Saturday, November 10, 2007

BERSIH March on KL 2007

Today Kuala Lumpur is seeing a huge protest march against the government, the largest in at least 10 years. Issues for the marchers range from corruption at all levels of government (especially in the police and judiciary), crooked elections, massive waste/fraudulent use of public funds, and growing Islamization of Malaysia's government, laws and culture.

It amounts to a massive show of public discontent with the overlords of UMNO, the party that has been in power for over 50 years. UMNO is scared. After seeing decades of their malfeasance, they should be!

Reports from KL today indicate that roadblocks are everywhere both inside and outside the city, traffic is a nightmare, and the police are on the streets in a massive show of force. I have even heard of rumors to the effect that the army has been called or will soon be deployed on the streets in KL, although I have NOT been able to confirm this yet. It's also too early to tell how many people will actually be able to show up at Dataran Merdeka, although the latest estimates put this number between 10 and 40,000.

This afternoon is seeing a lot of heavy tropical downpours in downtown KL, although I doubt this will deter most of the protestors. I am with the marchers in spirit, as my commitments in Korea prevent me from being in Malaysia at the moment.

So far the lines of communication (Internet and mobile phone networks) are still up and running, so I should be able to post more information here when it becomes available.

In the meantime, here are some BERSIH/protest related links:

UPDATE: Despite tear gas, water cannon (with chemical-laced water), the march was a success! Story here.


Anonymous said...

What an event it turned out to be - indeed the heavy downpour did not deter anyone from MARCHING all the way to the palace. It was awe inspiring to see people of different races and believes walking together supporting one clause.

Truly, today showed that we care for our future generation and that we love our country. I hope today gives us Malaysians a speck of hope in changing the wrongs in our country...


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