Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Islam in France: In Memory of Ilan Halimi

Mark Alexander (Hardback)
Mark Alexander (Paperback)


Anonymous said...

Mark, what a contrast between La belle France and the ol' U.K.
When Britons are kidnapped in the name of Islam, the Brits are kept in the dark, and no eyelids are batted.
When a silly Brit teacher wanders abroad and falls into a political trap set by the evil Sudanese Islamic regime, to help cover up their despotic killings of their own people, no one gives a monkeys, except the Press, who thankfully keep it to the fore.
Instead we see the spectacle of two Moslem Labour Party Peers go cap in hand to join in the game of charades set up with the dear old Sultan in Khartoum. Better Ms. Gibbons had languished in some dungeon to reveal the real state of affairs.
Where were these Peers when it comes to pleading with the Sultan to stop the horrid war of Arab Muslim against African Muslim and tribal Africans?
Sitting in the House of Lords collecting their per Diems from the Public purse!
Where was Milliband and the other Labour Trotskyite dreamers?
Where was the Foreign Office?
(Up there own prodigious backsides.)
Where was the SAS?
(Well they were caught up in Iraq, trying to track down the aforementioned kidnappers and so many other tasks.)
Where was the Royal Navy?
(Waitng for some new ships to be built, having been defeated by this putrid stinking barrel of haddock that have destroyed Jolly Jack Tar when both the Spanish Armada and Das Reich could not.)
Where was the Royal Air Force?
(Spread out between so many countries with aging equipment, risking their lives for the sake of Labours "foreign policy." Oh, and training the Saudis in how to use our lovely new Typhoon Eurofighter which is more likely to be used by an Arab government than our own. (Against Europe maybe?! A very apt name in that respect.))
What's this got to do with France?
Well at least the French get out on the streets and make their feelings known to their Government.
The last time that happened here was during the anti-Poll tax-riots.
That is if you don't count the burning down of a sizable chunk of Bradford by mobs of Moslem youths.
La difference, is perhaps the way Britain has allowed full access and economic integration of the newer-comers and their offspring. In Britain these young people can take full advantage of everything that is available, and do so both legally and illegally.
There are many property millionaires, many successful businesses, and whole towns and areas of cities which have become more or less self perpetuating and are heading inevitably towards self-government!
Now, with that success, we see them turn away from our system that has offered them all the benefits of the modern economic world and turning their backs on their "Brutishness" as they don the Arab head-gear and take on the panoply of Islamic appearances which their fathers cared not to do.
In contrast, in France, where the people are much less inclined to accept "the foreigner," being seconds only to the Japanese in insularity, the tendency has been to allow the newcomers from North Africa to agglomerate in State social housing, the ballneu as they say, where by and large, these youngsters have remained deprived of the benefits that their UK cousins have indulged in.
Strange then, it would seem, that beneath the surface, the problem remains the same.
In the UK, the possibility of street-insurrection remains as a covert possibility, a fear in the bowels of government and the police, that they can only deal with by oppression of any who speak out against this mycellium of
civil unrest, growing within the darkness of our ignorance, and continued appeasement of the angst of this growing section of the population, which also indirectly fuels and attempts to suppress the growth of radical opposition, such as the British National Party, or right wing Conservatism.
In the UK Bradford riots, and on the streets of France, we see the end result of past political decisions, and current political indecision.
We see a weak and shaky set of political figures, concerned mainly with the preservation of their jobs and the deference of any actions to actually deal with the growing unrest which like that mycellium, erupts at night, it's fruiting body being the burned out ashes of the symbols of modern life and status quo wealth.
The smouldering wrecks of cars, the odd dead body, the injured security personell, the imposssibilty of resolution of this spreading social fallout, no less deadly than the nuclear fallout that Al Quaeda sympathisers are so desperately planning for the streets of London. (As reported by our Security chiefs.)
Where will it all end?
Do I need to think for you? No, I don't think so.

Always On Watch said...

The other day, I got into a dispute with a commenter (not at my site) over the rise of anti-Semitism in Europe. Despite my using the most neutral sources I could find, he disbelieved me. Then, along came a French commenter to put the other commenter in his place.

My point? We're seeing again the rise of anti-Semitism, just as the world saw in the 1920s and 1930s, setting the stage for the rise of another dictator like Hitler. At least, that's my opinion.

Mark said...

No Man's Ridler:

Where will it all end?

No good place. That's where! We have been shoring up problems for ourselves for a long time now. The sh** will hit the fan sooner or later. I wonder how many excuses will be made for the barbarians then; and by whom?

Mark said...


We're seeing again the rise of anti-Semitism, just as the world saw in the 1920s and 1930s, setting the stage for the rise of another dictator like Hitler.

We are certainly witnessing the rise of anti-Semitism again, just as we did in the 20s and 30s. As you say, the stage is being set for the rise of another dictator. But it won't be so easy for another dictator to gain power today, since so many barriers have been put in place to stop such an event. But this still does not make the rise of a dictator impossible, by any means.