Friday, October 19, 2007

Malaysia at the Crossroads

For some reason, the originator of this video is not allowing embedding. But for anyone that wants to know what is going on in Malaysia right now, or cares about the future of this country, should watch this excellent video right now. Go on...turn off the worthless crap on Astro and watch this 15 minute video.

Shalom and have a good weekend.


Anonymous said...

It's amazing how the hate speech of the mufti of Perak (towards the end of this video)isn't something that the government of M'sia would act upon to curb, apart from a brief questioning by the police over the recent SMS furore when the blame was cowardly passed on to one of his followers(a fanatical woman in chador).

The religious biasness is clear and ugly besides the racism carried in tandem.

Mark said...

I find this video very disturbing, since it demonstrates very graphically just what can happen to a country when Islam gets too strong.

This should act a rude awakening to all who view it. This could happen here in Europe and there in the US. If people think it couldn't, they'd be greatly mistaken. All it takes is sheer numbers.

It has recently been reported that the population of the UK is set to swell to 75m by the middle of the century. (Read the story HERE.)

Most of the increase in population will come from the immigrant community, i.e. the Muslim population. What do the authorities think this will do to the balance of political power? It is under circumstances such as these that the crossroads Malaysia finds itself in could be repeated in any Western nation.

It's enough to make a sane man lose sleep. It's a nightmare scenario. It's also the Dark Age of which I have written in my book.