Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Five British Muslims Convicted of Terror Charges Are Freed

DAILY EXPRESS: FIVE young British Muslims who were convicted of terror charges have walked free today.

The students, who were jailed last year for downloading extremist propaganda, were freed by the Court of Appeal this afternoon. 

They had been described by the Old Bailey judge who sentenced them as being "intoxicated" by jihad websites and literature. 

But today Chief Justice Lord Phillips quashed their convictions and ordered their release, saying the convictions were unsafe as there was no proof of terrorist intent. Five British Muslims Convicted of Terror Charge Are Freed >>> By Julia White

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Anonymous said...

As theywere cleared on grounds of lack of "intent" to use the material for terror purposes, and following that, their solicitor Saddique, said it was now open season in regard to downloading violent jihad material, as a "way of exploring their world or religion."
OK then so no holds barred then, is this a green light for British anti-jihadi's to present their materials to prove the argument anyway they like, as long as their is no intent to radicalize or inflame opinion?
Or will the Appeal judges decide on one law for them and one for everyone else.
Interesting but downright stupid.

Mark said...