Sunday, December 09, 2007

'The USA Above The Law" and other lies

By the Anti Jihadist

Muslim author and jihadist apologist/enabler 'Kazi Mahmood' has a new book out, "USA Above The Law", to advance his Islamist agenda. It should be in the bookshops of KL any minute now. I strongly suspect the UMNO censors will have no 'issues' with having this particular tome on Malaysian bookshelves. Why should they? After all, Kazi's and UMNO's agenda are one and the same -- for them, the US is "public enemy number one".

Kazi's list of villians in his new book should be familiar to anyone who's read any of his columns at Malaysia Today for more than a few moments. Kazi's bad guys are straight out of the 'progressive' revolutionary left/Islamist (both are increasingly one and the same) playbook -- Zionists, 'neocons', and other 'extremists'.

So, what sort of villiany is not on Kazi's radar? Here are some tragic examples of actual extremism:

  • Malaysian 'religious rehab' prisons for anyone who begs for permission to leave Islam
  • Muslim jihadists in southern Thailand who butcher Buddhists and Muslims alike
  • Taliban/Al Qaeda suicide bombers in Pakistan and Afghanistan
  • Sunni and Shia extremists in Iraq who blow up mosques and massacre women and children
  • Muslim governments who punish rape victims and torture, imprison, and/or execute gays and 'apostates'
  • Muslim public displays of mass rage and calls for murder in response to teddy bears in Sudan or cartoons in Denmark
  • Muslim intimidation and threats against anyone who criticises Islam, such as PM Abdullah Badawi's recent announcement that any Malaysian who critiques Islam will be charged with 'sedition'

And that's just a brief list.

Ah yes, but Kazi's book is about how evil the United States is, right? Well, here's what the nefarious US has been up to as of late, in particular their foreign policy (all amounts below are in US dollars):

  • Giving free high quality medical care to 61,000 destitute Indonesians in 2006 alone, at a cost of $17 million
  • Disaster relief to Muslims in Sumatra (2004-5), Bangladesh (1991, 2007), Somalia (1992-3), and Pakistan (2005) totalling hundreds of millions of dollars
  • Saving Muslims from ethnic cleansing and/or genocide in Kosovo, Bosnia, and Kurdistan
  • $1 billion in aid for Darfur (a Muslim-populated region) since 2003
  • $225 million for the 'Palestinian Authority' since 2003
  • President Bush's tripling of direct humanitarian and development aid to Africa -- the world's most impoverished continent -- since 2001, and he's recently vowed to double that increased amount by 2010 -- to nearly $9 billion

I'm fairly certain there's no need for anyone to waste RM30 to find out that Kazi's latest shrill masterpiece doesn't delve into any of these rather inconvenient facts.

What "USA Above the Law" is really about is the mass Muslim delusion that Islam is not responsible for all the religiously-based violence and misery it inflicts upon itself and the world. As Kazi and company so desperately want you to believe, the basic line is that Islam is under attack -- mainly by the US (of course), but also by others. Any violence Muslims do commit is supposedly 'defensive' in nature. Kazi's writings either ignore or dismiss as exaggerated all the Islamic terrorism, intolerance, and violence out there, much of it occuring right here in Malaysia. Where it does exist, it's simply the result of "...Muslims responding to oppression" or some such nonsense.

This irrational belief in victimization by the infidels (non Muslims), as peddled by Mr. Kazi and too many others, is a major factor in continued and widespread Muslim support of Islamic terrorism. That support only falters among Muslims who have themselves been victims of that violence. And even that tends to be temporary.


Anonymous said...

If the US is so set against Islam, it is funny how they are always using economic and military power to help Islam.
Take the robbing of Kosovo from it's rightful owners, Serbia.
Take the bombing of Serbia by NATO for resisting Islamification by Albanians.
Take the fighting in Afghanistan on behalf of slightly less radical Islam than is the Taliban.
Ditto Iraq, getting rid of a despot, and trying to rebuild them a nation.
Take the urging of American influence to admit Islamic Turkey into the European Union.
I* say America is doing too much for Islam.
And are you getting any thanks?
When will USA realise that it will get nowhere by offering help and encouragement to those that despise it's values.
Time to get real USA.
There is plenty to do at home.

western sickie said...

With enemies like US who needs friends?

Anonymous said...

With friends like saudis and pakis, who needs enemies.

Anonymous said...

Feel the love. "Grenade is thrown in Christian area of Beirut,":

Beirut - An unidentified assailant late Tuesday threw a sonic grenade in a Christian neighbourhood at the outskirts of Beirut's mainly Shiite southern suburbs, a Lebanese security source said.
According to a police report, the grenade - thrown near a school in Ain Rumanah area - caused panic, but no casualties or damage....

Anonymous said...

Hi infidel,
What a name you gave yourself. In the mean time, thank you very much for your valued comments. I really appreciate them so much that I will put the story you wrote on my own harm done! This will surely teach you that Kazi is a journalist and fears no truth but Allah.
Otherwise, what you say about Kazi is not necessarily true as it feels and weights that of an ignorant who do not really know what to say about Kazi but to show hatred and a real psycho attitude to 'character assassinate' a writer.
You should take time and be patient while reading my stories rather than being a jack ass and criticizing without thinking.
Besides, the U.S.A. is a real danger under G.W. Bush the monkey. Yes he believes he is from monkeys...naturally speaking! You can't blame Muslims for reacting to the perverse anti-Islamic agenda set by the Neocons and the Bush administration. You cannot be that ignorant to be 100% on the side of the U.S.A. without even thinking of the bad this country is doing to the world!
Come on, be realistic. Rather than doing a Kazi bashing, you would be better off appreciating the efforts that I am making as writer to tell the Americans that they are wrong and they should change. Change course now before it’s too late and causes too much damage to humanity. This is what the book "The U.S.A. above the Law" is about.
You would do yourself a favor to promote the book and buy a copy for yourself for what is inside this book will make you change your mind in your blind, irrevocable and stiff support for a jack ass low IQ slow talker man called George Bush Jr.

Chiao pantin!

Yours truly,

Kazi Mahmood

Anonymous said...

i don't really understand all this argument,why should US so set against islam?, In fact US is more 'islamic' than most muslim countries,all kind of sect of islam are allowed to practise without fear of persecution in US whereas this is not true for some muslim countries where certain sect of islam is banned.

If muslims are so hateful of US, they should stop doing trade with US, they should stop buying its technology, stop buying prescription medicine from her, stop selling oil to US, stop sending students to top US universities.

freejay said...

Kazi, i see, is obviously trying to make profit, from us infidel monkey and pigs, through the pretence that he is doing a service for his beloved cult called Islam. The cult of murder and deceipt makes its brainwashed citizens stoop lower than an ants belly to achieve its aim of global dominance. Palastinians are a perfect example of the pawns of Islam. The cult of Islam can only use dehumanization to achieve its evil goals, but we all know what happens to cults in the end....self destruction.

young_activist said...

You sound like an American apologist. Do you really believe that America can no wrong, or do you just believe that whether or not America does any wrong is irrelevant? I bet you would be just as vehemently nationalistic if you were born into North Korea or Iran.