Thursday, December 13, 2007

Kazi Mahmood takes on the Anti Jihadist

Earlier this week I posted my review of Muslim 'scholar' Kazi Mahmood's latest anti-American diatribe called 'USA Above The Law'.

Well, the author of the aforementioned tome has apparently stopped smacking his head into the floor at his neighborhood mosque long enough to stop by PI, and leave some 'fawning' remarks.

Let's have a look, shall we?

Hi infidel,

What a name you gave yourself. In the mean time, thank you very much for your valued comments. I really appreciate them so much that I will put the story you wrote on my own harm done! This will surely teach you that Kazi is a journalist and fears no truth but Allah. (Ed- emphasis added)

Kazi sets a new world speed record for how fast one can make a factual error in a comment--he thinks my name is 'Infidel'. For your information, Mr Mahmood, there is no one at this site who writes under the name 'infidel.' My blogging name, for your information, is and has always been 'the Anti Jihadist'. If that's too long for your addled thinking processes, Kazi, 'AJ' is also acceptable.

In case anyone wasn't sure what site this is, like Mr. Kazi, 'Pedestrian Infidel' is the name of this website ( I thought the big banner at the top of the page made that quite clear), NOT of any of the individuals who blog here (the top of the sidebar explains who our team members are very clearly). But let's be fair. These distinctions are probably too fine for our esteemed visiting Muslim 'thinker' to understand.

And another thing...the self-admitted member of the Religion of Fear likes to refer to himself in the third person in his own writing, more than once. Aint that a kick in the head?

Otherwise, what you say about Kazi is not necessarily true as it feels and weights that of an ignorant who do not really know what to say about Kazi but to show hatred and a real psycho attitude to 'character assassinate' a writer.

You should take time and be patient while reading my stories rather than being a jack ass and criticizing without thinking.

Having dispensed with his faux courtesies of his first paragraph, Kazi immediately gets to work mudslinging, name-calling and using pejoratives like they're going out of style. This is nothing more than the hallmarks of a writer whose rhetorical cupboard is as barren and lifeless as the desert where Islam first sprang itself upon an unsuspecting world.

Besides, the U.S.A. is a real danger under G.W. Bush the monkey. Yes he believes he is from monkeys...naturally speaking! You can't blame Muslims for reacting to the perverse anti-Islamic agenda set by the Neocons and the Bush administration. You cannot be that ignorant to be 100% on the side of the U.S.A. without even thinking of the bad this country is doing to the world!

Reading this sort of, ahem, 'thinking' is like watching a building burning down in your neighborhood. Horrifying and somehow morbidly fascinating at the same time.

Come on, be realistic. Rather than doing a Kazi bashing, you would be better off appreciating the efforts that I am making as writer to tell the Americans that they are wrong and they should change. Change course now before it’s too late and causes too much damage to humanity. This is what the book "The U.S.A. above the Law" is about.

Name-calling and also beseeching us to 'be realistic' at the same time. What chutzpah, Mr Kazi.

Bear in mind, dear readers, at no time in my book review did I stoop to Kazi's level and make personal attacks. Instead, I opposed Kazi's arguments with carefully marshaled information designed to show the fallacies of his pathetic 'the US is the root of all evil' thesis. Kazi can counter nothing that I've written about earlier and, in essence, has tacitly admitted the veracity of my facts by totally ignoring them. All he can do in his defense is whine and complain of 'Kazi' bashing.

You would do yourself a favor to promote the book and buy a copy for yourself for what is inside this book will make you change your mind in your blind, irrevocable and stiff support for a jack ass low IQ slow talker man called George Bush Jr.

No thanks, Mr Kazi...I have much better places to spend my money than to waste it on logic-free drivel like yours.

Yet again Kazi makes another typical Muslim error, namely by claiming that, in effect, "Anyone who is pro USA is automatically pro Bush." Wrong again, sir. If there is any pro Bush sentiment on Pedestrian Infidel, I have yet to find it...and I'm one of the site admins. PI has taken Dubya to task any number of times for his stances on illegal immigration, his ill advised 'light unto the Muslim' projects in Iraq and elsewhere, and his stunning ignorance of Islamic ideology in general. And we don't just pick on Shrub junior, either, when it comes to Western leaders.

But what else can we expect from Muslim writers like Kazi? Don't expect these people to do anything even remotely resembling fact checking. Rather, he's much more interested in hurtling accusations and conducting his scholarly jihad.

So, who is worse? The jihadists who actually trigger their suicide bombs? Or the men like Kazi, who excuse, minimize, and glorify such wanton murder and mayhem in the name of his Allah?


Anonymous said...

The Paki Kazi was the one who started the rumor that the mossad were responsible for Sept.11. He did it in Pakistan.

Btw, with all the banging on the floor 5 times a day it`d obvious his frontal lobe is squished in. I wonder if an indentation marks the spot.

KAZI The term Qazi means the man who conducts marriage and give his verdict on various issues like the rest of the loonies. Pakistan is a nestbed of terror on account of these loonies.

Anonymous said...

There is a saying which the Paki could well understand:

Mussulman ka batcha kabhin nahin satcha
(A muslim can never tell the truth)

Anonymous said...

The paki`s own country is in a mess. I wonder if he uses a toothpick to beat his wife.

Anonymous said...

First of all, I am not paki. Dats where u white men go wrong.

Next, A-jihad, ur mistaken...n confused. what a silly name for a blog: infidel. U might as well call it zionist, coz if am not mistaken, ur jew. A Jew is 'supposed' to be a nicer person, more intelligent which your not yet you are Jew.

Ur afraid to post your real name or location...that is not Jew! That is strangely the act of a person in fear of his/her own shadows, am I not right?

About 'A Muslim can never tell the truth', you should rephrase it to "a Jew will never tell the truth' which is more appropriate!

If you are not Jew, then you are truly an infidel. Which in Judaism, means a traitor to Yehova. R u a traitor to Yehova? Or Yahve?

Finally, before I go do my best work, I did not attack you with slander. You seem to be confused in understanding slander and mud-slinging...I mistreated Bush (He deserves no better) and since you are not his admirer (I stand corrected) then, you should clearly join the Muslim reverts then only you will get the light of the truth in your heart to guide you in doing a much better job than being anti-Muslim and anti-Islam. Coz this does not benefit you an iota my friend! It does not at all!

Chiao Pantin

Kazi Mahmood

cjk said...

'Muslim thinker'is an example of an oxymoron but Kazi Mahmood is just a plain ol' moron.

cjk said...

'Muslim thinker' is an oxymoron and K Mahmood is just a plain ol' moron.

Anonymous said...

Kazi Mahmood you are even more than an idiot. I (not the blog writer) called you a paki. A google search gave me the information that you started the canard about the jews being responsible for sept.11 through an article you wrote in a paki paper.

The other thing you are as that favorite saying in the TV series `Mind your language` the son-of-a-dog. You deserve it with your vituperatives. In punjabi it would be `kutha dha batcha`.

You do not know what comments are. Too much koran in you makes you a dull boy. You silly fart of a mussulman (ooo hate that if you will).

Of course a muslim never tells the truth. It`s taqiya crap all the way. Just as that idiot Bush believes in that rubbish religion of peace.

Best joke on you mossies is that you are reincarnated as dung eating rats in the sewers of karachi. Your prophet has made rats out of you.

Now let`s have another of your jihad-al-nafas and jihad-al-qalam. I dare you to say there`s no such thing.

Anonymous said...

This is the prophet`s rat at work:

According to Sayed Abdullah, who operates an intelligence services firm in Indonesia, “It is clear that the CIA and the Mossad have infiltrated such organizations [Jemaah Islamiyah, Hamas, and Hezbollah].” Abdullah told Kazi Mahmood of IslamOnline the he believe it “is obvious the CIA and the Mossad, assisted by the Australian Special Action Police (SAP) and the M15 of England, are all working towards undermining Muslim organizations in an attempt to weaken the Muslims globally.”

Mussulman lies spread by the nazi kazi.
Why buy his stupid crappy book when reading Dune Series is more informative.

Anonymous said...

Can a muslim be a thinker? No way. The only thinking they can do is try to interpret their nonsense in that mythologigical koran and portray it as original. like shakespeare was a muslim.

Kazi oh kazi you follow the path of the tyrant prophet into that hell of fire. Repent. Give up the evil you propagate lest you are doomed for all eternity. Revert to the faith of your ancestors even if it were druidism or paganism and save your soul.

Look at your brethren dying all over the world like flies. All doomed to eternity. Leave your parasite mullahs who contribute nothing to mankind.

Anonymous said...

Ur afraid to post your real name or location...that is not Jew! That is strangely the act of a person in fear of his/her own shadows, am I not right? - kazi the nazi
My name is joginder singh. I think you are an idiot kazi.
Please look in a dictionary what comments mean. And the idiot wants us to read his book.

Anonymous said...

The editor of the on line magazine worked for the BBC radio Network Africa in the 1980's. He was then using the pen name Mahmood Kazi and was also correspondent to at least 3 African magazines based in London. His career as a journalist extends over a 24 years span, since he started writing for the magazines as early as 1982. Born in 1959 at Benares street, Port Louis on the Island of Mauritius – situated in southern Indian Ocean. Married and has a son who is now 9 years old. His son is a Malaysian citizen.

Haha malaysian? The country where:

Police report over Fatwa

09 December, 2007

Kota Kinabalu: A police report has been lodged against Sabah Mufti, Datuk Haji Ahmad Alawi Haji Adnan for issuing a "fatwa" (religious decree) that forbids religious statues or replicas of human and animals in public places close to the road

Anonymous said...

Haha. Mauritius is where no other religion than Islam may be practised.
These fanatics should revert to hinduism so they can start thinking.

Anonymous said...

Muslim idiot (thinkers):

Interviewer: Some geologists and environmental scientists say that the earthquakes that recently struck Jerusalem and the Dead Sea are artificial earthquakes, caused by the occupation forces, in an effort to destroy the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque. Is there any evidence of this?

Ahmad Abu Halabiya: The truth is that some of these earthquakes may be artificial, while others are natural. What is dangerous is the excavations underneath Al-Aqsa Mosque and the network of tunnels that was built. These have begun to threaten the foundations of the Al-Aqsa Mosque. Therefore, any earthquake – whether natural of artificial – measuring more than 5.5 or 6 on the Richter Scale will definitely have an impact, unless Allah decrees otherwise. This will have an impact on the foundations of the Al-Aqsa Mosque. This is where the danger lies, whether the earthquake is artificial or natural. In any case, it is not impossible for the Jews to generate an artificial earthquake one way or another, in order to accomplish their goal of destroying the foundations of the Al-Aqsa Mosque, as a step towards the construction of their false temple, God forbid.

ArloRay said...

Hello Infidel! I think your name is just fine. I am an infidel too. I am also a full time pedestrian. I am also evil and a white male.

"Pedestrian Infidel" is more user friendly if you ask me.

Don't know Kazi but someone should let him know..."WE ARE THE LAW!"

Atleast until the US $ collapses.

Hhmmm...Merry Christmas.

wits0 said...

cjk : "'Muslim thinker'is an example of an oxymoron"

Oxymoronic, like doing islamic studies to think. But smart enough to just instigate others and last to strap on a suicide belt, if ever.

Anonymous said...

Anon; please do not insult dogs by comparison with this illiterate.
Dogs are one of the finest creatures GOD ever created.
Bad dogs are caused by mens bad influence. Bad men are created by other bad mens influence as well.
Do yourself a favour, Kazi, make friends with a good Rottweiler!
By the way, "Kazi" is British slang for "shithouse" aka, toilet or crapper, so a change of name will be appropriate, or maybe not.
The most faithful of creatures to man.

wits0 said...

Kazi fears no truth but Allah?

God is a Concept ; if He has to be feared, you can bet that's the Devil in disguise. Worshiping in fear is not worship. It's gotta be the highest madness and evil. Commonsense understanding of a studied infidel.

Anonymous said...

I got 2 mongrels. One is called `Al` the other is `Mo`.
Paki Kazi is well advised to fear them.

FFT said...

This Kazi Mahmood of World Futures is the same Kazi Mahmood who was the editor in chief of the official publication of the Organization of Inbred Cunts (OIC).

His background is quite interesting, including a short stint at an Islamist militant training camp at Libya. The unwritten story behind why he is in Malaysia and not in his home state of Mauritania has plenty to do with that stint in Libya. Perhaps his "truth of Allah" cannot withstand a crackdown from the Mauritian government.

Malasia, as you would all also know, is friendly territory for Islamist terrorists worldwide. Including a few of the 9/11 sandmonkeys.

FFT said...

Correction: Mauritius, not Mauritania.

BravoTango said...

How appropriate and eye-opening to see the star of david over the stars and stripes and others on left of homepage. Speaks volume to those who are not hood-winked and suckered.

Remember we used to have words like 'kikes' and 'gooks'? Now the kikes and gooks are coining words like ragheads and sanddiggers.

The 'shitty little country' according to one French Ambassador, has certainly comes a long way.

Clarity said...

Please take a look at this website. It gives you absolute clarity why things are as they are today. Read from start to finish.

human said...

This Kazi guy is a typical example of an exemplary muslim. One who defends islam blindly, takes offence in a nanosec, and will quite happily blow non-muslims up for naming a teddy "mohamed".
In effect, he's a "good" muslim.
Bad muslims think, comment, dissect, discuss, the quran & then burn it. That book shouldn't see the daylight.... so full of violence & hatred towards non-muslims.
Does anyone ever wonder why we can't ilicit the same response from members of other religions ?
islam is no religion, it's a cult. ol' mo' used the old/new testament to "create" the quran & in it, conveniently added things to justify his bloodthirst, sexual desires & self glory.
I say just nuke 'em.

Anonymous said...

When you were born you were given a book, a story book. Your life has since then live based on that belief that was written and translated as the truth.

Any other thing you see with your eyes is known as untruth, for your mind is already blind and blinded forever, you were born as a muslim to suffer in this life while you live and die as you suffer in the next. Unless your mind can be unblocked, you will remain in the hell realm mind.

Do you understand how you have betrayed your right thinking mind, your commonsense?

The basic WISDOM comes with your commonsense or if you like to call whatever it is, religion of god and so forth is poison to your untamed mind, violence and killing becomes your religion. So what is god equates to?

Sad you people who choose to live based on belief, religion of fear.

"Wisdom Does Not Grow If the Mind Wavers
One of unsteady mind,
who doesn’t know True Dhamma,
who is of wavering confidence
wisdom fails to win."

Explanation: If the mind of a person keeps on wavering, and if a person does not know the doctrine, if one’s enthusiasm keeps on fluctuating or flagging,, the wisdom of such a person does not grow.

Anonymous said...

Kazi, u r not alone. You hit them real hard and those jokers only talk nonsense. They are just ignorant and dumb. Their comment make me laugh which reveal their stupidity. Now I know, how stupid the jokers like Anti Jihadist.

www.faithfreedom.Org said...

Don't talk cock. Go here and take the challenge if you dare:

Anonymous said...

You gain nothing talking to jokers. Let them be ignorant and foolish...... They will suffer(in hereafter) severe punishment forever... Burnt in the hell. To me this website faithfreedom is rubbish with no intellectual value. Only stupid idiot thought it's an argument for challenge. That's why only jokers subscribe to those website. Sorry to say this...

The Anti-Jihadist said...

Talk sense to a fool and he calls you foolish.

— Euripides

Anonymous said...

Kazi, u r not alone.
Of cors he`s not. The others are queued up to be reborn as fleas on rats

You hit them real hard and those jokers only talk nonsense.
Yup. And kazi, you n your islamic brotherhood are the butt of jokes. Even your moon god allah and his dog mo laugh at you.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to say this...
Haha. You will be a whole lot sorrier soon. Remember Dec. 23 many more mohammedans could be dying.

Maybe by this Thursday there`ll be some hors d” oeuvres (appetizer) with all those 1.64 million gathered in mecca.

Anonymous said...

In the Head of the OIC and and a `model` Islamic State:

Were Malaysia as separate from the rest of the region as the mindset of the Wahabbis that increasingly control policy in the country, it would be less of a security problem than it is now. The fact is that both the Malaysia-Indonesia border and the Thailand-Malaysia border have been penetrated by the Wahabbi International. The crossings created by this worldwide network of fanatics ensures that religious extremists can freely cross back and forth from Malaysia to Indonesia and Thailand. This writer has himself talked to six individuals who have crossed these borders without a visa, two of them without even a passport.

Anonymous said...

Over the two decades, the proportion of Wahabbis to the total population has climbed from less than 5 per cent when Mahathir Mohammad took office in 1981 to nearly 20 per cent at present. Because of a proliferation of Wahabbi schools (and universities) that inculcate a feeling of separateness between Wahabbis and the others, Malaysia has become a factory for experiments such as a “Muslim cola” and even a “Muslim car”. Presumably the cola is so brewed as to turn into poison if consumed by a non-Wahabbi, while the automobile is so sensitive that it will refuse to start unless a certified Wahabbi turns on the ignition. In psychiatric textbooks there are descriptions for those who believe in such divisions between “Muslim” and non-Muslim cars and colas, but in Malaysia, those coming forward with such ideas are given access to bank funds and tax breaks that make each of them a very wealthy individual. Today, the Wahabbis are a pampered lot in Malaysia, and it is therefore small wonder that their ranks are growing. Becoming a fanatic may not make entry into heaven more easier after life passes on, but it certainly helps in creating a paradise on earth with the cash made available for such outlandish experiments. Although the Malaysian government claims to want to build up a knowledge society, the subjects being discussed in conferences given official blessings relate less to petraflops and gigabytes than to the proper way to wear a hijab or whether camel’s milk contains more spiritual value than that from cows.

Anonymous said...

"God is Great," "There is no Deity but Allah," "Death to Israel" and "Death to America" were among the slogans chanted by the masses in unison as they gathered in the Desert of Arafat, 20 km (12 miles) from Mecca, for a day of prayer and meditation.

Kazi as in Big Wind said...

Ok children, stop screaming. Am here, back to baffle you all with your faithlessness...i mean, you people anti-jihadist el al, does not even have faith in what you are doing. That does not worry me. What worries me is that you bunch of self proclaimed lawless jackass will never listen to reason and will not even know what the word mean.

By the way, joginder singh, is that your real name? Why don't you post your IC on your blog so I can really know that you are who you say you are. After all, am sure you cant jog or sing...

Where are you located? you do not want to tell? You are afraid? Pitiful..hiding behind the internet as anonymous and attacking other's faith. This is the act of an irresponsible, stupid and childish person. If you want to be level with me, you must show credence in what you say. You act positively and you must be a professional and also not a jerk if you want to show me that you are better than me.

What I can say is that you are the most incredible joker of a singh I ever argued with! You are pitiful, you scream when you lose a point, you cry when you can't cope up with the criticism that others lash at you. You are simply a child who FAILED to grow up and got STUCK in the realms of a sort of chocolate factory. PIFY YOU joginder singh...PITY on YOU joginder singh...May God show you the right path, that of freedom of your soul from your faithlessness and your lost path.

I like the way you people are screaming and crying on this blog. It shows, like some good hearted people have said in this same blog, that you people are silly, stupid and real oxymoron's.

I will be back, to read your blog and the next time I will tell you who the loonies are and why we Muslims are the BEST!

For now, Chiao Pantin...

Kazi Mahmood

Anonymous said...

No need to say who is the BEST...
you're not suppose to judge others by saying whose the best... what religion is the best...

what happening in the world or your back yard showing everything..

I wish Alien comes attack human species like in the movies, then maybe we can see, the race, religion etc make the difference...

stupid arguments....

Anonymous said...

What I can say is that you are the most incredible joker of a singh...

Oh boy. And this fellow karzi is the pick of the litter? Calls anti jihadist first a jew, and then a singh.
Yup. karzi is an incredible joker except for his stupid religous hysteria that he shows in his latest. Heehee I think iI pify him too - he`s soooo idiotic.

Anonymous said...

Ho ho ho. I say anti jihadist the way karzi makes you out, you are better than karzi`s idol who was only stuck as an arab.

You got to be a singh from being a jew. Amaziiing and rip roaring.

islam_mocker said...

Kazi Mahmood wrote:
Where are you located? you do not want to tell? You are afraid? Pitiful..hiding behind the internet as anonymous and attacking other's faith. This is the act of an irresponsible, stupid and childish person.

I write:
Yes, Kazi, of course I am afraid after attacking your faith. It's not a childish act, but a very reasonable act...
For you to know, I have no religion and sometimes I criticize other religions other than islam, and I am not afraid after doing that. Only after criticizing islam will I be afraid. I'm sure you know why....

I tell you this: after 9/11 many people in the west countries began to study islam, and the islamic countries proudly spread that news, in hoping that more westerners convert to islam. Yes, they began to study islam only to find out the true face of islam, hahaha. And now, islam is the daily mockeries in our neighborhood.

D. A. Rupprecht said...

Anyone who kills or condones killing in the name of God does not know God.