Saturday, February 02, 2008

Does Charles Johnson Think Charles Martel Is A Racist?

You know how Charles JOhnson became obsessed with the cross in the background of antijihadists, and anyone who has it is a 'racist!' Well this painting from the 19th Century of the great warrior Charles Martel has it visible in the top left corner. Is he a racist Charles?

Picture from Mark's A New Dark Age is Dawning referencing LA Times book article


Michael said...

Charles and his "Lizards" are shills for the "Republican Party" which has itself morphed into an American version of Mao's Red Guards.

When the orders go out to round up Jews and Christians....Johnson's obese band of homo-erotic, Bush worshiping sycophants will round 'em up, and push them into the cattle-cars.

But hey! Charles has a great bicycle!

Andy said...

When I was in South Korea, I would see what appeared to be the swastika on some churches. That symbol obviously pre-dated the Nazis who later took it as their own.

It's about context and I think you know it. Defend it all you want.

Michael, wipe the foam and spittle off of your face, sober up and read a history book. I'd bet money that your a Ron Paul fan too.