Thursday, December 20, 2007

JihadJerk Haneef Gets to Come Back to Australia

What is it with the West? Have we lost all sense of sovereignty and right to choose our guests on any grounds or suspicions? Now Haneef is the brother of that jihad clown that drove the jeep into the airport but didn't rack up any infidels. Oh and he'll get back to Oz when he finishes the Hajj. Presumably the Saudis rewarded him, maybe he'll get an award at some fancy 'jihad by cleverness' banquet After all, there are many ways to fight the jihad, confusing the infidel, taking advantage of his liberal sickness - judge not any action, anything. Drain the infidel's treasure. These liberal judges will see to that. Hey it works great in Eurabia!

What a joke on Oz.

Haneef wins Australia visa appeal

An Indian doctor briefly charged over failed bomb attacks in the UK in June has won a court battle to return to Australia on a work visa.
The Federal Court of Australia dismissed an appeal by government lawyers against a judge's decision to restore Mohamed Haneef's visa.

Ex-Immigration Minister Kevin Andrews revoked the former Gold Coast Hospital registrar's visa on character grounds.

Dr Haneef was accused of links with failed attacks in London and Glasgow.

The decision by the former immigration minister to cancel the Indian doctor's visa was quashed by a federal court judge in August.

Second government defeat

Government lawyers then appealed the decision to the full bench of the court but lost the case on Friday morning.

2 July: Arrested in Brisbane
14 July: Charged with providing "reckless support" to terrorism
16 July: Granted bail, but kept in custody after work visa revoked
27 July: Charges dropped
29 July: Returns to India
21 Aug: Court overturns government visa decision

The BBC's Phil Mercer in Sydney says it is still not clear if Dr Haneef will be able to reclaim his work permit as the government still has the option of appealing to the High Court of Australia.

Dr Haneef was arrested on 2 July at Brisbane International Airport and held for several days before being charged with giving "reckless support" to terrorism.

But the case against the 27-year-old father-of-one collapsed and he flew out of Australia back to India on 29 July. He has consistently denied any wrongdoing.

The Australian government cancelled Dr Haneef's work visa after a magistrate granted him bail, then refused to reinstate it when charges against him were dropped.

He is currently visiting Saudi Arabia for the annual Muslim Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca.

Dr Haneef is the cousin of Sabeel Ahmed, one of three people charged in the UK over the failed attacks.

Mr Ahmed's brother, Kafeel, was the driver of a jeep which crashed into Glasgow Airport in flames on 30 June. He died from his injuries in August.


Anonymous said...

Good article, RPK questions the existence of religion. I like reading PI but I'm more of an atheist now.

Anonymous said...

people getting phobia and insecure, can't blame them because they are not able to differentiate between ordinary muslims and islamist extremists, they can appear pious with their skull cap and beard,can be modern looking with professional background or the dispossessed.However, the abovemention could also be peace loving citizen.Discriminating the innocent is a sin,but not identifying an extremist with evil intent is also a sin, real dilemma.

Anonymous said...

Not exactly a jerk, but Rudd had just finished stoning the devil so it is the Eid-iot.

Anonymous said...

BBC announce the return of the three unwise men from Guanto to UK and say they "arrived home."
Home? They were never British citizens, but had taken advantage of what they were offered and had their families here.
Though they were all supposedly poor refugees, somehow they had enough cash and resources to get picked up on the Afghan borders,by the US, and one in Africa.
Nice place for your holidays? On Social Security?
Now Brits must pay the price as yet another freedom goes down the pan, as we will now have to fill in a 50+ question survey, each time we enter or exit our own bloody country, thanks to arses like this.
To make matters worse, their "human rights" lawyers, (supported by public money, whinged on about them being tortured and mistreated in Guanto, and to cap it all the snivelling creepy old actress Vanessa Redgrave, sobbed her crocodile tears as she stumped up 50000 bail bond for one of them, and she had the gall to say he had been in a concentration camp!
With sick Western Liberal twits like these, who needs enemies?
You are right about Liberalism.
It spreads like a viral disease, such as AIDS, except brain to brain, and does not necessarily involve sex!

Anonymous said...

I came across this article, showing even more dhimmitude.

Anonymous said...

a bunch of voodoo inspired goons throwing stones at black walls. they should throw at some devils amongst them.

Anonymous said...

Ah, but then the devil gets angry and the stone throwers die in their hundreds.

Anonymous said...

Here is a strange show out of the UK. Non Muslims try to live like Muslims for three weeks. They call the show "Make me a Muslim"

It was on Channel Four

Here are the episodes as you can get them on youtube.

Episode 1 Part 1 of 5

Episode 1 Part 2 of 5

Episode 1 Part 3 of 5

Episode 1 Part 4 of 5

Episode 1 Part 5 of 5

Episode 2 Part 1 of 5

Episode 2 Part 2 of 5

Episode 2 Part 3 of 5

Episode 2 Part 4 of 5

Episode 2 Part 5 of 5

Episode 3 Part 1 of 5

Episode 3 Part 2 of 5

Episode 3 Part 3 of 5

Episode 3 Part 4 of 5

Episode 3 Part 5 of 5

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah. Saw that. The last video part 4 is interesting, they finally find it a no no like. I like that scene of the fat blog who don`t give no shit about the mullahs at the pig pens.

Anonymous said...

It is irony that muslims started migrating to Europe,US,also australia in the 60s because they were persecuted back home in their own motherland.They laud about islamic nations but tell me how many are migrating to country like Iran.This is real paradox.

Anonymous said...

I'm waiting for the balancing show, where the muslims go to live with the Brits, and start eating pork, getting rat-arsed down the pub, and start reading the mags from the top-shelf, cut off their beards, and start wearing mini-skirts.
And thats just the men!
Of course it will never happen and TV companies only pick on silly ideas like this because they have run out of crap to fill the schedules.
I saw this prog. and it was an insult to both sides and totally pointless.
Cheap laughs and not even half as good as "Celebrity get me out of here," stick with "Strictly Come Dancing."