Saturday, November 03, 2007

"Malaysia Today" disappears

The new month has so proven to be very disappointing for anyone involved either in the counterjihad or in Malaysia's political opposition movement. The leading light of Malaysia's nascent political blogosphere, Malaysia Today (M-T), has been least for now.

Last Thursday on 1 November, the site was rendered inaccessible. By Friday, the M-T index page had been restored, but the individual articles had not. By Friday evening, the site had been more or less restored, but five days of articles and comments (including one of my own columns posted there) had been irretrievably lost.

Now the entire site, index page and all, has been hacked out of existence, despite M-T's elaborate defenses against such things.

Lacking any hard data, I can only surmise that hackers working on behalf or, or hired by the ruling party of the Islamic State of Malaysia-- i.e. UMNO-- are responsible. UMNO must have learned from their previous ham-handed attempts to sabotage Malaysia's number one website for opposition to their corrupt stewardship of the country. These hackers and their botnets have clearly succeeded this time where UMNO's previous hacking attempts failed.

The timing of this savage cyber assault is no coincidence, not with the biggest anti-government protest march in the history of the country scheduled to take place less than one week from today, at 3pm on 10 November at Dataran Merdeka (Independence Square) in downtown KL. M-T or no M-T, you can bet that the 'Yellow Wave' march planned for next weekend will go on.

Let's hope RPK has the heart, skills, and resources to restore M-T to its former glory. Otherwise, UMNO will have themselves another ill-gotten victory.

UPDATE: Malaysia Today is online, at least for now, as of Saturday evening Malaysian time. Keep your fingers crossed.

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Anonymous said...

Its not an anti government march. its a march for fair elections.

I mean the government is shite yes i agree but lets get the context of this march correct.