Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A step closer to the end for Fidel

El Jefe Maximo has at last stepped aside. Fidel Castro, the perennial darling of the left, Euro-ninnies, and American-haters the world over, has resigned his post as Cuba's leader. It seems that time does not stand still, even in the time warp that is Cuba. If Fidel is being forced to quit his position of 'El Presidente for life', one has to assume that the end for him is near indeed, who is looking increasingly aged and frail (see the pic for a recent shot of Fidel). And not a moment too soon.

Fidel is apparently going to let his younger brother Raul officially take over the so-called 'Cuban Revolution'. Raul, of course, is no spring chicken himself-- he's 76. What Raul might do, especially after his older brother departs, is hard to say. As long as either Castro brother is alive, I doubt that genuine freedom and democracy can come to that long-suffering island ninety miles south of Florida.

Anti-Castro Cubans in Miami, and freedom lovers anywhere, cannot wait for El Jefe to shuffle off this mortal coil. Neither can we.

Faster, please.

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