Saturday, December 15, 2007

State Dept. Drafting Declaration of Independence for Muslims of Kosovo

In the Guardian today, they discussed all the mechanics the EU and the US are putting in motion to declare Kosovo independence. It sickens me. This is insane. But then there was this -

Balkan experts at the US state department are drafting Kosovo's declaration of independence, to be proclaimed by the ethnic Albanian leaders of Kosovo in early February after Serbia elects a new president, the sources said.

I find it appalling that our State Dept. is actively engaging in sedition from Serbia of their land, their sovereignty, to create an Islamic state in Europe. I believe our founding fathers would be disgusted with the monster the State Dept. has become under Clueless Condi. I refuse to allow these idiots to commit civilizational suicide on behalf of the West without a fight.


Anonymous said...

Has condoleeza done her teeth up as the hizbollah advised her to.
P.S. I hear she`s getting married to krazy kazi and there`ll be lots of rice confetti.

Anonymous said...

Islam is drven by a desperate need to expand, but they have not learned that violence builds its own limits.
This wild and random movement is interpreted as growth (expansion). It is goaded by a profound fear (often unconscious) of stagnation and death.

Anonymous said...

On August 28th 846 the Arabs arrived at the mouth of the river Tiber and they sailed towards Rome.
From Civitavecchia an army started the descent by land in direction of Rome.
Another army began the march from Portus and Ostia.
They didn't succeed in entering the enclosing walls, validly defended by the Romans, but the churches of St. Peter and St. Paul, outside the boundaries, were violated by the Arabs.
Uselessly Saxons, Longobards, Frisians and Franks defended St. Peter up to the last man. The Arabs brought away all the treasures of St. Peter, they tore the silver leaves of the doors, the gold foils of the floor of the confession, devastated the bronzy crypt of the apostle, took the gold cross that stood on the grave of Peter. They laid waste all the churches of the district Suburb.

Anonymous said...

The marquis Guy of Spoleto, arrived to help Rome, succeeded in defeating the Arabs who withdrew partly towards Civitavecchia and partly towards Fondi, following the Appian Way.
The Arabs' passage, in flight, provoked ruin and devastation in all the Roman country.
At Gaeta the Longobard army clashed again with the Arabs. Guy of Spoleto found himself in serious difficulties, but the Byzantine troops of Cesarius, son of Sergius, magister militum in Naples, arrived in time.
In November of 846 a storm provoked numerous damages to the ships of the Arabs, some of which were shipwrecked on the coast.

wits0 said...

The bad sign was already there when Condi first stepped in the State Dept. and did not reform it and ends up worse than Colon Powell. Is it a norm now that you need to be highly educated to become an idiotarian? John Bolton should've been there instead.

Anonymous said...

Last anon, please, I find this information very interesting, can you point me to some sources, much appreciated.
John Sobieski, here in Britain, and Europe, people seem totally unaware of what is being done in their name.
What would happen if America declared that they would actively encourage Northern Ireland to declare independence from Gt. Britain?
Interference for grand plan politics without concern for the sensibilities of a Nation are despicable.
Western Governments tamper with historical boundaries to further their vision of a United States of Europe, and thus they must destroy the concept of Nationhood.
They think that if they cow-tow to the Islamic thrust into Europe, vis-a-vis Kosovo and Bosnia, then their Arab "friends" will help them against international jihad. (And keep the oil profits flowing.)
They fail; to see they are creating the next power-base for jihad, and are possibly deliberately doing so, in the manner in which land eroded by the Sea has to be abandoned.
This will all add up to a terrible struggle with Russia and the Orthodox countries.
Why give Vlad Putin even more reason to extend military preparedness against Europe?
Are they gone stir-crazy in Washington.
Their dreams (and the Euro-fool's) of a gradually assimilating peaceful Islamic tail in Europe are just that, except they may well become nightmares.
Thanks for showing what is going on.

Anonymous said...

Condoleezza Rice, US secretary of state, insists: "We are committed to an independent Kosovo and we will get there one way or another."

One way or another?
Do you really want Europe to start another war.
Are you really worth it?

Anonymous said...

This is America's own fault.

They decide to support movements for the independance of "muslims" at every turn, but turn a blind eye towards the plight of any Christian living in the East (think the genocide of over a million Christians in Biafra, Nigeria, the continuous denials of the Armenian/Assyrian/Pontus Greek genocide at the hands of over the Ottomans causing the deaths of over 4 million Christians, supporting Suharto at the expense of the East Timorese, etc.

It is not Islam's fault as it is the West's fault who keeps letting these fanatics do brutal things all in the name of their own greed.

At some point, the west must realize that their own greed is just as much a monster, and a larger demon than anything found in the koran.

Afterall, who else could justify and condone the innocent killings of all of these groups, than blame the very same people who committed these crimes only when it suits them?