Friday, March 28, 2008

Direct Download Link To Place Fitna On Your Drive

You can download Fitna directly from LiveLeak by using this URL. No Bittorrent required. Get your copy today!

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Whaha, concerns for what xD This is the stupiest movie ever :P Lol, you don't have to be concerned about the influece! It's democracy! If a big part of the population is Moslum, then they have their right for a voice! And this movie only shows the bad sides of the Islam! Never looked in the bible? Djeezzz, God isn't that sweet either. The bible says we have to kill the children of those who disbelieve... Etc, and let's not forget the crusades the christians made. Blablablabla, I'll stop anyway, most likely no1 will read this :P

Anonymous said...

Some moron said" It's democracy! If a big part of the population is Moslum, then they have their right for a voice!"

Yes, so if a country votes in a government that rounds up the Jews (Pigs and dogs according to the 3 year old muslim girl in Fitna), gays and other "infidels", puts them into camps and then gas chambers it must be OK because it is democracy!

(...Hmmm, seems like this happened once before but I just can't put my finger on it...I should have paid more attention during history, man!)

Anonymous said...

Fucking Islamic bastards.

This is not over you inbred desert rats.

Not by a fucking long way.

Fuck Allah, fuck Mohammed, fuck all of you.

I will repost this Fitna video as many places as I can.

Just give us half an excuse to start the war with Islam. It will be finished by us too.

We'll see who God favors, Inshallah.

Anonymous said...

Fitna was removed from the main website but can be found at

Anonymous said...

hi all brothers, Jew, cristn. and muslms..
i wana say that islam not only bin laden he is the whole muslim world dont like what he is doing, otherwise let all occupied armies leave our countries IRAQ AFGHANSTAN PALESTINE SUDAN LEBANON and u will find no problems from any muslms.
thanks, i hope u understand what i mean.
egyptian christian
Adel botros sorial

Anonymous said...

YES I Agree that Jews are Pigs, Dogs & Monkeys.

If you wanna know why?, go to Palestine and see.
any fucking person who is cursing Islam without any knowledge about its concept has to shut up, at least we are not like fuckin Israeli who are killing people and crying like women when we are defending our self.

It is useless to discuss the Meaning of Islam with people hate Islam and they are ignorant its concept.
please read the history.

Egypt (Israel Killer)

Anonymous said...

Firstly I just have to be indebted for the effort of the managers of this site as they just provided the opportunity to nullify the censorship and cause the comity of nation to have first-hand knowledge.
Now I have to come the 15 minutes work by the author. It seems that his work is not akin to the historical behaviour of the humans and once again succumbing to the same zeal causing him to see through jaundiced eyes. There are a lot of incidences in the human history in which certain group of people belonging to certain area (called as nation), are the cause of infliction but in no way that atrocity can be termed as the work of the whole of the nation. And in the age of global information access, it can be value judged in a befitting manner. The quoted ayas (verses) of the Quran along with certain incidences of political turmoil cannot deemed as the true message as historical perspective just provide the real explanation contrary to the current manifestations and commentaries of the Quran.
I just want to share with the readers that we, Muslims, have to struggle for our own rights and rectifications in our own backyard and at the same time have to explain rather defend for the non-Muslims who are not the part of such provocateur. And I do believe such perpetrators are the very few like the Muslims extremists.
So we need to bridge the gap by not becoming ethno-religious-centric and should indulge in the rectification of the real malaise which is emancipation of the world for a real cause i.e. peace.

Masood Ahmad

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Anonymous said...

Fitna is a stupid movie for a stupid people. Thanx

Anonymous said...

Hi all brothers of all religions,

Let it be known that islam in the east has always been right-wing, any religion not believing in Mohammed or his beliefs is deemed to Evil for heaven.

Not one honest muslim will say that in their religion it is ok to be of a hindu etc and still go to heaven.

So much is the apartheid that they say in Medina/Meccah a non-muslim can not go.

I respect the dutch MP for telling the truth, the islamic spin doctors may come out in force, but they are just that, muslims are allowed to lie to protect their own, it was proscribed by Mohammed.