Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The next Malaysian general election cometh

In a hastily arranged press conference earlier today, the Malaysian Prime Minister (after denying he would do so only 24 hours prior) dissolved the country's parliament. In Malaysia's Westminster-derived parliamentary system, this is a necessary precursor to holding a General Election (GE). My sources tell me the next GE is scheduled to take place on (or around) March 1, a scant 17 days from now. In stark contrast to the Americans, who prepare and carry on in electoral mode for 2+ years, the Malaysians prefer something much shorter.

A GE sooner rather than later, and a short election season, tend to favor Malaysia's Islamist-inclined ruling party. Even the chuckleheads in charge of Malay Supremacy Party (UMNO) realize that their man in the PM's office gets more and more unpopular with each passing month. Additionally, as more time passes, the more time the enfeebled opposition has to prepare.

The UMNO fascists, despite themselves, do have some well-honed political instincts. After all, you can't run the country continuously for over 50 years unless you have some idea what you're doing. Despite the shenanigans with this GE, my sources tell me that the "fix is already in", with the formidable UMNO machine already in place, its manpower and money deployed and in position to pound their fragmented opponents. Expect the official announcement of the GE to be withheld until the last possible moment.

This GE is a chance for Malaysians to vote in a less corrupt and a less Islamist-inclined government. However, I expect that this heady possibility will not come to pass. The majority of voters here in fair Malaysia, both living and dead, are Muslims, and you can depend on the fact that the vast majority of Muslims will vote for their own.

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