Wednesday, November 14, 2007

What It Is Like Living With Muslims in the West

This is so pathetic. Get rid of the Muslims and you get rid of the need to screen your citizens for explosives. Just stating the obvious.

Gordon Brown reveals 'Fortress Britain' plan
By Philip Johnston, Home Affairs Editor
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Train passengers face routine airline-style bag checks and body searches as part of a new counter-terror crackdown announced by Gordon Brown.

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Anti-terror admiral does U-turn on detention
Curb on cabin baggage to end in January
He conjured up visions of ''Fortress Britain" as he unveiled a succession of security measures at airports, railway stations, sports venues and other public places.

In 2003 tanks were deployed to Heathrow Airport because of a suspected plot to shoot down an airliner
There is also to be a huge "hearts and minds" drive aimed at diverting young Muslims away from the influence of fanatics.

The Prime Minister said a review of vulnerable buildings and crowded spaces like shopping centres had led to a rethink of the way they are protected.

More than 250 busy railway stations, airports and seaports as well as 100 "sensitive" installations like power stations and electricity substations will be given extra security.

This could include screening luggage at major stations like London King's Cross or Manchester Piccadilly using mobile checking devices that can be moved around the country.

More buildings will be defended by barriers to stop car bomb attacks, extra blast-proofing, vehicle exclusion zones and metal detectors.

advertisementNew security guidance is being sent out to sports venues, pubs, clubs and bars, shopping centres and tourist attractions together with thousands of cinemas and theatres, restaurants and hotels.

Advice will also be given to hospitals, schools and places of worship on how to keep visitors safe.

Some 160 counter-terrorism advisers will train civilian staff to identify suspect activity and ensure premises have adequate emergency facilities and make best use of their CCTV footage.

At the same time, however, restrictions on aircraft hand baggage - introduced after an alleged plot to blow up trans-Atlantic flights last year - are to be eased.

The one-bag limit and tougher screening of luggage will be progressively lifted, starting with several airports from Jan 7.

In a wide-ranging Commons statement, Mr Brown outlined elements of a new national counter-terrorist strategy being drawn up in Whitehall.

Extra protection for so-called ''crowded places" is planned following a review by Lord West, the Security Minister.

It was prompted by the summer terrorist attacks in London and at Glasgow airport.

Mr Brown said that no "major failures in our protective security" had been uncovered by Lord West's review.,,,,


Fidothedog said...

Yep, we have to put up with delays because those who cause terror - moslems - won't be racially profiled.

Mark said...

We Brits, the indigenous ones, are suffering because the powers-that-be have made the huge mistake of allowing all these people in.

They can't bring themselves to be politically incorrect and clip the Muslims' wings, so they have to clip our wings instead.

This is truly insane, and unjust. Let the people who cause the problems reap the whirlwind. That's what I say.

KG said...

And when the Brits come to their senses and begin stringing these primitives up by their necks, Brown and his ilk will wail and whine about vigilantism.
As though nobody could see the logical endpoint of this.

Mark said...


Have you read the latest on immigration? Check this out!

Always On Watch said...

The mental and financial gymnastics being used to attempt to justify keeping Muslims in the West are mind-boggling. All efforst are being made NOT to identify and solve the problem.

Anonymous said...

Yes, we can see our ancient freedom and heritage being sacrificed at the altar of the idolaters.
Milliband is even more of a craven capitulator than G Brown.
European Union seals the fate of independent European Nations, in the name of cheap jet-travel and freedom of movement of labor. (the new Roman slave market.)
The new Roman empire of pen-pushing bureaucrats, sucking the lifeblood of it's subject Nations, oblivious of the dam of hate building within those societies.
In the name of "human rights" all truly human characteristics must be eliminated by the new polit-bureau sitting in Brussels.
Melding both Cummunistic and Facist principals to enslave the individual in economic chains.

Anonymous said...

We are being readied for what the authorities know will inevitably happen.
They seek to limit the damage, and to build a political excuse, lest they are excused of failing to warn.

Pastorius said...

If the government will not work according to the will of the people, then the government is tyrranous. If the government is tyrranous, then it must be cast out.

There may have to be a revolution in some countries in the West.

Mark said...

Your words, Pastorius, are true.