Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Myth of Islamic Civilization

Mark Alexander (Paperback)
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saving Brian said...

Fascinating, who is the commentator?
It is a modern urban Liberal myth, that somehow Western civilization dropped egg-like from the chicken.
Ancient writers record the breadth of knowledge and civilization in Britain for instance, since before the time of Christ.
Britain was trading partner with ancient Empires including Rome, centuries BC.
Greek theory was known to the Druids and that religion and philosophy was worldwide in influence, being part of the ancient world and sourcing Egyptian, Greek and Judaic sources, and was not a "pagan religion" as the Romans propaganda described. Remember the victor rewrites history to suit them.
This is what is subtley happening now.
I quote the recent rewriting of the "3 Little Pigs" children's story by a leftist Liberal dogooding British teacher/author, who has produced it as "3 Cowboy Builders!" which thankfully did not win the "Costa" book prize.
Who needs to be a victor when the enemy paints itself into a corner by remote control, initiated by a big button called "fear."
It seems the Claudian destruction of Britain following the Roman enslavement of Celtic/Germanic Europe, left much knowledge lost.
There are some who claim that Medieval Iberia under Moorish rule did preserve certain ancient source-books such as medical and astronomical information.
To have done elsewise would have been self-defeating as medical knowledge concerns every society.
IT took the massive Soviet system to rewrite Russian history, and Mao's shock troops to burn the ancient books of China.
Both have survived though.

Mark said...

Saving Brian:

Thank you for this thoughtful comment. Yes, that video is fascinating. There's a whole series of them, actually.

The commentator is clearly Arab; so he must be a Christian Arab. He sure is funny; yet still VERY accurate.