Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Cowed into silence by the 'Religion of Peace and Tolerance'

Members of the 'religion of peace' (actual name the Cult of Intimidation, Sadism, Lies, Aggression & Murder) are terrifying members of the counterjihad into silence. In recent days, that campaign of intimidation has hit PI hard.

In the past week, I've been asked to delete part of a former PI member's testimony, delete a comment, and a long-time link in our sidebar. I personally find it galling to be asked to do such things, but I did them anyway. For the privacy and safety of the blogger in question, I shall not disclose the name of the blog that was deleted.

I hate few things more than being asked to censor our own material. Censoring our material gives our enemies a bloodless win, and brings "The Dawning of a New Dark Age" a small step closer.


Anonymous said...

Why are you kow-towing to the barbarians? How can they force you to do this??

Anonymous said...

The Hajj pilgrimage is Islam’s most sacred ritual, a chance for the pious and devout to demonstrate their commitment to peace and tolerance and love.

Oh, and by the way, “Death to America.”:

Iranians Chant "Death to America" & "Death to Israel" at Hajj Ceremony in Saudi Arabia

Anonymous said...

The Peace Of Death (POD)

Anonymous said...


KG said...

So--why did you do it?

Anonymous said...

Yeah? Why?

Anonymous said...

deed and actions not match by words,yeah even holy pilgrimage, they shout threatening slogans! however i think vulgar/derogatory remarks need to be censored/depleted.Blog forum is for intellectual discourse.

Anonymous said...

however i think vulgar/derogatory remarks need to be censored/depleted
I think it would depend on the context.
So you think what muslims term as `islamophobia` should be made a criminal offence?

Anonymous said...

Among the supposed anti-Muslim hate crimes sweeping the nation are death threats, a claim that has a habit of popping up whenever criticism is directed toward high-profile Muslim groups or individuals. It seems awfully coincidental that, following the announcement of Savage’s lawsuit, the FBI began investigating a death threat claim brought by Basim Elkarra, director of CAIR’s Sacramento chapter, which he insists resulted from the public feud. Strangely enough, Elkarra also reported a death threat after Sen. Boxer, as mentioned above, rescinded his award. While the basis for Elkarra’s current claim remains to be seen, such threats are in fact a hazard of public life and aren’t necessarily the doing of one’s political opponents. The truth of the matter is that those who dare to critique Islam — Muslims and ex-Muslims among them — are themselves most at risk of death threats in the current political and religious climate.


Anonymous said...

not only infidels are intimidated and threaten, believers seen as 'lesser muslims' are also been targeted and intimidated, going by its 'takfiri' philosophy.

Anonymous said...

I am a middle eastern Christian.

Everywhere I go, I am constantly told "you should not eat pork"

I ask these people why? And they say "because you are a muslim"

To which I respond "No I am not."

These people then respond, "Oh, but you look like a muslim."

To which I ask "Why, does it look like I have a tail?"

Anonymous said...

The seven adventist of christian sect also do not eat pork because they follow the old testament.They consider pork 'unclean'. This is spiritual definition,(check how they define 'unclean' in leviticus,bible) however most think it is physically unclean, they think pig carry disease,this cannot be true because other animals/birds like horse,cow,chickens are also capable of carrying diseases.