Thursday, October 18, 2007

Two countries going in two directions

An educational study in contrasts.

This week CNN is running a special series of reports on South Korea and its advanced technologies.

On the other hand there's Pakistan, where a well-known politician returning from foreign exile was greeted in the usual Muslim way (i.e. with violence and explosions).


John Sobieski said...

That Islam is such a peaceful religion. Let's let more of them in!

That didn't take long. Pakistan has nukes on long range missiles and the government can change in a matter of days. Pretty dangerous world we live in, and our insane immigration policy and Bush's 'light unto the Muslim nation' quixotic crusade are going to make things worse.

Anonymous said...

China is next on the technological fast train. This is what countries can do when they don't allow tyrants and religious nonsense to sap their energies and resources.

Anonymous said...

Benazir returns to a different Pakiland ; her gift of the gab and earlier laissez-faire success with the islamists is not working anymore.

St Bernadette's prophecy on the destruction of Persia(Iran) made no mention as to who dropped that big nuke(or the number). Need it(they) necessarily have to come from the West?