. On the contrary, they will go on increasing until a solution is found.

Muslims are rapidly turning themselves into undesirables. And it’s no good the authorities blaming the indigenous population for being Islamophobic. If Islamophobia is on the increase, then Muslims only have themselves to blame. The authorities also have to shoulder responsibility for this because they have not been firm enough with these immigrants. They should have read the riot act to them long ago, telling them to fit in or get out – forthwith.

But instead, the powers that be have acquiesced in the growth of Islam in the West, and they have continued to appease Muslims by giving in to their each and every demand and whim; and in so doing these ‘powers’ have increased the antipathy most normal people feel for Muslims.

If something isn’t done about the Muslim problem, then it is only a matter of time before blood will be shed. Not in the operating theatres, but in the streets.

Companies like ‘Boots the Chemist’ and Sainsbury’s are also not without fault, for these companies are also showing their yellow side in allowing pharmacists and girls at the check-outs to discriminate in their shops and stores.

We, the shoppers, should refuse to buy at their retail outlets until they re-normalize their policies, and we should also refuse to be treated by Muslim doctors. Consumers can ‘get picky’ too! - ©Mark

TIMESONLINE: Some Muslim medical students are refusing to attend lectures or answer exam questions on alcohol-related or sexually transmitted diseases because they claim it offends their religious beliefs.

Some trainee doctors say learning to treat the diseases conflicts with their faith, which states that Muslims should not drink alcohol and rejects sexual promiscuity.

A small number of Muslim medical students have even refused to treat patients of the opposite sex. One male student was prepared to fail his final exams rather than carry out a basic examination of a female patient.

The religious objections by students have been confirmed by the British Medical Association (BMA) and General Medical Council (GMC), which both stressed that they did not approve of such actions.

It will intensify the debate sparked last week by the disclosure that Sainsbury’s is permitting Muslim checkout operators to refuse to handle customers’ alcohol purchases on religious grounds. It means other members of staff have to be called over to scan in wine and beer for them at the till.

Critics, including many Islamic scholars, see the concessions as a step too far, and say Muslims are reneging on their professional responsibilities.

This weekend, however, it emerged that Sainsbury’s is also allowing its Muslim pharmacists to refuse to sell the morning-after pill to customers. At a Sainsbury’s store in Nottingham, a pharmacist named Ahmed declined to provide the pill to a female reporter posing as a customer. A colleague explained to her that Ahmed did not sell the pill for “ethical reasons”. Boots also permits pharmacists to refuse to sell the pill on ethical grounds.

The BMA said it had received reports of Muslim students who did not want to learn anything about alcohol or the effects of overconsumption. “They are so opposed to the consumption of it they don’t want to learn anything about it,” said a spokesman.

The GMC said it had received requests for guidance over whether students could “omit parts of the medical curriculum and yet still be allowed to graduate”. Professor Peter Rubin, chairman of the GMC’s education committee, said: “Examples have included a refusal to see patients who are affected by diseases caused by alcohol or sexual activity, or a refusal to examine patients of a particular gender.”

He added that “prejudicing treatment on the grounds of patients’ gender or their responsibility for their condition would run counter to the most basic principles of ethical medical practice”. Muslim medical students get picky (more)

Fear of giving offence is killing our culture

Muslim dentist 'made patient cover her head'
Mark Alexander


Anonymous said...

Failure to learn about the symptoms, side effects and progression of sexually transmitted diseases, alcohol, tobacco and drug addiction will undoubtedly lead these "doctors" to misdiagnose, with potentially fatal consequences.

We can't afford "doctors" like that. Throw them off the course. I don't see why I, the ultimate paymaster, should be expected to provide special treatment for these jerks.

Anyway, they have been refusing to make proper use of alcohol based hand-sterilising stations which are crucial for infection control. I wouldn't want dirty b*ggers like that anywhere near me or my loved ones in any hospital.

These folk aren't worshipping god, they are glorifying themselves. Time they were brought back down to earth, in the dar ul islam mind, not the west.

Mark said...

Quite right, Monty! I couldn't agree with you more.

Of course they should be thrown off the courses. These people are just trying it on. And the authorities are allowing them to do so.

Doctors in the UK are extremely well-paid. There'll be no problem filling their places in medical school.

I think it is essential that people start making a stand on these issues.

If they want to believe in their non-existent Allah, that's their problem. But I don't want any 'doctor' that isn't properly trained treating me. And I don't want any lectures from such arrogant people either.

These childish people don't understand even the basics of a medical training. A doctor is there to treat ill patients, regardless of the illness or the cause therof.

If trainee doctors cannot accept the basics and ethics of medicine, they have no place in medical school, and certainly have no place in any surgery after training.

Keep such doctors away from me, please!

Anonymous said...

Isn't Sainsbury's being bought out by Dubai investors?
I prefer the German discounters.
Consumers have so much power in the choices they make. All it needs is education about the implications of those choices.
Wake up to the power of just about the only functioning arm of democracy, consumer choice.

Hantu Laut said...

These are moronic Muslims, ignorant and a shame to their religion.Islam forbids Muslims from consuming alcohol.Islam does not forbid Muslim to learn anything,including alcohol, pork,STD in the pursuit of knowledge.It is also not wrong for Muslims to dispense alcohol to non-Muslims, if that's what their job entail.It's all about consumption by Muslims and nothing else.These are lame excuses given by dim-witted and lazy Muslims to avoid doing something they personally dislike and use religion as an excuse.I agree, they should be sacked.

Islam even allow Muslims to eat pork, for survival, if other type of food had become unavailable.

Many Muslims are ignorant of their own religion.Like in Malaysia, most Malays think Muslims cannot keep dogs as it is against the religion.This is most untrue,Islam only urge you to take care not to be smeared by the dog's saliva and if you did, to cleanse yourself.The Malays got confused between their culture and their religion.Not keeping dogs is a Malay culture, not Islamic prohibition.

The students should be removed and the workers should be sacked.The authority should not give in to this type of nonsense.

Mark said...


Yes, Sainsbury's is being bought out. In fact, I have something to post on that later today at my own website.

And yes, I agree with you that consumer choice can be powerful and effective. But only if people take the trouble to inform themselves, and are prepared to act.

The trouble is that many, many people take the line of least resistance. In so doing, they lose their power to effect change.

Mark said...

Hantu Laut:

Thank you for your well-reasoned argument. It's appreciated.

It's good to know that not all Muslims are as silly as those students who refuse to learn about alcohol-related and sexually-transmitted diseases.

No doctor can consider himself a proper doctor if he is not trained in the basics. And no doctor can be ethically sound if he refuses to treat people based on lifestyle choices.

Moreover, the whole system would grind to a halt pretty quickly if everyone started behaving in such a manner, since we all have our prejudices, and if we were allowed to act on them, there'd be utter chaos.

Anonymous said...

Sent these Muslim medical student back to the muslim countries to do their studies, they don't deserve to come to the west to learn.

Let them learn only in Muslim countries that will cater to their whim and fancies.

Close all medical courses to the Muslims unless they sign a declaration that they will observe all the rules in the western universities.

Mark said...


Sent these Muslim medical student back to the muslim countries to do their studies, they don't deserve to come to the west to learn.

No, they don't. And nor do they deserve to qualify as doctors, either. A doctor must be impartial in his treatment of ALL people.

Let them learn only in Muslim countries that will cater to their whim and fancies.

Yes, that would be the best for them.

Close all medical courses to the Muslims unless they sign a declaration that they will observe all the rules in the western universities.