Friday, January 25, 2008

Tony Blair at the World Economic Forum on Faith and Modernization

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John Sobieski said...

That was depressing. Dhimmi Armstrong with her lies about ALL faiths have the 'golden rule.' Then that naive dhimmicardinal. The Catholic faith needs fewer dhimmis starting with him. And that pompous guy (West must give, give, give, give to the Muslims!) and the '#1 bestseller' evanglical pastor. What a fraud. Oh and to cap it all off, the Malaysian Prime Minister giving you double taqiyya and demanding the West give, give, give,mmmm oh yeah, now I remember, that's the guy who bitched at the OIC congress a couple of years ago how humiliating it is for the ummah that they can't seem to wipe Israel and Jews off the earth. And Tony sucking it up, and the imams laying the taqiyya thick. No there is no hope there for the West.

Mark said...


It was as much as I could do to watch it all the way through. It was interesting, of course it was; otherwise, I wouldn't have placed it up there. But it was interesting in a very negative sort of way.

Like you, one of the first things I noticed was the nonsense Karen Armstrong talked of there being the 'golden rule' in Islam, when there clearly isn't. What a lot of nonsense that woman talks!

The only man I thought spoke any sense was the American rabi. He seemed to get a few digs in about Islam.

Tony Blair is a complete fool. I have no time for the man; I never have had any for him, either. And in any case, what the hell did they want an interfaith forum in the World ECONOMIC Forum for anyway? What does 'interfaith dialogue' have to do with economics?

I liked the way that Tony Blair was floored towards the end of it when the first questioner stood up and asked why there was no representative on the podium for Buddhists and Hindus. (He could have added Sikhs, too.) What a blunder! People like 'Bliar' like to be oh so multicultural and pc, yet they leave out representatives for such a vast number of people worldwide. He didn't forget to get a representative for the Muhammadans, though, did he?

As you said, John: There certainly doesn't appear to be any hope for the West. It's so depressing.

We'll all be subjected to this din before long!