Saturday, March 15, 2008

Alliance of Dhimmis

As Islam grows more belligerent and violent, Dhimmis rush to their aid. Take Ban Ki Moonbat, the UN Secretary General, has declared an alliance with Islam to fight 'violence against Islam.' What kind of violence? Insults!

DhimmiWatch - UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon to fight violence against Islam

Terry Davis, a EU hack who has risen to General Secretary of the Council of Europe, also allies himself with Islam. He wants to 'reduce' freedom of speech so that insults to Islam are a crime.

Gates of Vienna - There Are Limits (March 14)

It's all in a day's work for a dhimmi. Why do these dhimmis not ask themselves where this leads? Does appeasement work? It never has before, what's different this time?

Ban Ki Moonbat is a little man without a spine. Terry Davis is a corrupt politician, one of the many EU elites who have a 'grand' plan for their grand dystopia, the EU and the MU (Mediterranean Union). They see what Islam does around the world - killing, destroying everything it touches, but that's not important. What is important is that Islam be spared criticism. Such is the role of a dhimmi.


Always On Watch said...

The bowing and scraping to Muslim "sensitivities" is absurd! I can't believe that the West is going to strangle itself, but if things don't turn around, that's exactly what will happen.

Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to CITIZENS?
Why are they so apathetic?
Why do they let it happen, and continue to happen?

Mike said...

Disgusting. When are we REALLY going to see some justified anti Islamic violence like firebombings of their mosques or roughing up their imams??

Anonymous said...

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon to fight violence against Islam.

Didn't the UN make Sudan and its gang of murderers and rapists, the Arab Janjaweed chair Human Rights Commission?

The UN is a failure. It is ruled by thugs, murderers, looters, child slavery, women trafficking, and responsible for the killing fields of many many nations. it is a real STINK! The UN should be obliterated from the face of earth.