Thursday, October 04, 2007

Peace has its price

The big news here in Korea this week is the 'inter-Korean summit' between the South Korean president and the leader of the Korean charter member of the Axis of Evil, Lil' Kim.

North Korea faces a harsh winter ahead. Its corrupt, incompetent dictatorship cannot provide its people even marginal levels of food and housing, and this year conditions will be even worse. Summer storms and floods wiped out homes or food supplies for several hundred thousand people up North. About 20 percent of the population will be dependent on foreign food aid to get it through the next six months. Despite the arrival of foreign food in the last month, there is still food rationing in many parts of rural North Korea. The 1990s famine killed about ten percent of the population, and it appears another famine, of similar proportions, is looming.

So, in essence, the so-called summit is really Lil Kim's chance to ask his South Korean brothers something like this:

"If you South Koreans can give a bunch of jihad-lovin' kidnappin' and murderin' ragheads in Afghanistan $20 million, surely you can give your poor, suffering, starving Korean brothers 10 times that figure, along with fuel oil, food, etc etc."

North Korea's version of peace certainly isn't for the budget-conscious.

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