Sunday, December 23, 2007

Happy Jihadin' Christmas, Charlie Brown


Anonymous said...

How can anyone not say that Islam is a beautiful religion, a religion of peace?

Always On Watch said...

I've seen this satire before--a few times. It makes me smile everyt time. Hehehe.

Merry Christmas to all here at PI.

young_activist said...

You seem to single out conservative Muslims and paint them as the enemy in the struggle against terrorism when in reality the struggle for peace is a struggle against the root of the problem, conservatism. Whether in America, Israel, Pakistan, Arabia, or Iran conservative thought is a dangerous threat to world peace and is also the root of all ideological evil from the Crusades to Hitler to 9/11.

Anonymous said...

Catch this:

Anonymous said...

young_activist is right that he is too young. The current world problem is islamic holy terror - not christians/buddhists whatever.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

young activist

you are half right,conservatism might be a nuisance to some but the main problem is, certain religious groups want to impose the value/religious law on others and they want to do it through legislation.Look! There are many conservative groups in US but as long as they mind their own business,that's no problem.

Anonymous said...

After not showing it for a year, Palestinian Authority TV has resumed regular broadcasts of the video above, showing a young woman being cruelly shot down by wicked Zionist soldiers, being transformed into a heavenly maiden in the company of other equally beautiful young women, and ultimately greeting a new shahid after he, too, is shot down by the vicious Israelis. Now, why would they be showing this so often these days?

"Virgins of Paradise - music video returns to PA TV," by Itamar Marcus and Barbara Crook for Palestinian Media Watch

Anonymous said...

Philippines: "Christmas Day" jihadist an envoy from Egypt's Al-Azhar University

Mussa, identified by Philippine police as Mohamad Sayed, was arrested during a raid on a flat in the Majad Islamic School in the southern city of Cotabato.
An explosive device fashioned from a 60-millimetre mortar round and ball bearings attached to a timing device were recovered from his room.

theresnoexcuse said...

Was Mrs. Bhutto gunned down and blown up because she had promised to deal with the Islamic extremist problem in Pakistan, because the Madrassas are conservative? Or was she conservative for wanting to spread democracy?
In Europe and Britain especially, why do Muslims want to upset and antagonize secular society by wearing conservative Pakistani clothes, beards and burkhas, jilbabs and all the other paraphernalia of that region, when, in Pakistan, the majority of women prefer to adopt less conservative dress and attitudes?
Just who are the conservatives?
And why?
I see no certainty in these beliefs, only confusion and a desperate attempt to prevent others having the freedom to choose.
Can anyone really be proud of what has happened to such a public figure, and a woman and mother at that?
Let alone the thousands of anonymous victims that are unknown to the wider world.
Only the most primitive of savage minds can believe that God wants to see this kind of brutality.
If God wants to take life, he does so by many means, he needs no help from the human race.
These wicked deeds are beyond forgiveness.
As the assassin killed himself, and many other innocents, just moments after he shot Benazir Bhutto, whose soul would ascend to heaven, and whose soul would fall into the fiery pit of hell?
Does it really need a religious scholar to work that one out?
Do we not all possess a conscience, the innate ability to distinguish good from evil?
It seems not.