Friday, January 04, 2008

Enemy Within - DoD Puppet England and the PuppetMaster Hasham Islam

We all know that a Muslim fifth column has infiltrated the US government and is having a tremendous influence on the government's ability to understand Islam and the threat to the West it represents. Tragically, the Dept. of Defense has a powerful fifth column that is controlling what is said about Islam. We can see our enemy within and that enemy is DhimmiPuppet Undersecretary of Defense Gordon England and his PuppetMaster Hasham Islam.

Infidel, protect yourself. The enemy is within our military complex.

Coughlin sacked from Washington Times

Stephen Coughlin, the Pentagon specialist on Islamic law and Islamist extremism, has been fired from his position on the military's Joint Staff. The action followed a report in this space last week revealing opposition to his work for the military by pro-Muslim officials within the office of Deputy Defense Secretary Gordon England.

Mr. Coughlin was notified this week that his contract with the Joint Staff will end in March, effectively halting the career of one of the U.S. government's most important figures in analyzing the nature of extremism and ultimately preparing to wage ideological war against it.

He had run afoul of a key aide to Mr. England, Hasham Islam, who confronted Mr. Coughlin during a meeting several weeks ago when Mr. Islam sought to have Mr. Coughlin soften his views on Islamist extremism.

Mr. Coughlin was accused directly by Mr. Islam of being a Christian zealot or extremist "with a pen," according to defense officials. Mr. Coughlin appears to have become one of the first casualties in the war of ideas with Islamism.

The officials said Mr. Coughlin was let go because he had become "too hot" or controversial within the Pentagon.

Misguided Pentagon officials, including Mr. Islam and Mr. England, have initiated an aggressive "outreach" program to U.S. Muslim groups that critics say is lending credibility to what has been identified as a budding support network for Islamist extremists, including front groups for the radical Muslim Brotherhood.

Mr. Coughlin wrote a memorandum several months ago based on documents made public in a federal trial in Dallas that revealed a covert plan by the Muslim Brotherhood, an Egyptian-origin Islamist extremist group, to subvert the United States using front groups. Members of one of the identified front groups, the Islamic Society of North America, has been hosted by Mr. England at the Pentagon.

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The west don't understand muslim's mindset,their allegiance is to God first, not nationality,country or race.Sometimes, reasons don't work for them because they cultivate sense of fatalism over anything else.