Friday, February 15, 2008

Clinton Caption Contest

Poor Hillary. She hasn't won a primary/caucus since Super Tuesday and Obama has now surged ahead in the delegate count. What's a Clinton to do?

Sure, it may be a bit premature to be writing Hillary's political epitaph, but the schadenfreude is just too much for PI to resist.

Here's a photo of Hillary on the campaign trail, trying to keep her presidential bid on track. Any of our readers want to try to caption this gem of a pic?


Anonymous said...

Here I have my husbands balls! He won't make trouble these next 8 years!
If nothing else we can punch Obama in the eye with them!

Mark said...

I wouldn't have too much Schadenfreude if I were you; otherwise you could well end up with Hussein as your next president!

Whilst I realize that Hillary might not be the ideal candidate, I certainly know whom I would prefer to have as my president were I to be an American. And it ain't Hussein. I can tell you that!

You might like to read a different viewpoint on the matter, HERE.