Friday, October 05, 2007

Hollywood's War on...what war?

One of Pedestrian Infidel's readers emailed this question:

I was curious about your thoughts on...Hollywood typecasting Arabs and Arab-Americans as terrorists.

I composed this reply:

My thoughts on this topic are, Hollywood can't type cast Arab Muslims as terrorists enough. Besides, it's overhyped as a 'problem'.

I think Hollywood's more insidious type casting is always making the US Government (or some 'disgruntled' or 'rogue' employee/agent[s]) out to be the ‘real’ bad guys. Syriana, Diehard 4, X-men 2, the list of movies that exemplifies this bad guy paradigm goes on and on. Even the recent movie on Daniel Pearl, a story about the horrific true-to-life torture and barbaric beheading murder of an American reporter in Pakistan, became just another pathetic cinematic exercise in asking typically pointless questions. Questions like "why do they hate us so much?" If you have to ask or wonder about such things, six years after 9-11, I sincerely suggest that you go and get your head examined. Common sense is in sadly short supply.

What a great number of people and I would really like to see from Hollywood is an unapologetically patriotic American movie where the US Government, the US Military, or just regular plain ole Americans do righteous battle with our Jihadist enemies...and kills them dead (preferably in large numbers). No apologies, hand wringing, or navel-gazing. I think there is a pent-up demand for these kind of movies in the US, a need that is easily overlooked and/or explained away by leftists, academics, journalists, and particularly, by those in Hollywood circles. Many if not most Americans are far more interested in dealing death to our enemies that wish us harm, rather than endure yet more critical self-examination that's usually in the offing at the movie theater on any given weekend.

After all, isn't there plenty of time for this sort of progressive mumbo jumbo later? In case some people haven't noticed, there's a war on, and it needs to be won.

There are many, many compelling stories of heroism that are being recorded or have taken place in Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere that would make outstanding movies. These stories are no secret, are open source, and are readily available for those willing to look around for them. But as these stories of courage and noble sacrifice do not fit the "we're losing badly" narrative that Hollywood and their leftie allies have settled upon, they are ignored. It's beyond disgusting.

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KG said...

What I find strange is that although there's undoubtedly a huge market for a patriotic movie just waiting to be tapped, nobody has funded it.
Why? Do the leftists have the distribution networks tied up?