Monday, November 19, 2007

Serbia Warns of Kosovo Independence Through Internet Ads

Let's see. The Philipines are giving the MILF some islands. The Reconquista of America's Southwest is moving along nicely with Jorge's help. But Bush is working very very hard for jihad.... in Kosovo.

Bumped into this ad link today at Drudge Report. Take a look. Remarkably accurate about the folly of this clueless, evil administration.


That’s right, Kosovo.

The tagline is winded but appears to be the Serbian government who is putting up this ad banner. At least SOME leaders get it!


speechlessinEU said...

Thanks for the link, JS.
I think this runs very deep, and behind this Kosovo issue are British figures such as Lord Paddy (pantsdown) Ashdown, and other Liberal/Socialist conspirators.
They have had the ear of GW who has seen the political capital to be made out of an issue which is too removed from the US to influence public opinion.
However, as predicted by the Nato arch enemy, and public fall-guy, Milosovitch, this will lead to the unleashing of the silent Mudjhadeen
resting on their laurels in Kosovo area.
Once a converted Kosovo is given recognition by Europe and United Nations, these veterans of war in Afghan against the old Russian Soviet Empire will set about the next phase of the conquest of Europe, that is, the "radicalisation" of the existing floppy, fuzzy version of Islam practised by the non-Christian majority of this part of the old Christian Serbia.
Out will go the modern non hijab wearing fashions, the bars, the nightlife, the desire to be "European" and in will come the new Euro-Taliban.
From their protected center in Eastern Europe will spread the tentacles of further radicalization across the Muslim populations of Greater Europe, all the while protected by the falsely delusional concept "human rights" and multi-culturalism.
This time the players will be able to flex their military techniques and their undiluted form of coercion.
Europe will flounder at the scale of the problem, and the politicians will desperately try to cover up the truth, as they did so when they scape-goated Milosovitch at the Hague trials.
What Bush has not planned for, is the rise of a new Orthodox solidarity which will only firm up and become more active as these events unfold. At the hub of this old and implacable Christian brotherhood stretching from Greece
through Serbia and up into the old motherland, will be Russia, newly empowered and already rebuilding it's armed potential.
Bush will have helped the loony wankers of the socialist Europe wet-dream to light the fuse that will burn and smolder until Europe is alight once again, with the fires of war and civil-strife.
Will someone tie him up in a sack and drop him in the pond please?
He is carrying on the great work of the former Fuhrer of the Democraps,
Herr Clinton, who gaily bombed Serbia to the point of extinction to please his ultra left Liberal phalange and the restless leaders of the Muslim world, who had to be listened to since they enabled the first Gulf war.
And a nice poke in the eye it was, too, for the tatty old fallen Russian Bear.
Such taunts are not forgotten, and now we see Europe increasingly dependent on Russian gas and oil, the recent events in Russia's neighbours, and events such as the Litvinenko polonium escapade, which has left UK/Russian relations at an all time low.
The stage is set, the lights are up and we await the next scene of this tragi-comedy.
America Corporate , up there in the balcony seats, UK/Europe downstairs in the mid-seats and Serbia right there at the front. Quiet folks, the shows about to begin!

Anonymous said...

Your comments apply equally to Bosnia which is already stepping into it's bright European future.
The victory in past Centuries of European values over the Turko Caliphatic vision is being rapidly undone by these brainless morons to whom we entrust our future.