Sunday, October 07, 2007

On this date in History

On this date, over 400 years ago, was one of the most glorious victories over Islam ever recorded in the annals of history.

On October 7, 1571 was the Battle of Lepanto, a crucial and decisive naval engagement off the coast of Greece between the forces of Christendom and the Islamic Caliphate (i.e. the Ottoman Empire). The Kuffar, led by Don John of Austria, smashed Ottoman naval power in the Eastern Mediterranean and deftly paried yet another Muslim thrust towards Europe.

Today, Don John's magnificent achievements over malignant forces are lost and forgotten. Surely, he deserves better than this.

Let us not forget our victories of the past. Islam can and must be defeated, not only through military means, but in all realms.

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Anonymous said...

Time for a writer to bring all these events back to life.