Saturday, February 09, 2008

Archbishop or Archdhimmi?

Mark Alexander (Paperback)
Mark Alexander (Hardback)


Anonymous said...

A snooty upper crust Englishman, over educated with 4 Masters. One who didn't need to do an honest days's work.

He has shown that counter productive over education of the wrong sorts can make a moron out of you and destroy the last vestige of common sense.

Anonymous said...

Chauffeur driven.
Gifted Bishop's Palace.
The ear of the good and the mighty.
Lovely pointy Spock-like eyebrows.
A desire to launder Christianity of that most inconvenient of beliefs, Christ himself as Son of God.
Longs for Prince Charles to set the example of reversion to a latter day dogmatic concoction.
Wishful thinker who actually believes his own way off beat dreams.
Essentially a coward, unable to deal with either the gay-Church renegades or the African clerical resurgents, ignores brutality of encroaching anti-Christ belief system, bleats weakly of the plight of fellow Christians in troubled Arab countries.
No doubt he has a copy of "Harry Potter" in his Bible during sermons, makes such a good read, all these hob-goblins and wizards!
Ah, of course, he always wanted to be a wizard, and no doubt just loves to revel in "Lord of the Rings."