Sunday, November 25, 2007

Another weekend, another police riot in Malaysia

Face it, it's not the British Government's fault that the Malaysians of Indian descent are in dire straits. Anyone recall the 'Merdeka' madness just a couple of months ago, when the number '50' was plastered on every flat surface in the country? That means the Brits have been gone for 50 years now. So continuing to blame problems on the former colonial masters is just not as convincing as it used to be. The Brits, in fact, took better care of the Indian labourers in Malaya than any BN government ever has.

So while I think HINDRAF's (Hindu Rights Action Force's) $4 trillion legal case against the British Government doesn't have any merit, that does not mean they don't have a right to protest. HINDRAF still should havethe freedom to march and beat their chests about their grievances,along with BERSIH and any other group of citizens. In Britain, the citizens there certainly have the right to peacably assemble and the British bobbies won't touch you while you do it. For instance, the Muslims in Britain take advantage of this freedom on a regular basis when they march to call for turning Britain into a shariah state. Even then, the British police stand around and do nothing. Can youimagine what would happen if any group marched in the streets of KL and called for the overthrow of the Government? Look at what the 'POLIS' do to peaceful assemblies now!

But in Malaysia, everyone knows how much 'freedom of assembly' there really is, despite what a silly piece of paper called the Federal Constitution says about it. The authorities are busily arresting, beating, and threatening everyone they can reach that's even had a thought of supporting HINDRAF. It's all for your own good, don't you see, all in the name of 'public security' and 'keeping harmony between the races.' All code phrases for the motley local gang of thugs and tyrants who go under the 'BN' moniker to keep power in perpetuity.

The real cause of 50 years of Indian poverty is not in London. Try looking at lot closer to home.

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Anonymous said...

They are asking the government of this country to respect the rights of the people who are discriminated in terms of employment and educational oppurtunities. These mass protest and the suit in England is to highlighting the plight of the marginalized indian community to the world.

Anonymous said...

look here for more pictures

Anonymous said...

Only 50 years and the tribal rules in Malasia is turning the countrys racial relationship to the dogs. What happens in another 50 years- asian apartheid?


najistani said...


Muslims seem to have an arrogant sense of entitlement, that the kuffars owe them a living.

We see this with the Mullahs who come uninvited into Britain to draw the dole, whose multiple wives and vast families are housed at public expense while all the time they are spewing venomous hatred at their benefactors. They are like loathsome parasitic worms excreting toxins into the body of their host.

Litigation jihad is another form of parasitism. Muslims sue employers who turn them down for jobs, and even when they are employed they demand special treatment and refuse to carry out certain parts of their work, then sue for discrimination when the employer complains.

But of course they are only following the example of their 'prophet', the worthless parasite Mohammed. Muslims regard Mohammed as the 'Perfect Man' whose example they try to follow in everthing.

Mohammed began his career as a toyboy kept by a rich widow. When the money ran out he took up looting, pillaging, highway robbery, slave-trading and extortion. He tortured people whom he captured in his ambushes to make them reveal the whereabouts of their hidden treasures.

In Islamic countries the Muslims have traditionally tried to avoid work. Until recently large numbers of slaves have been kept. Another source of income for the parasites is 'jizya', where kuffars pay the taxes and the muslims live off the benefits (sound familiar?).

In Malaysia, the "jizya" is disguised. It is called the "Bumiputra" ("Sons of the Soil"). By its terms, those who are Chinese or Hindus (i.e., non-Muslims) must include in all of their economic undertakings, as equal partners, Malaysian Muslims. So, for example, if two Malaysian Chinese were to open, say, an architectural office, they would have to take on as a full partner a Malaysian Muslim, who would receive a share even if he contributed little or nothing to the enterprise.

The Islamic religion is itself a parasite or mind-virus (the 'rabies of religions'). Islam draws on other religions to establish its credibility, yet violates the principles of its host religions. Thus Jesus is regarded as a prophet, but a second-rate one who brought an incomplete and corrupted message from Allah. Mohammed is the final 'seal of the prophets' who brought the correct and complete message in the form of the Koran.

Remember how Jesus effectively forbade stoning ("Let him who is without sin cast the first stone") ? Well Jesus, being an imperfect prophet was WRONG. Mohammed set things right when he reintroduced stoning and made it the major spectator sport in places like Iran that it continues to be till today.

The cult parasitizes the natural instincts of its followers by repressing their sexual urges and chanelling them into rage, fury and fanatical aggression.

Anonymous said...


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