Sunday, March 23, 2008

FITNA is Europe's Last Warning

Sam H, a correspondent with Lawrence Auster (View From The Right) sent him a complete translation of the article in Volkstrand. It's an important article, highly recommended. There's no backing down. I am so proud of Geert Wilders and his colleague Martin Bosma and the Freedom Party. They are Europe's new and much needed politicians. They cut through all the denials and point out the hollowness of the counterarguments in defense of Islam. It is a must read. Then they deliver their warning. Stop living in denial of what Islam is about or kiss European civilization goodbye.

....Fitna is the last warning to the West. Either we choose to bequeath our liberty to he children of the Netherlands or we allow our liberty to sink away in the multicultural morass and allow the further growth of Islamic ideology. This may not be a lingo popular with the "well-thinking" elites. But popularity among them has never been our aim. We have a different responsibility....


Anonymous said...

Go Geert! At last a politician who is not afraid to say enough is enough. Political correctness will be the undoing of western civilization.

How many radical islamic sites does the cowardly Network Solutions host without a problem in the world with their hate and violence. Network Solutions should be boycotted by everyone who believes in free speech. Don't give a cent to these bums.

Mark said...

The tentacles of Islam are tightening their grip on the once free West!