Thursday, February 07, 2008

Is There No End to This Nonsense?

Only a matter of some days ago, we learnt that the United Kingdom is to recognize polygamous marriages. This, of course, is to accommodate the Muslims. The taxpayer will have to pick up the tab. It will hasten the Islamization of our once great country, since more and more children will be born, at taxpayers' expense, to Muslim families.

Now, today, we get this nonsense from the Archbishop of Canterbury! One could be forgiven for believing that the political élite are involved in some sort of conspiracy to undermine the system!

As the Archbishop of Canterbury, and being the leader of the Anglican Communion worldwide, this man should be upholding Christian values, not Islamic ones. If the leader of the Anglican Communion doesn't defend Christian values, then who can we expect to do it?

But instead of that, this weak, cowardly, fawning man chooses to side with the very religion which is engaged in a war against the West, against Judeo-Christian civilization, against all that Christianity stands for. This is really quite, quite unbelievable!

The churches are emptying more with each passing day; yet all this man can think of doing is standing up for Muslims, the Christian Church's traditional archenemy.

What this man should be doing is preaching that there is no salvation other than through the Lord Jesus Christ, for that is what a true Christian is supposed to believe. He therefore should be spending his time trying to figure out how to fill the empty churches again. After all is said and done, isn't that the raison d'être of an archbishop in the first place? To fill churches.

Muslims need no help to establish Shariah law in the UK; indeed, it is already operating in many no-go areas throughout Europe, including the UK. Moreover, there is no doubt about it that it will spread, because there is nobody in power strong enough, or determined enough, to stop Islam and Shariah taking root.

Does the Archbishop of Canterbury not realize that each and every country which Islam has ever entered, and has been allowed to put down roots, it has eventually taken over? Each and every single one of them! There is only one exception to this rule, and that was Moorish Spain. But it took the Spaniards over five hundred years to reclaim their land for themselves, and there was much bloodshed in the process, much bloodshed in the 'Reconquista'.

Is this what we want for our country? Is this the legacy we wish to bequeath to our children?

It seems to me that the best thing that this Archbishop can do is hang his head in shame, and resign. The already weakened Church can do without his sort. Moreover, he must surely realize that Muslims deny the Christ, they deny the crucifixion, they deny Jesus as the Son of God. So they would do him out of a job straightaway. Muslims are not in the habit of compromising; it's their way or no way.

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Anonymous said...

Amen! You are exactly right.

Anonymous said...

They say that this fella is a scholar of the highest order, being a Doctor and all that.
So when I heard him on the Britanistan Bawdlerisation Corp, expounding his latest brainwave, I thought hmmmn? This guy is clever alright, he has done this interview in such a way as to start a furore that will force the Government and media into a fervent defense of all things British, Justice wise!
And all that without the slightest risk of having to get an armored car ordered to take him to the pulpit on Sunday.
Polarize the principal arguments and get the result you wanted, without the fatwah that the Pope narrowly missed when indulging in some learned discourse on Medieval Theocracy.
Oh I wish!
The reality is the old duffa actually believes what he said, and I bet he got it approved by the Sharia Council of Britain or some such self-appointed rag-taggle promotional stunt.
No doubt he will clap as they start turning Norman church-spires into minarets.
Perhaps he looks forward to collecting the insurance payout for empty churches that get burned down as friendly relations break down across British society when Gordon Brown finally crashes the economy to crow-bar lil ol England into EU monetary union and hands his crown, (and that of Her Mag.)to the self perpetuating Euro-Buro Socialist wind-bag pensioners fund.
Then he can collect his medal direct from Brussels and take that nice little Brussels apartment that goes with the peachy-job he'll be offered for services to the Euro Reich, oops, sorry I meant Parliament.
It's just like the good ol days on your own blog Mark, I do miss those days when you could call a cat a fiddle and not worry about some div like the arch-Bish giving up what is not his to give.
After all, isn't he supposed to be the representative of Christ on Earth?
Has he already come to his conclusion that Christ was just a man and not the Son of God, just like his interfaith fans would like.
The Queen should sack him as unsuitable for his position to represent Her to Man and God.
Ta ra.

Mark said...

Anonymous, thank you. I'm glad you agree with me. :-)

Mark said...

Barry Lang Don:

The first part of your comment is really quite a brilliant way of looking at this; such an interesting take on events. But then, of course, we get the cold shower; because as you and I know, the Archbishop really did mean what he said, as you rightly pointed out in the second part of your comment.

Yes, the 'Archbish' is said to be very intelligent and erudite. I wish to God he'd use his intelligence and erudition, though! This damn nonsense that he has come out with is the talk of a fool! And a cowardly fool at that!

Imagine if Churchill had spoken by radio to the British people when the Nazis were just across the channel...

I speak to you tonight to warn you all, the very noble subjects of our Majesty, that the United Kingdom is in grave danger. I am sorry to have to inform you that you must now prepare yourselves for the German invasion of our Sceptered Isle. It is unavoidable. We must make an accommodation with the Germans. It is the only decent thing to do.

France and Belgium and the Low Countries have already fallen. Hitler's military have marched in on those countries and have overrun them. But as long as the Belgians and the French and the Dutch behave themselves, keep their heads down, and kow-tow to the German soldiers, no real danger should befall them. And so it will be with you, noble Britons. You must co-operate with our Muslim masters. We must give them what they want. This way will be the peaceful way; it will be to our advantage, for civil war will be avoided then.

You know, noble people of Great Britain, this will not be as bad as you think...

Or some such twaddle. Churchill must be turning restlessly in his grave right now, trying to make sense of the Archbishop of Cowardice.

Anonymous said...

You should remember that the archbishop of canterbury is also in favor of homosexual marriage, which caused a rift with the Nigerian anglicans.

to expect a "man" (eunich) who does not even believe in the bible to stand up for christianity in the face of threat from a more domineering religion is like asking a bear to shit on a toilet.

this sickly individual enjoys being dildo slapped by muslims, as he believes that doing so will allow him to reach the islamic heaven where homosexuality can be practiced -->


"And there shall wait on them [the Muslim men] young boys of their own, as fair as virgin pearls."


"They shall be attended by boys graced with eternal youth, who will seem like scattered pearls to the beholders."

John Sobieski said...

HOw do you get rid of him? How did he get here? The Peter Principle in force? A destructive man - do I dare call him a man? a worm who needs to be driven out. GIve him a solitude shack on the far northern shores of Englad.

Anonymous said...

there are four schools of thought in islam, which one is he supporting!!,does he knows the enactment of sharia law varies from country to country as there are different sects, does he believe in pleasing other minorities like the indian and tibetan.!

Anonymous said...

If only we had the Tibetans taking up residence thru out Europe.
What a difference to see.

English kaffir. said...

every single day theres some story about these bastards.

Anonymous said...

The Arch Bish should consider spending a year in an Islamic country to personally experience Shariah-based life.

That might give him a different take on what he expounded.

BTW, I agree with your comments 100%.

Mark said...


I don't see the connexion with homosexuality. I really don't. Homosexuals are not about to take over the West. Muslims could well do so. Leave homosexuals out of the equation, please.

Mark said...

John Sobieski:

The pressure on him may yet be enough to force him out of office. In many ways, although this might sound crazy, I feel sorry for the man. I think he is misguided, yes, of course I do; but I think, in his own way, he meant well.

Mark said...

English Kaffir:

Yes, indeed, every single day, there is some story about these people. It's sickening, isn't it?

Mark said...

Purple Haze:

That's exactly right. The problem is precisely that: We have people leading us who actually have no idea of what they are propounding. They live in isolation.