Wednesday, February 27, 2008

London’s Mega Mosque: Al Markaz, London

Make Way for the Mega-Mosque

Mark Alexander (Paperback)
Mark Alexander (Hardback)


John Sobieski said...

Suck it up Britain. You have made a nasty bed and now you must lay yourself down. How depressing.

Anonymous said...

What is needed in the west is a policy towards mosques that ties in with what happens to churches (and jewish temples, hindu temples etc) in muslim countries.
1. For every non-muslim house of worship forcibly torn down /destroyed by an islamic govt, the same will be done to a mosque in the west
2. For every application to build a non muslim house of worship in a muslim country that is stonewalled or denied, the same is done to a mosque in the west.

Take that.

John Sobieski said...

I kept thinking 'what does that look like?' and I finally realized it looks like a Klingon warship crashlanded in London.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a badly designed bus-station.
Which way to Saudi?

Anonymous said...

If only they were Klingons, at least we could learn something from them.

Anonymous said...

Londoners, Londoners,
Vote out the Marxist Maoist toe-rag Ken Livingstone at the election for London Mayor.
It is your last chance for survival.
Can you see him in the vid, chummying up to that Nu-Labour implant, Met. Police Chief Ian Blair, (appointed by munch-chum Tony, no-relative)who is in denial about what is going on ref Islamic fundamentalism, and whose attitudes are implicit in the cover-up of the UKheroin trail and it's masters, who never get called to pay the price for their deeds.
Cryin shame London. Wake up!

Mark said...

The British authorities can't find their gonads. That's the problem.

Anonymous said...

Tablighi Jamaat have produced a pro mosque document which Alan Craig has done a full critique on it. Fascinating.

Anonymous said...

There are several kinds of muslims. Those who leave islam for Christianity or some other faith, those who are willing to blow themselves up, those who teach others to blow themselves up, those who approve of others blowing themselves up and those who are stuck with being muslims but would prefer to not be bothered by it. This latter call themselves “secular”.

Secular muslims approve the misery other muslims are causing all over the world in the name of their mythical evil god. They want to see islam dominate the world. You could care less how the rest of us feel about it because we’re the “infidels”, the non-believers whose necks should be smited.

If you have read the koran, you have read where Mohammad speaks of cutting off hands and feet of victims. Where he promotes the killing of non-believers. Where he said he was victorious through terror. You have read about Ayesha, a poor little girl he married and raped when she was only 9 years old and still playing with dolls. You have read that she was his favorite wife, he liked to take baths with her, her little friends were afraid of him (can you guess why?)

Mohammad was a baby-raper, a pedophile, a terrorist, a murderer who was solely responsible for creating this “religion” he called islam, that he modified and expanded on whenever he needed an excuse for his depraved behavior. This is undisputable, historic fact that is verified in your own so-called “sacred” writings.

Islam is a religion of war. Muslims have repeatedly tried to conquer the world since the 7th Century and are trying again now. Islam is fascism worse than even the Nazis, who enlisted the aid of islamics to help kill Jews.

Yes, there are lots of muslims who don’t want to live under sharia law, who grew up in the West and appreciate the freedom compared to hellholes like Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq. Do you see any of them standing up against the militant muslims? Do you? How many? Name a few.

Islam has within it all the makings of unending war. It glorifies death and is the only religion on Earth to do so. Only islam promises men 72 young virgins and 27 pretty young boys to have sex with if they die killing infidels. That’s truly disgusting. Don’t you think so?