Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Shari’ah Finance Takes Off

Plenty of Interest in No Interest >>>

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bilkos basement said...

So when Gordon drops the economy into a black-hole, they will get a penny on the pound?
Guess though, they will "guarantee" these loans, and be left with another Northern Rocks type farago, costing the tax payer plenty.
The Sirens will woo pleasingly and eerily as the coin rattles in, but like some wild splash at a casino, it will be bound to unravel, leaving them with a Marx Brothers Pound note attached to El Shaiks pocket with a bit of fishing-line!
They ain't clever enough by half to get this right.
Have they ever bartered down the Souk?

Anonymous said...

nothing wrong to tap on oil money from the arab, you can coin interest in other terms like profit sharing,dividend,cost of fund etc, anyway one can restructure any financial products without reference to interest like zero coupon bond

Mark said...

THis whole shari'ah finance thing is growing apace. The British dhimmicrats and bankers are buying into it hook, line, and sinker. The dhimmicrats are spineless, and the bankers are greedy, so can't resist a way of improving profits.

Neither group would know what a principle was if it hit them in the face.