Monday, January 21, 2008

Malaysia supports Hamas (again)

This should not be new to anyone that's in the know about Muslim-owned or influenced media, or anyone that's been perusing PI's pages for more than five minutes. But I'm going to post about it nonetheless.

In the most recent round of combat between Israel and their Palestinian Arab enemies - which as usual includes information and psych war in the world's media - Malaysia's government-backed media is of course siding with their co-religionists of Hamas.

This headline was published in the major Kuala Lumpur daily New Straits Times (NST) last Sunday - 'Israeli Atrocities Continue' - complete with a typical pallywood pic of a child that is all but guaranteed to pull your heartstrings (I am not about to post the pic here, so follow the link if you are morbidly curious). And of course the propaganda shot NST selected for the piece should make you, dear reader, hate the hated Zionists all the more...which is precisely what the UMNO (Dis)Information Overlords and their jihadist brethren have in mind.

Sorry, there is no online link available to the article.

The NST piece is a selection of cherry-picked pro-pally comments from the usual suspects, such as the UN and other lefty NGOs. Not a word is printed from the poor hapless zionist civilians who are being bombarded by mortar and rocket fire in their homes and neighborhoods on a daily basis. As far as the Malaysia government is concerned, the constant Hamas/Fatah attacks on Israelis (both military and civilian) is merely 'legitimate resistance', while Israeli presence on their own soil is a war crime, as are any attempts of the Israelis to defend themselves are also 'war crimes'. This big lie, repeated over and over so enthusiastically by the jihad journalists of NST, still has surprising amounts of traction here in Dar al Islam.

Of course, you'd expect to find a headline like this in the editorial section, but this doozy of a headliner is being reported, straight-faced, as a NEWS item. You see, here in the fair Melayu Islamic State, there is not even a pretense of neutrality or 'non-bias' when it comes to news reporting. The pro-terror and pro-jihad tilt of the Malaysian government media could not be more obvious.

And don't count on that changing anytime soon.

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In order to preserve the crumbling credibility of THE BIG LIE , the British government, and probably other dhimmi governments, are working on ways to gag, censor and and shutdown the counter-Jihadist blogosphere.

There is currently a discusion of how to prepare for these attacks on freedom of expression at and also at

- Najistani