Monday, December 17, 2007

When medieval justice blunders into modernity

The 'girl of Qatif', the Saudi victim of gang rape sentenced to 200 lashes and 6 months in jail, has been pardoned by the Saudi king. Oh how magnanimous His Majesty must be, pardoning the victim of a brutal violent sexual assault at the hands of sex-starved and crazed Muslim males.

Don't wait for anyone from the Muslim world to mention the fact that this poor girl should have never had the need to be 'pardoned' in the first place. After all, she is innocent of committing any crime.

Naturally, the Muslim co-opted media and their leftist friends are spinning this sordid episode as an example of how 'balanced, just, and fair' the Saudi barbarism passing itself as the 'justice system' supposedly is. In actuality, of course, it is not even remotely balanced; nor is it just or fair. Nothing based on Shariah can ever be.

It is Shariah itself that is the genuine crime, an actual scourge to anyone who is ruled by its cruel embrace. Shariah is a crime against humanity that cannot ever be pardoned.


Anonymous said...

The Saudi king is a bloody ass. His pardon is nonsense. As far as the religion is concerned the 200 lashes stand. Period.
Which means more muslim women will be intimidated. In a way that is fine. They give birth to swine anyway.

John Sobieski said...

Jorge's boyfriend pardons. I'm sure Jorge is pleased.

Anonymous said...

Fatwa against the dollar?

To all intents and purposes, the Wahabi religious establishment of Saudi Arabia has just issued a fatwa against the US dollar. This bears watching.

Anti-dollar clerics have lobbied Ali al-Naimi, the Saudi oil minister

A message issued by 26 leading clerics warns that inflation has reached intolerable levels in the Gulf kingdom.

While it does not vilify the dollar explicitly, the apparent political aim is to undermine the country’s dollar peg.

“The rulers should seek to try to remedy this crisis in a way that would ease people’s suffering.”

RoP clerics take revenge on Kingy. They must be really badly hit.

Anonymous said...

The King make the right decision, can you imagine instead of going to court to seek protection and justice,the victim got punish,if the verdict stand, which rape victim dare to make a report in the future,no victim want to be victimised further.By the way, if i was not mistaken, her male victim friend was reportedly also raped by the men,i wonder why there is no mention of the man being..??

Anonymous said...

in that country, absolute monarchy rule supreme, it has power to pardon and banish. However,muslims also consider sharia as divine and supreme,.. anyway go figure out the ranking.