Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas 2007

On behalf of the entire PI crew, I would like to wish everyone out there a very merry Christmas.

PI posts are usually about the madness and pain that Islam and its various minions have set loose upon our small planet. For one day, I am going to suggest we all try something different. For one day, let us try not to linger on the lunacy of Islam. Let us all, on this holy and blessed Christmas day, find some measure of peace, for ourselves and for those we care about. Give thanks to God or Whomever that we may believe in... give thanks that at least for this year and during this holiday season, we have our health, our wits, our friends, and especially, our families.

To fight the great fight, we should not forget the precious things that we are all fighting for.

God bless us all this Christmas season and in the tumultuous times that are sure to come.


Right Truth said...

Merry Christmas and thanks for all the great work you do through the year. Fighting Islamic terror is number one in my book, and you are one brave soldier.

Merry Christmas.

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year.

Anonymous said...

There are good muslims and bad one.The good ones want to alienate the bad one.They complain that it is not fair that the media use word like 'muslim extremists' because it implicate all.But on the other hand the islamists explicitly perpetrate criminal acts in the name of religion, so how?.

Be merry and ponder.

Anonymous said...

Benazir Bhutto rest in peace.
Now the truth is clear to see.
God cannot love murderous assassins.

Anonymous said...

Debbie, I asked Santa if you would fit in my Christmas stocking, alas, it was not to be.

Anonymous said...

So sad to hear on this joyous season - Bhutto murdered in Pakistan. Another feather in the cap for muslim fanatism and craze - killing their own bright light. At this moment, Musharraf is the sanest leader, if he can last.

Anonymous said...

This senseless killing of benazir Bhutto was shocking.

The moderate majority should speak up against violence and alienate the extremists.The ulamas should also condemn suicide bombing and refute this perverted ideology,so far the silence is deafening.

Emerson Twain said...

Thanks for all you do, here's wishing you a merry and blessed Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year to all your families and friends from Emerson Twain and his crew.