Friday, January 18, 2008

Cuckoo Sarkozy

You may ask why does John keep picking on Sarkozy? He made me! Everything I had hoped about Sarkozy - somewhat understood Islam, viewed EU as a threat, viewed Turkey as a threat. Boy was I wrong. There he is shoving the Eurabia Treaty down the Frenchies throat - no vote for you! - and toning down his 'no Turkey in the EU' rhetoric, and then this week in Saudi Arabia,

From Brussels Journal - President Sarkozy said:

Fourteen centuries ago, from this place, went forth the great élan of piety, fervor, and faith that would carry off everything it met, that would convert so many peoples and bring about the birth of one of the greatest, most beautiful civilizations that the world has ever known. Here in Saudi Arabia are the holiest sites of Islam, towards which every Muslim in the world turns to pray. […] The West received the Greek heritage thanks to the Muslim civilization. […]

No doubt, Muslims, Jews and Christians do not believe in God in the same manner. No doubt, they do no have the same way of venerating God, of praying, of serving him; but, at bottom, who could deny that it is the same God to whom they address their prayers?

Mo is the Elan of piety birthing the greatest civization? Same God? Even though it is terrible and described as 'stupefying' by Bernard Anthony, it is good to know that Sarkozy is just as stupid as Bush. Knowledge of Islam makes you a very good citizen - you can spot a doofus when he opens his mouth and talks about Islam. So now we know. Real disappointing but the confusion whether Sarkozy knew what he was doing is over. He doesn't.


Mark said...

I, too, had high hopes for Sarko. But now he's doing U-turns all over the place. It's the same ol' same ol'.

Anonymous said...

Unbelievable that this nincompoop does not know the history of France?
Perhaps it is because he is of Hungarian stock?
That makes him doubly ignorant.

Sarkozy seems to have no knowledge of the battles on both French and Hungarian soil against the various Ottomans etc.

These wars set the footings of the Europe we know.

As for this, " The West received the Greek heritage thanks to the Muslim civilization.", it is a complete and utter fabrication and quite recent.
Another Liberalist twist of fact to serve their undying quest to destroy Europe and the Western civilizations as we know them.

It is not the Moslems we should fear, but the simpering fools that collect their fat paychecks as they brainwash the young and old alike, to believe this kind of garbage.

The arabs will just think he's another Euro-slave like Britain's succession of fawning foreign ministers doing their bidding.