Sunday, November 11, 2007

Honoring Veterans for Veterans' Day 2007

Veterans' Day will come and go
Quicker than the blink of an eye
But memories of heroes present and past
Will never, ever die.

The youth of today, do you understand?
The price brave men did pay
To preserve the freedom we enjoy
Each and every day.

They were called to duty, and so they went
Not knowing what was to be
Many came home, some never did
They sacrificed so we could be free.

How lonely some must have felt
How scared some had to be
They paid the bill with their own blood
What a great cost to be free.

The heroes of our country
Are the ones who paved the way
For freedom and the many rights
That we enjoy today.

Next time, young folks, you pass someone
Who may be old and gray
Remember — thanks to him or her
You have your freedom today.

They may dress funny, not see as well
Walk a little slow
But they were young when duty called
And off to war did go

Brave men today are still at war
How scared some must be
How lonely some must feel inside
Paying the price to be free

You may dress funny, not hear as well
You drive your cars too fast
But remembers all those great brave men
Of present and of past.

So when you’re called to duty
Not knowing what is to come
Remember all those men before you
Who fought for our freedom.

Support our President, support our troops
Support our country, too
As they go fighting for what is right
For freedom the price is due.

Courtesy of the Atlantic News


Anonymous said...

At first, I was going to write something scathing and hateful, but individuals like yourself feed on hatred and ignorance. Suffice to say, people such as yourself are the reason that the rest of the world hates the US right now.

And no, I'm not Islamic, though I surely would choose that over an Evangelist anyday.

Anonymous said...

Then you deserve to endure the dissolution of every benefit the West and our heritage have given you, you clearly do not deserve to understand the facts before you so you are better in your state of ignorance.
I for one give thanks to the brave young men and women of America who saved my Europe from the bestiality of tyranny, and whose grand children may yet have to shed blood once more in future conflict, to save us from the new tyranny of Sharia that is growing around us.
It is you who dwell in ignorance, but that so obviously keeps you happy.
I hope you get your desire to choose what you desire and spend your life in regret and subjection.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like something out of a poorly written pulp novel. Don't quit you day job, which I'm sure is a rather mundane job given the uneducated nature of people such as yourself.

Anonymous said...

To the last anon, .. what a stuck-up prig you are.
You prefer to slate your Country rather than praise it, and you look down your nose at those people who work in what you consider a "lesser" profession than your own.
I wonder if you are an overpaid non productive staffer, or a under-worked beaurocrat whiling away your hours at taxpayers expense, or perhaps you stay rich by flouting the taxman and employing those lowly illegal workers you love so much.
You cannot rewrite history and you cannot negate sacrifice.