Friday, December 28, 2007

Benezir Bhutto 1953-2007

It has been said that the first and foremost victims of Islam are Muslims themselves. No more pertinent a reminder of this tragic truth can be seen in the most recent assassination to strike the Muslim world.

The death of Benazir Bhutto in Pakistan, in a hail of AK-47 fire following one of her political rallies, is a senseless tragedy. The attack that claimed Bhutto's life (and at least 20 others) is sadly, only another bloody episode in the infamous Great Muslim Jihad. Al Qaeda has already claimed responsibility.

My thoughts and prayers are with Bhutto's family in this horrible hour. I can barely imagine their horror and grief. I can only hope that this act only harms the cause of the Jihadists who are (nearly) certainly the ones that plotted her murder.


Anonymous said...

Islam, the religion of death. The only religion that embrace killing and violence as essence of life. Sick. Leaders of this religion just keep quiet on this issue but they are very vocal on perceived slights like cartoons and teddy bears and allah's name.

European Kafir said...

Muslims take a big effort to prove again and again...that the word "peace" (salam) has another meaning in "muslimic terms" than in all other languages on this world. they claim (in WORDS) how peaceful islam is... and on the other hand... they contradict themselves by their own actions.
worst of all this is, that there are still (non-muslimic) people in this world... who believe in their (muslims) words and are blind and deaf regarding their (muslims) actions.
this is that real sad part about it.

Anonymous said...

This killing is madness, more sick is, the suicide bomber thinks he is martyre and on the way to heaven.

All these radical/hate preachings and indoctrinations in some religious schools and mosques are bearing fruit,they breed extremists.

Pakistan is in turmoil,even adoption of Sharia cannot solve the sectarian violence and islamist extremism.

John Sobieski said...

It is just another proof that America and the WEst needs to separate from Islam. Get the Muslims out of thw West and let them kill each other inside Dar al Islam.

Anonymous said...

Pakistan in trouble, it has changed from secular government to islamic state, military rule and now anarchy state.