Thursday, October 25, 2007

Submission is an Ugly Thing To See: Laura Bush in Abaya

Abaya, hijab, niqab, burga, pokesack, burlap bag, omar's tent store president sale, whatever..

Laura Bush In Saudi Arabia sucking it up with the Muslims. A 'gift' but they put it on her and made sure her ears were covered. At least they let her keep a little hair. Sick.

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Anonymous said...

Would they allow her to flash some cleavage? The mullahs might go bonkers. He he.

Anonymous said...

Shows off her cosmetic surgery quite nicely, poor old dear, as if living with George isn't enough he shuffles her off to glad hand his old buddies.

Anonymous said...

Laura goes down the idiotarian PC route trailblazed bt Pee-loose-si. Very disappointing.